2017: Bitcoin Reaches New Highs "As Trump Takes Over USA"!

hope you enjoy the video hello Frances Kabul Patriot John Adams back again 2017 baby yeah we gettin it done and we having fun doing it so here we are we're going to be talking about the Bitcoin price Bitcoin like I said a few weeks ago seemed to be going up there was a great event which coincided with the price going up where Spain actually had restricted their cash transactions so we're going to look into those charts right now and the different news for browning Bitcoin as it looks like we are heading into another price spike at the beginning of 2016 it is January sixth on a Friday around one o'clock p.m. so east coast here Richmond Virginia me and Teddy Teddy hanging out so we're gonna look into the charts all right just looking at the charts also been checking out the web bot summary he also can check that out over Jason importance channel by Cliff hi it's pretty interesting possible predictions have been made by you know a linguistic machine that um analyzes all the different news that comes across the internet but that that does slightly plot a Bitcoin they did predict some things about Bitcoin um I'm not sure they're entirely right some of the things they've said are right but um many things that they seem to be right about the event but not the date so I can't be used to make that much money also anything that they say could also then be um you know identified by the elite and then they could reverse whatever they just um so it could happen but that may not always be the case till he may not always be able to change what they say here we were looking at the Bitcoin price this is the past um five to six years since Bitcoin was created as you can see there it looks like July eighteenth 2010 that's when they started this coindesk windows com started collecting their data for big and we see that there was a peak in 2013 which I predicted this peak correctly and it piqued up to 900 $79 I told people to buy in at 150 right around somewhere you can't even identify it exactly it was or may be right there a little bit over that so it's not my turn this phone so it looks like we're having a bolt pattern and are we going to break through this bolt pattern that's the main question it is January sex friday so a lot can happen um you know so looking at the hall I can only get to january second there you can see that January second we picked out at a thousand nineteen dollars if we look at the one year chart we have recognized some type of peak but it's very short that's January fourth 2017 we reached 1000 and one hundred thirty dollars basically then it went down almost mm you know twenty percent went about down about twenty one percent and that's that's very significant but it does not mean that this run is over I do not believe that that means that this runs over it it's going to be only events this could be the peak that just occurred off of the Spanish or all of Spain just had capital controls instituted so that event may have kind of dried up itself in the market there you see so that could be the peak of that though if another country does anything similar which is very possible to happen since it happened somewhere else then we could see incredible incredible gains so be prepared watching the news on Bitcoin if you see lots of countries on instituting capital controls any American countries instituting capital controls then the price of Bitcoin could definitely go up and you may want to invest in that be careful obviously right now we could be at a peak so I told you to buy here where was it you know before this big peak right here so I told you about before that so now I'm not necessarily telling you by right this minute I'm telling you to watch the news on Bitcoin if you see that three countries Institute capital controls and then you know right when to you that you probably should start buying Bitcoin and then should be planning to sell it relatively quickly so bitcoins volatile be careful it's moving quick you don't want to put money that you don't have to spare into it mmm they do have the other wait okay coin different exchanges we can check out see what that looks like so they're basically the same especially in the one year in the long term they eventually look the same which is interesting we're probably going to actually start to see look like to all I've noticed that during the peaks any time during the peaks you actually start to see the market exchanges the Bitcoin market exchanges will shut down and essentially rob some users because what happens is you're not supposed to leave your bitcoins into a Bitcoin exchange you're supposed to take your bitcoins out of the exchange and only leave them in the exchange basically for the time being as you're exchanging your money so you buy the bitcoins you send them cash you know via a bank transfer or something and then you send that to the exchange they give you bitcoins then instead of leaving your bitcoins in exchange which some people do you send them into your own personal wallet so to avoid having your bitcoins rod at the top of the peak you kind of want to move your bitcoins into your own personal wallet and have it all locked up like you're supposed to I don't everything like that so it's important for me to mention that and also it's important to mention that we have essentially broke in the resistance we're past the level where we were before so bitcoins out a new high in 2017 very early on we are seeing very very strange things going on all across America yeah well basically just lately on the mainstream media been noticing that it seems that the essentially the intelligence community seems to be going after Trump himself they may be threatening him they saying that he is ignoring the Russian hacking and all types of things like this and that he's not going to be able to you know protect the country that's kind of scary could there be a false flag I'm not sure though it's possible so Donald Trump he seems to be getting all these intelligence briefings on Russian hacking noting that nothing was wrong with intelligence briefing but this whole rushing hacking thing seems to be kind of made up in this um seems to be being pushed by the mainstream media news in pr8 ABC right there USA Today BBC you see what I'm saying there okay so there's a lot of strange things going on in America Trump is essentially a new political group was taking over the country so basically there's a big change of life I'm happy in America we are losing basically the fat off the hog that we used to have there's not going to be hardly any of that left people are going to be having to work very hard just to survive possibly on farms and other methods or they may have to even work in their own backyards and just combine backyards and create community gardens but I mean really food is the one thing that is some really really shipped in heavily is depended on our whole entire country is dependent on it from California or just it's totally dependent on the on-time delivery system the credit system and all that so there it could easily be some type of issue that happens with a credit system in christop food that's why it's important to have a small supply at least a few months if everyone had a few months I think we all could make it on plus you're gonna want to be able to grow your own food eventually you know businesses are gonna pop up in foods gonna become more valuable and more people are gonna start going food so it's not gonna be you know that big of a issue for the long run but if you have nothing in your cabinets then it's gonna be a very big issue for you if you go to the stores and you see absolutely nothing there which we've all seen the pictures that happens immediately after any hurricane or anything like that so we know it can happen there's actually only like you know a day's supply of stock on any of the shelves at any stores I've worked at on the large food retail giant and we would overturn their entire stock every day just about so they were moving it through quickly there's nothing stocked up there's it's just comes in and then sold and it's gone so if it's ever stopped that wouldn't be good so be prepared um false flags are possible the intelligence community seems to be concerned about Trump how he's just basically taken over he's essentially taken over America in the correct form via voting because the mainstream media was trying to make it look like Hillary had all the types of them voters and everyone showing up even though she had like ten times less rallies and ten times or a hundred times less people at East rallies Donald Trump was filling entire stadium full of you know basketball stadiums football stadiums and stuff like that he was filling those to the brim while Hilary is barely filling little uh auditoriums of um you know middle schools and stuff like that so that's the competition we're having here Donald Trump just slayed Hillary um very well and the establishment is completely upset they are all still stuck in power so they may be on basically creating a wall to block Trump they want on everything that Obama did basically Obama racked our country's up as far as he could with that and has um somewhat messed up with our different alliances and stuff like that so we're in a very strange time here in America the future is quite unpredictable um I would just suggest getting a job working hard I'm trying to stock up some cash I believe it is actually good to have a small amount of cash it is good to have a decent amount of silver and gold and everything like that so be prepared I don't know what what's coming up we're going to find out we're going to keep paying attention y'all subscribe like share this global patriot John Adams he would Teddy we are signing off there's mighty buh

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  6. The future economy will be totally digital and decentralized. Bitcoin is a worldwide-distributed decentralized peer-to-peer censorship-resistant trustless and permissionless deflationary system/currency (see Blockchain technology) backed by mathematics, open source code, cryptography and the most powerful and secure decentralized computational network on the planet, orders of magnitude more powerful than google and government combined. There is a limit of 21 million bitcoins (divisible in smaller units). "Backed by Government" money is not backed by anything and is infinitely printed at will by Central Banks. Bitcoin is limited and decentralized.

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