200,000 BTC In Reserve, Coinbase Is Changing, TRON Lunch & Binance Lumens Staking

hello everybody welcome back for another video hope you're all doing well and that you're all having a great day to start things off this one is making the rounds and it is a very important and very interesting news story and without further ado Bulgaria has become the first nation in the world to hold more Bitcoin and it has gold according to reports the country holds more than 200,000 Bitcoin worth around 2.1 billion dollars at today's prices in comparison it only has around 40 tons of gold which is currently valued at around 1.8 billion US dollars a press release by the Southeast European law Enforcement Center or the S elec in May 2017 revealed that Bulgarian authorities had half a million dollars worth of Bitcoin at prices back then with the recent rally there Bitcoin stash is now worth more than their gold reserves the release was part of an investigation into organized crime of course and the investment into digital assets it added by saying it was determined that the members of the organized crime group invested the money obtained from these illegal activities in Bitcoin around 200,000 being discovered in the virtual space the investigators were able to determine that exactly two hundred and thirteen thousand five hundred and nineteen BTC and a substantial amount of cash were seized in the raids as a result the Bulgarian government now has over two billion dollars worth of digital currency the original story was reported at the end of 2017 but the government remained rather coy about their Bitcoin holdings several conflicting stories emerged one asserting that the Bulgarian an interior minister sold the stash to fund a new Air Force squadron this was refuted by various crypto media outlets trust nodes has delved deeper into the saga to reveal the price the press release still stands and that the authorities did manage to get a hold of two hundred thousand bitcoins politicians in the country may still deny that there is any crypto stash but the immutability of the blockchain transactions may prove otherwise they're reluctant to reveal the addresses is likely to dispel any claims that there are no BTC holdings the proof will eventually be discovered on the chain but in the meantime the interior ministry has said that the that these are court cases prosecutions and further investigation which explains their this inclination to spill the digital beans we've had a lot of discuss over the last couple of months and it's it's even from the bleeding over from 2018 it's fairly certain that a lot of governments around the world have huge amounts of Bitcoin for those of you who were not here in the cryptocurrency space and now they're 20 anywhere from 2013 to the beginning of 2017 there were a lot of raids that were occurring around the world I'm pretty sure a lot of you heard about them on the news either it was about a drug traders human trafficking whatever they decided to say on the news that day there were a lot of cryptocurrency raids that were taking place while other governments weren't really paying attention to what was happening with crypto currencies one of the main things that they did typically pay attention to was the website called Silk Road and I think there was also a Silk Road – I think there's also a brand new reincarnation incarnation is another new version of it out there floating around as well I think there multiple of them right now the point being this was kind of the most important thing for governments to kind of do and a lot of these raids occurred around the world and there was a very substantial that also happened in America as well you can google around for you can definitely find it there were there were a couple I think Tim Draper was actually the purchaser of one of the large amounts of Bitcoin that was seized I want to say oh gosh I can't remember I want to say anywhere from 10 15 20 30 40 50 thousand somewhere around it was a huge amount it wasn't a normal person amount of a Bitcoin that was being bought up but it's still widely believed that from the other raids that were occurring across America the amount of Bitcoin that were also taken from the criminals are still being hoarded and that they're not going to obviously sell them anytime soon no one knows exactly where they are but they are probably in the possession of before they were in the possession of the FBI who I believe was doing all the raids but the point is is that we are in a moment where things like this are happening and the most important in what I think is the most fascinating is that if things like this were happening with cash we'd never know exactly was what was happening but you can typically tell by the cryptocurrency addresses and like I said before we have a whole bunch of analytics teams even people who aren't working for the government they do their own research and stuff on the side just exactly where these things happening we have a lot of the B whales the whale watchers and stuff like that as they're called finding out exactly where the major addresses are going and what hasn't moved in a very long time we also had news about a couple of months ago multiple times about companies who track large wallets and see if them if the coins inside of them have moved and if they haven't moved I forgot what they call them like they're not dead wallets but it's like dead coins and they like track your how many days the coins have not moved and this is a good indicator of people like huddling their coins there's a whole bunch of things like that out there but as it stands right now here's the actual on one for America there's like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of articles about America holding a large amount of Bitcoin over the last raids that were happening over the course of a five year period and here's the actual article right here from the southeast European law enforcement Center it says more than 200,000 bitcoins and value of 500 million dollars USD found by the Bulgarian authorities this is from