2017 Australian coin mintages

so hello fellow coin collectors hey
you’re going my name is Glenn and today we’re gonna have a look at the
Australian 2017 mintage because so to get these off the Reserve Bank website
again I would just show you quickly how to do that so there’s two ways you can
get it you can go to the annual report so you need to go to about the mint okay
you need to come down this side go to compliance okay and the compliance has
annual reports and this is where you get the annual reports up so you’re open
annual report in the first thing you’ll see is well the cover what you need to
do is go down to the appendices so this part here so page 89 so if we go down to
page BT pager one now 62 okay appendices and what you see here is a list of all
all the year minting is per year or demands and as you can see there is
actually 18 decreasing the demands of coins over the past 13 years
so in 2005-2006 ten million eight hundred eighty thousand dollars worth
fighting coins demanded last year was a one and a half million the ten cent
12.16 million now it is only two million you can see the dues that there was a
drastic decrease between six and seven and it’s just been decreasing ever since
it was that sort of here a sort of um steady but definitely has decreased
twenty cents eighteen point four to six point seven
fifty cent twenty three point eight to five that’s a big decrease in 50 cent
coins one dollar thirty million eight hundred
thousand so that’s about thirty point eight million coins to seventeen point
eight million coins because you know one dollar is one coin Dada and the two
dollar seventy three point four to fifty two point four okay and then you go down
below and it gives you the mintages as you can see the mint has included 2016
and I quite often do this here that include 2014 – the person and
fifteen sixteen seventeen so these figures have to be updated on the mint
website they include all the regular coins okay except for the possum magic
and the Olympic coins which data actually don’t including this you under
here we have the coins minted for our governments whatever Australian mint and
as you can see they’re all Pacific except for East Timor Tina
Indonesian archipelago then you go down here and you have all the commemorative
coins so we have 50 Cent’s $1 so this is all the other coins that the meat
producers one dollar font k-alpha bitcoins coin sets as well coin bag and
tokens okay so that’s how you get it the second way you can get it oops is you go
to L coins circulating coins and you pick the denomination so it’s on 50s for
this one cool is only 2017 mintages it has all the commemorating 50 cent coins
but if you got a two dollar coins it doesn’t include the possum magic four to
seven 42:18 Olympic owns all the 216 as well
because in the end of the report their class as commemorative coins collect the
coins so that they don’t include them in the circulating coinage okay
I’ve come back down and what I have here is most of these are 217 coins except
this one I don’t have the 5 cent coin so the
mintage for the 5 cent coin was only 18 point 6 million and that’s actually
quite a low coin I think it is the lowest coins since 2000
1972 so 1972 had 8.3 million and he said 18.6 and I’m not included coins that
were not issued for circulation like 1985 or 86 so yeah at all any
commemorative coins I never include commemorative coins because they’re
commemorative and they’re generally pretty low huh yeah that’s the second
lowest minted coin with are the akina so it’s probably a good idea to actually
keep these so the 10-cent coin this is the only one I actually have because I
find a heart actually get two thousand seventeen ten cent coins so he says the
Lyrebird and this is a mintage of 40 million so that’s it maybe next year the
year after they’ll increase the mintages if they actually include it in ever
annual reports like I just showed you they do include the fuse beforehand but
at the moment it’s only 14 million in 2015 was 14.3 2011 was one point seven
so it’s one of the lowest vintages maybe you could caper
hi 91 4.8 85 two million TSA is really forty million is actually quite a high
mintage a lot of other countries have actually minty just way lower than this
okay only ever for 20 cent coins so the
mintage for this one is twenty nine point eight million which is a pretty
high I’m not a high mintage but a medium-range mintage it’s higher than
the 1969 with sixteen point five or 1971 with eight point nine or 85 is two point
seven 1988 supposed to have two hundred thousand but I’ve haven’t heard anyone
actually say anything about that now so this one’s a pretty high mint it’ll be
easy to get you know good grades you can get actually ever coins that are
actually low mint so I wouldn’t worry about keeping those unless you want to
keep a few for your collection okay the 50 cent coin okay the 50 cent coin as a
mintage of 8.2 million that’s pretty low and not as low as the commemorative
coins which are actually quite a lot lower but for a coat of arms issue it’s
actually quite low whatever years the coat of arms actually had a low mintage
