2017: A Bull Run Ballad – Bitcoin Song (2002, Bitcoin Remix)

I will always remember the day I bought the dip didn't know whether it was an abyss let it didn't bite ever finger winter 2017 talked about blockchain told me to invest you got me started and then I hit the resting and crypto superior but is never good [Applause] I move if you wanna come and get advice from me but is never good and you really never should at all-time lows and it goes the bulrush it again oh no but everybody singing while I'm up if you wanna come and get advice from me I would invite all comers [Applause]

30 thoughts on “2017: A Bull Run Ballad – Bitcoin Song (2002, Bitcoin Remix)”

  1. This is awesome. I put it on my work playlist today after hearing it last night. I look forward to watching more videos from you!

  2. I truly enjoyed looking through all your videos. It's great to someone creating new enjoyable crypto content. Much appreciated during this HODL market right now. You go girl!

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  5. You found your niche!! Can’t wait till your 100,000 views!!! Don’t forget us small people lol ?

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