May 29th 2017 here's a photo I always see there no photos of the Bitcoin because they are digital but it's fascinating to think that things like this have been happening around the world I'm pretty sure I'm almost certain at this point there's no way to kind of get around this that multiple countries around the world or either buying Bitcoin mining Bitcoin or raiding to acquire their Bitcoin either way is very fascinating like I said it's kind of making the rounds a lot of people this is obviously speculation but it's fairly certain all rather in my eyes I can't even it's it's it's very annoying because I'm not allowed to say with certainty that these things are happening but we can fairly sort of certainly see that there's probably multiple countries around the world who are a hoarding Bitcoin acquiring Bitcoin or see exactly where the economic situation is going around the world either since there's so many things and I read so many things about the the economic policies of different countries and exactly where they're going and if you get a chance listen to multiple different podcasts and watch out for a couple of them there are anyone that's from Bitcoin dot-com you can usually tell like you know like that little there's a little square and they you know like on the top corner it'll say like who they're affiliated with if they're affiliated with Bitcoin come those are actually be cash people Bitcoin cash people so watch out because a lot of times when you listen to what they're saying they make sure to put be cash in a very positive light and they'll talk negatively about core which is the number one coin so you never really get the news that you actually need like try to find something very unbiased listen to like Unchained or unconfirmed you get a lot of your very interesting news because they end up having people on who are regulators or like heavy heavy-handed investors of people who have had contact with other people in the institutional space and they'll talk about exactly what's going on or how they're a lot of like very rich families and probably government members and other people like that who were trying to allocate 1 to 3% of their money into cryptocurrency so anyway just I thought that was incredibly fascinating Bulgaria is normally not a country we hear about at all in the cryptocurrency space and the fact that they may have gone under the radar or a number of years in there holding potentially still two hundred thousand Bitcoin that's insane that would make them probably one of the richest Bitcoin countries in the world and should Bitcoin end up going to 50,000 100,000 or a quarter of a million dollars over the next 2 3 4 5 years there'll be one of the richest countries in the entire world kind of insane to think about but anyway let's move on next up coinbase is in the news major us-based crypto exchange known as coinbase has discontinued its crypto bundle crypto investment offering the platform updated its frequently asked questions page on its site reasons for discontinuation of the project which had only launched in fall 2018 have not been officially provided with the exchange simply notifying users that coinbase bundle purchases have been deprecated as such all assets purchased in the coinbase wallet have been redistributed to their respective individual asset wallets and cooked the furthers comment join base says that while users will no longer see a standalone wallet for their coin base bundle purchases the amount of cryptocurrencies purchased as part of the package will not have change and is thus a cosmetic only change gomez bundles have been designed there we go to purportedly simplify cryptocurrency trading and draw new investors into the sector for those yeah here we go right here it's right here they were coinbase released a bundle at the end of last year we're pretty much you could put in $25 25 pounds 25 euros and you would get an equal portion of Bitcoin be cash ether litecoin and aetherium classic yeah so I assume two things the bundle probably wasn't popular because they probably didn't advertise it properly no three things the second thing they listed very unpopular coins you can't have and I think it's just I think coin based did this because they were trying to be down cool and hip and that's not me making a joke be cash and ether classic while they may have a fanbase aren't the most popular coins in the entire world I feel like if it had been Bitcoin ether light coin XRP and even stellar it would have sold a lot better and I mean people would have been probably rushing to kind of buy these things a lot you have to have if you're launching a product like this that is designed to get people with smaller budgets to be able to get into the cryptocurrency space you have to make it worthwhile for them as well I'm pretty sure very few people were stopping this and also the other part of it is it that they launched this at the end of 2018 when the market still doing too hot there was a very long period for those who were not here or may have left the market and have returned hello once again during 2018 to be first three months the market was hot and cold it was cold because it was going down and it was hot because everyone was expecting by summertime that the prices what kind of shoot back up we had a number of cryptocurrency what's called not uh meetings but like where tons of people meet up and groups thousands of people and they're all talking about stuff and bla bla bla bla bla like a convention there we go there were tons of them where people were driving around Lambos and all this ridiculous crazy stuff and people were expecting the price of crypto currencies to shoot back up it was well expected that by the end of summer that we were going to have the market shooting back up because it was expected that by the end of summer somewhere around September October I think I forgot what the theory or logic was but the prices were expected to go back up they obviously did nothing this is why I think we saw a lot of things trying to launch at the end of 2018 this being one