the 1997 4.3 93 and 85 actually at 1 million coins so it’s low
yeah so of course this one is 8.2 it’s gonna be a bit hard to get in
circulation especially in high grades because uh a lot of the damage but you
should be able to get in coin says okay do one dollar okay do to $1.00 issue for
circulation we had the mob of Roos and this one actually had a mintage of any
11 million which one dollar coins are usually pretty low mint anyway
because you need one coin for change and as a mob of Roos 11 millions not allow
us minted $1 coin the 19 2004 and 2005 at low minted Marvel verse coins um 92 I don’t think that exists yeah so if
you want to collect it’s up to you been 11 million coins it’s pretty high so but
I keep them anyway because I seldom ask wins it nearly $2 coins Aboriginals I’ll
get to the commemorative ones after this so this one had a minting of sixteen
point four million forty dollar coin is actually quite small there are a few
Abba coins years actually have a low mintage like
the 2011 the phony 1.8 million 2012 5.9 but before that they all pretty how much
had a high mintage except 2003 thirteen point seven two thousand five point
seven so it quoted the high minted coin so old only keep it in high grade and
the rest are just spent because is an excess of coins okay and then we get to
commemorative ones so we have this one lest we forget
this one had a mintage of 3.9 million coins so you won’t be that easy to get
in circulation but it’s enough out there for to collect this market and I
actually quite like that coin and then we have the remembrance two-dollar coin
this one had a mintage of 2.1 million so once again is actually a high
minted coin and will be easy to get in a lighter years so yeah
oh I have to correct mice no no no watch this video in case I made a mistake so
and then we got the possum Angie so the possum magic is not included in the UM
coinage numbers cause it’s kinda classed as a clock collectors coin
so this one is invisible possum and it has a mintage of okay let’s have a look
I don’t have the other coins outside of this coin set so we have three coins
that were issued for circulation invisible hash in happy hush so the hush hey stop okay
so we have the last minted coin is this one here so she sees her tail that has a
mintage of eight hundred thousand and these two on the side have a mintage of
two million coins each I’m not too sure why there’s a discrepancy I can’t see
any other figures in them the 2017-18 report but maybe it could be included
later so today’s ever one dollar coins that
there is actually four of them as well as the one cent coin on here now the
whole say of post a magic coin so if this one here my another video on this
before as a mintage of 195 thousand six hundred coins so that means the $1 any
one cent coin has mintage of 185 thousand six hundred coins as far as I
know H now as they were not issued for circulation or in any other capacity
like in any other sets then I would say they’re most likely the
mintages for these one and dollars and one cent coins so that’s a mintages for
those and then we have another commemorative coin so we have to answer
so these are just having bags now the are am used to issue bags up
into 2017 2018 should are saying till June the end of June because of our
something with the tax office they had problems with them and this one actually
has a mintage of 1.9 million coins so it’s actually a bit higher bit lower
than last year which is two point one nine million coins so 1.9 million coins
currently in white flight for bucks each but in the future because of the slime
indeed maybe you’ll go up in value not too sure
and another chameleon coin which I did not have a one that is free is the Eddie
Mabo coin so this is the 1960s let me get the coin so this is the let me see
if we can get a better one so this is the 1967 referendum which ll well let
indigenous people do become citizens this thing is a mintage of 1.4 million
so it’s quite live for a commemorative coin have a commemorative coins
generally ever high mintage what is the over low of one year the federation
coins actually to millions are they’re pretty low so 1.4 million you know
they’re quite cheap on eBay because of I don’t think people like the design so it
probably won’t be that popular a coin those are the 2017 mintages I hope this
helps you out if you are confused leave a comment down below and I can clarify
it well you can go to rule Australian mint to check for the mint teaches
yourself so Ally mint each year I wonder if coin production would
actually decrease this year what I’ve seen on eBay there’s quite a lot of 2018
coins I hope you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you do and have an
awesome coin collecting time people okay thank you bye bye

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  1. 2017 5 cent, third lowest mintage 5 cent including the 2016 50 Years of Decimal Currency.
    I predict that next year, there would be a higher mintage on the 2018 20 cent coins.

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