$200,000+ High End Careers In Blockchain And Cryptocurrency (Ivan On Tech Interview)

– Okay, so the next question is definitely more towards your area of expertise, and that is, what are the potential jobs involved in Blockchain or Cryptocurrency, or career paths, maybe. – Yes, and this is
actually one of the topics that I’m really passionate about. We have an online academy
with 11,000 students. They learn all about how Blockchain works, how Crypto works, how
to program from scratch, how to do programming from
scratch on Blockchain, but also just normal programming. And the reason why I’m
so passionate about this is because I think many
people can definitely go from zero to a very, very
successful career very quickly. Why? Because it is a new industry. It is a new technology and a new paradigm. And so just like I was
working at Ericsson, I realized that, you know,
I’m not even 20 years old. I can teach my executives, who are 50, they have worked in this
company for 30, 40 years, and I can teach them something
that they didn’t know. I can be a valuable asset to them. Which means that my career will skyrocket. And this is something that we’re seeing with many of our students. And so, if you really
want to be in the place that is evolving very rapidly, you see, a lot of people
from Goldman-Sachs, executives from Goldman-Sachs, leaving their well-paid
jobs, moving to Crypto, because they see a lot of opportunity. I mean, this can potentially
be one of the biggest financial changes in
the history of mankind. And for me, this is so important,
to educate people about. And definitely, I think
you can number one, be a developer. The people who made the most money, if you take the average
person that invested in Crypto last year, the average person lost money. Because the average person, just like when I was new to Crypto,
the average person invests in the worst time and
they sell at the worst time. So the average person lost money. But the average developer
in Crypto made money. The average salary for a Crypto developer is $200,000 per year. So, there is a lot of demand. And if there’s any
programming you should learn, I think it’s Crypto programming. So, if, it’s if you’re
interested in technology. – Yeah, I was gonna mention that, too. So these career paths or jobs, like, what should you be
naturally interested in for this to be a good fit
for you? Programming, and … – So, I will come to that. So, if you’re a programmer, do that, we have an academy for that. Number two, maybe you’re not a programmer. Maybe you just want to
develop the business use case. Well, there is a lot of just
consulting work to be done. Education to be done. A lot of education about the economy, about how money works, about
how central banks work. If you just explain it to
companies, to corporations, even to banks, because
many of them have no clue what is going on. They’re still in this
field where they think that Blockchain is gonna disappear,
Bitcoin’s gonna disappear, it is just a scam. But, Bitcoin never goes away. It only grows bigger
and bigger and bigger. So, I think there’s a lot
of education to be done, and that is why I love Blockchain so much and Crypto so much, because
if you’re a technical person, you will find something,
if you’re more of a educator, if you’re more
of a person that works with business, you will find something. And also, I think it has a lot
to do with policies, as well. I mean, just the regulation
of Cryptocurrencies. And also, a lot to do with law. Crypto lawyers are the best
paid lawyers in the world. Especially … – What is a Crypto lawyer involved with? – For example, let’s
say I want to do an ICO, I want to launch on the Cryptocurrency. Which country should I go to? Which country is the best one? Who can set up my foundation? Who can really tell me what it means to create a Cryptocurrency? I mean, is it the product I’m selling? Is it a share, a stock? It’s nothing of that. So, in that sense, law will
be changed forever, as well. Because now, if I have Bitcoin, you cannot take it away from me. We have a lot of funny
stories with divorce, that you know, someone’s
husband has all (laughs) all of the holdings in Crypto. How do you take it away from him? – Right, yeah. – Very difficult. – And you can’t like, it’s not like wages, you can’t garnish wages or
anything like that, or … So it’s very, yeah, there’s
gonna be a lot of interesting legal issues here, I realize. – Yes, and also, when we’re
talking about Theorem, you can program applications
on top of Theorem that hold money. So for example, I can create
a … it is a so-called Smart Contract. A Smart Contract is an
application on top of Theorem, and it can hold money, and you
program how it should work. And so, once you deploy
it, you cannot change it. And so, people can send
money, to the Smart Contract, the Smart Contract will do
something with the money, so you can basically program a lot of financial applications. So you can program a
lottery and you can have a 100% transparent lottery,
because everyone can view the code, everyone can see that the Smart Contract has received money, and now it just, you know,
selects a random number. But at the same time, how do you, how do you resolve conflicts
when you have software that owns money? For the first time, your
software actually has the bank account. It’s not the bank account,
it’s a Crypto account. But your software can actually own … Your car will, in the
future, own its own wallet. It will maybe even pay
for parking on its own. Maybe it will get
payments from other cars, maybe because, you know,
you’re driving your car and there’s another car that says, “Hey, let me go before you. I will send you some …” – Let me go faster than
you, I’ll pay you to move, or something like that? – For example. I mean,
this is so early on. We don’t know how the
machine to machine economy will look like. – This is like, again, trying
to predict the internet in the eighties, seventies,
something like that. – But it’s just so exciting
that you have no restrictions when it comes to monetary transactions. I mean, your fridge can
have a bank account. Crypto account. It can receive payments,
it can send payments. And how do you take money from the fridge? (laughs) You basically have a lot of questions that you never had before
when it comes to law. And so, I’m just illustrating
a few different areas where there is a lot of demand
and a lot of people need it. And if you are a Crypto expert and you go into law,
you’re a Crypto expert, you go into software,
you’re a Crypto expert, you go into business, you
will rise very quickly through the ranks. This is what I’ve learned. I mean, I’m 22. I’ve worked with very high executives in the Swedish industry,
I’ve worked with banks, I’ve worked even with
the Swedish government. How would that be possible
in any other industry? It would not be possible because everyone has a
lot of experts already. There’s a lot of establishment already in all different industries,
except for Crypto. There’s no establishment,
there is no one guru, there is no one, you know, there are no big four corporations that all governments and all corporations go to. You have the playing field open, and you can really, really make yourself very successful in this industry. – Very interesting.

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