of them we had a number of other cryptocurrency exchanges from that mistake and SBI was also one of them who were talking about that they were also going to launch this is also the same exact time from where we had the New York Stock Exchange talking about that they were going to launch backed so it was this very weird euphoric mmm meeting of the minds where everyone was like yeah this is gonna be a very good time and it was the end of 2018 didn't really work out so I guess it was this perfect storm of ridiculousness that caused no one to really use the coin base bundle and I mean you can't you you have to offer really good coins in something like that or at least have it advertised how many other people out there have actually seen this advertised right what I think it kind of comes down to is that coinbase is also trying to change their step as to what they're doing I think they have realized that they can make a lot of money with people using their platform but they're going to make a lot of money from the news that we had yesterday where people are they're going to try and become a more of a lending loan platform which i think is like I said before it's good for the market but I think that'll be dangerous for coinbase in the long run as more people figure out and realize as they become stronger as well that we can move to decentralized exchanges and that the world should not be based on debt I've been coined based will eventually is setting itself up to be not a social pariah but to be something seen as very negative in the entire economic cryptocurrency space as a whole good for them for making more people get into the cryptocurrency space but they're clearly just trying to become a bank at this point not getting off topic the points is if you've noticed a couple of things changing on your coin base page portfolio internet site it's because they're trying to change to a more banking aspect driven thing and I think what they're trying to do is line it up with the expected next bull run that people are waiting for where is once again expected for those of you who haven't really caught on since Bitcoin went from 3,200 to 5,000 to 8,000 to 11,000 to almost 14,000 over the course of five and a half months it is expected that the prices are going to continue to go higher should we see I'll continue to see very good news or a continued adoption of Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency space and this is why I assume that they're kind of getting all their affairs in orders it's not a wait all their affairs in order that makes a bit more sense and doing what they're doing anyway who cares about coin base let's move on next up Tron is in the news the Tron Foundation says Justin's son is postponing his meeting with Warren Buffett due to a painful health problem according to the foundation's son is suffering from a bout with kidney stones and the meeting will be rescheduled here's the actual tweet right here part of the weirdest part is that the Tron price fell I think the cryptocurrency market as a whole has fallen but Tron has fallen the most at the moment at least when I looked before I don't care for a Justin son or traum that much but I think it's a little ridiculous to sell off your Tron in general because he has kidney stones and can't meet with Warren Buffett on the expected date that you thought for anyone out there who thought or assumed or still thinks that Justin's son is going to change the mind of a 180 year old man who doesn't care for crypto currencies you are sadly mistaken Warren Buffett is not gonna change his mind Warren Buffett is not going to buy Tron Warren Buffett's not gonna even buy Bitcoin I think that's the farthest stretch that we could possibly even think to imagine so I did feel kind of bad for him earlier when I read this the fact that he is suffering and in pain and then the coin will also go down like that that that means people sold and saw this as a negative like his his human health problems were like oh boy Warren Buffett's definitely not gonna buy Tron now we're in a very immature market and I don't think that the cryptocurrency market needs institutional investors to be more mature or to be taken more seriously or to be or to flourish a bit more but a lot of these little dumps a lot of these little things that we're seeing right here are going to completely vanish over the next three years a lot of the people who we have in the cryptocurrency market right now have never been in markets before not saying that I'm a master or genius but typically news that someone is sick and has to reschedule the meeting doesn't cause an 11% price drop in their stock bond whatever you kind of want to call it anyway this has been rescheduled I think I forgot who he's uh yeah he's invited thus far Charlie leave from litecoin Jeremy a layer from circle yoni hacia from eToro and the chrisley from who OB a lot of people were thinking he was going to invite not saying that these people aren't magical and amazing and awesome but people were expecting like brad Garlin house and blah blah blah blah blah and all these other more prominent people in the cryptocurrency space don't have high hopes for this I'm the only hope I have for this meeting is that it's filmed so I can wash it because I'm pretty sure it's going to be ridiculous but let us move on is a very interesting one finance expanded it's staking program by unleashing the stellar storage which included rewards over the past weekend the move follows by Nance's readiness to support here we go supply staking services for other assets such as neo V chain and ontology until now holding lumens only accrued rewards when held in a wallet with full control of the private key bonus now follows the trend of other exchanges like coinbase to offer a mix of custodial and staking this also means that bond ants will stake all the lumens and it's cold storage wallets the minimum lumens balance for staking is only 10 lumens Finance aims to encourage lumens staking by proposing a large-scale airdrop for anyone putting in their coins until the end of July the airdrop will reward the equivalent of a yearly lumens reward news boosted the lumens price to around 9 cents the asset has hovered sideways in a similar pattern to XRP not really I think they were both doing pretty bad the biggest bid to fame for lumens is the attempt to use this protocol for cross-border payments once again this does not guarantee demand for the lumens asset you got that right the point is for those who so same exact thing like coin base a lot of people are trying to get to the staking thing because investors while they are interested in the cryptocurrency space be like wow that's cool I can make money off of holding a coin what else can I do and this is why we're seeing stuff about like perpetual swaps and staking and this and that all the other names I can't even think of off the top of my head that all these other cryptocurrency exchanges are starting to offer is because normal hmm what's the word investors from the traditional financial markets are looking for very similar objects that things that they've been using for the last 20 30 40 years and this is kind of all being shifted over to the cryptocurrency space and since we don't really have an instance where banks can give you money or your interest we now have staking becoming a very strong thing I don't remember seeing I mean this I don't know if this is necessarily true but if it is kind of cool as far as the staking services for neo V chain and ontology wonderful if you have those coins you can now also stake apparently as well or the readiness of them to eventually potentially add it but there was news a couple of days ago I think that apparently the people from bond ants found I think eight hundred thousand lumens cuz they were apparently staking without even knowing that they were staking so apparently here's the actual tweet right here there we go says move your coins to buy Nance from anywhere and enjoy hassle-free staking rewards and if you do it this month that is July you get almost a year's worth the rewards are you moving your lumens now so no word on how exactly how much people are going to yet but I assume it'll be potentially worthwhile for those of you who do not have a buy Nance account and are looking for a buy Nance account I have a link in the description below I like bananas they're very honest they tell us when something is wrong and when things are great I have been using them for quite a long amount of time and yeah I'm interested to see exactly how much each person is going to get of lumens how many lumens are going to be passed around anyway here's the tweet once again and let's move on go to kind of finish things off a European Central Bank official has stated that users should be aware of the risks associated with stable coins used but to not be alarmed as reported by Reuters on the 18th of July members of the European Central Bank Governing Council and president of the Deutsche Bundesbank against vied men said that stable coins digital currencies designed to minimize potential price volatility by being pegged to another asset offer users opportunities for prosperity however prosperity however users should be vigilant in regards of the associated risks vitamin delivered his comments at a news conference at a meeting of the g7 finance ministers and central bankers he said there is no reason to be alarmed but there is reason to be vigilant Weidman also spoke in favour of Facebook's Libre cryptocurrency project he specifically argued that global regulators should not suppress the project in its infancy adding that digital currencies such as Libre can be attractive to consumers in the event that they deliver on their promise there's a couple of I don't know if you guys have seen it there's a couple of politicians around the world right now who are actually like happy or optimistically now talking about Facebook's coin I thought that was kind of weird especially from the European Central Bank talking about that it could be good if things go as planned iiiii wish what's the phrase to be able to be a fly on the wall you just know that there's so many discussions where people are inviting Facebook onto their private yacht onto their private island island and they're talking with people representatives from Facebook onto how much you know could I you know offer you five million to also be a partner in this there's so much money happening behind the scenes who are trying to hedge to make sure if you think that government leaders aren't hedging their bets and giving millions of dollars to Facebook as a just in case you are mistaken should because the the fact that world leaders have completely lost their minds about this it's very simple for world leaders to simply go I'm gonna keep backing the dollar I'm gonna keep back in the euro but here's ten million dollars as a just-in-case remember I am one of your stakeholders and should Libra make it then long live Libra you better believe that's happening behind the scenes anyway a lot of politicians are coming out in favor of Libra and I thought it's interesting as well that we now have indications from world leaders and central bankers that stable coins are not a threat exactly what I was talking about last year it's fairly obvious that I think I'm pretty sure stable coins are going to get a lot of usage from governments and this is what I think that they are planning or proposing to do because they cannot create their own systems quick enough to kind of battle the cryptocurrencies that we have right now anyway I thought that was fascinating and the final thing is for those who do not know it is official that batched launched their a testing of the backed bitcoin daily and monthly futures contracts as that testing is proceeding as planned with participants from around the world who are also testing no one knows exactly who these people are but one can only assume they're either technicians or very rich people I think at the moment the news that we had is that back to a launch by the end of quarter three and that is by the end that's about as if turns about a good anywhere from eight to nine weeks away it's not that far at all we will definitely receive more news as this continues to go on as all the ways a very special thank you to my patreon supporters professor Wally from gun by university bank role and network master ventures in Thailand janae Francis triple M and J my Quito kitchen asam M L so free adobo Krypton Bishop made Brady Niels L Doug Snyder wise night owl crypto Joe more hammer Oney car version of singer-songwriter Mike sirens Rai Rai aha rowdy ami starching jeffrey ramsey clarity snowden rip the artist colby 3d nicolas were thrown piece one love setsuna Nick and I are richer richer third RF dusty cody vlad the impaler paksas tom sucks the basketball and sam skips leg day jeremy the photographer Jim Gardner minting coins Arthur Yakko Nick Mangia live audio Antony Charles in mechanic's thank you all very much for your support at the moment the market is relatively in the red except for a crypto I don't know but Iran has an 11-minute 11 million volume compared to billions for the other coin so it's very easy to push that up unless they're doing something fantastically amazing is kind of weird anyway the point is at the moment bitcoin is scratching at the bottom of $10,000 I saw a price metric earlier and it said the Bitcoin was at 9983 who knows if they have what's it called slightly different prices or if this is a ongoing trend uh yeah there's no real reason why the market should be going down I understand market trends I understand markets going up and down understand volatility get it got it's good but usually at this time whenever we have a slew of good news or nothing really negative is happening kind of way that the market continues to go down it could I mean to be fair the market went down there in the course of 2018 so could just be another cycle of something what people are believing could be happening is that I'm actually gonna make a video on this as well because something very odd is happening in the cryptocurrency space I think a lot of people aren't really paying attention to what's happening but it's fairly obvious that is taking place the runoff from that is that a couple of days ago a day or two ago we had the indications that the CFTC was doing an inquiry into I believe bit mechs after Nero roubini had stated that everything that they're doing on their platform is fake and that's only because Nouriel Roubini is an angry troll and he does everything he can to try and discredit the cryptocurrency space but anyway Tron is currently down almost 14% I assume if we do end up breaking below $10,000 we're probably going to head somewhere mid 9000 to see if we have a bit of a jump back up listening around and gathering information on or rather from podcasts and other things out there a lot of new investors are actually getting into the cryptocurrency space and the volatility for the larger part actually happens on purpose there are a lot of high-frequency traders who are making sure that they make the most out of their trades I was listening to one yesterday I think it was on I don't remember I want to say it was either on flipping or Unchained so many podcast now and the guy was talking he was saying yeah what ends up happening is that so many people they do these jumps up and down to make sure that they push the market down enough that they can buy up cheaper once again obviously this is how it works but he said the name of the game right now is to acquire as much Bitcoin as possible because he and they said that there are a lot of other larger institutions that were larger than his who have a lot more money to throw around couple billions and stuff like that and they make sure that they're making the most out of it because it's a huge bet right now on if the cryptocurrency market to them is going to make it there they're new to the space they want to know what this is how it works and they're trying to figure out exactly how much money they can make from the entire space that they're throwing a couple hundred million dollars into the space to be able to trade back and forth to make sure that every single day that they maybe end up making around 100,000 maybe a quarter of a million maybe half a million dollars in a day so that they can it's it's it's it's it's insane to think like this is what I keep talking about like so many people can't continue thinking this is why would I read some comments in the comments section I'm like you have no idea what's going on people continuously think that the cryptocurrency market is very small and it's like no we probably have an instance where there are a couple of countries who own several hundred thousand Bitcoin and they're acquiring as many more as they possibly can around adjust just over-the-counter markets all these things that are taking places it's a multi-faceted market that we can't even begin to imagine how many players are actually in this game right now and how much money is just being thrown around to be able to acquire so many of these coins anyway I hope you all enjoyed hope you all are having a great day a great morning a great afternoon a great evening wherever you are wherever you might be I do hope it's absolutely fantastic thank you all once again for watching and or listening I assume prices will probably go up by the end of this week I think V according to Anna listen from what I've read and this it's a wide range people are saying that Bitcoin could potentially potentially test 8,800 or was 9600 or something like that if it goes down to 8800 this is just a better buying opportunity those who don't know I'm a perma Bowl when coins are low I just keep buying like oh me say go just to point it out here's a dollar fifty seven since that is not me telling you to buy that is me telling you that I'm probably going to buy I don't believe prices are going to remain this low for that much longer but yeah thank you all once again for watching and or listening and I will most certainly be talking to you all soon see you you

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