$2000 IN 1 DAY!!! Cryptocurrency BEGINNERS GUIDE For 2018! (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum)

mati and welcome back to a brand new video now today's but is gonna be slightly different to normal still very much tech related today we're talking about a subject which has been absolutely right throughout the tech world at this moment I'm not even just a tech world but just the world in general this has been awash in the news it kind of has been going bubbling under the radar for many years but it's only now in this year 2017 and more so in the last sort of few months we've seen a massive rise in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like it okay so I've been interested in this area for quite a while so what I did about a couple of weeks ago I decided to really sit down and try and research as much as I can to find out exactly what's going on in this area of crypto currencies so I've got some key things that I'm going to share with you if you're interested in this area as well and it's all coming up remember to subscribe to the channel and hit that little notification bell if you're new and want to be notified every time I post a new video so yeah like I said welcome to a brand new video not a straight off the bat this is gonna be coming from someone who is not an expert in the field by any means and if you are gonna be seriously thinking about investing or would advise you to speak to a financial advisor etc but what I am gonna tell you is the hard core facts about cryptocurrency right now so the actual hard core definition of a cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds operating independently of a central bank decentralized cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin now provide an outlet for personal wealth that is beyond restriction and confiscation so cryptocurrency in layman's terms is basically a form of digital money which is housed in and around the internet now cryptocurrency is the sort of overall terminology for an area of this sort of money one obvious example is Bitcoin it's the most well known it is also the most expensive to buy you've also got like coin and you've got a theorem as well they are there are others as well but they are the three core ones that are sort of trading at the moment all cryptocurrencies have come in what's known as units and one Bitcoin or one light coin or one aetherium coin can be split into many different digits one Bitcoin ten bitcoins you can also buy fractions of bitcoins as well so you can actually pay for a cryptocurrency in the same way that you would transfer your current money whether it be UK sterling or dollars into another country's currency so if I went from UK sterling to euros for example I would pay to transfer and get that different currency all it is is another form of currency just as of yesterday one Bitcoin went up by two thousand US dollars so at the start of this year you could rough it you could buy one Bitcoin for around three hundred dollars I believe equates to about 250 UK sterling now it is worth over fifteen thousand US dollars and the reason why this area is becoming so popular at this moment in time and many experts again are not one of them many experts foresee the rise in crypto car – well exceed what we're on at the moment in 2018 and on it has a current market value which fluctuates depending on demand and the reason why the prices fluctuate so highly at the moment is because so many people are getting involved now it's literally gone up about five thousand I think for one Bitcoin in the last few months there is something called a crypto currency wallet and this is a place often online used to store these individual crypto currencies so in your wallet you can have bitcoins you can have like coins whatever wherever cetera et cetera now again in layman's terms many people refer to the Bitcoin as the gold like corn is the silver and he theorem doesn't really have a classification at this moment in time but again like I said like coin he's the silver to bitcoins gold that's why bitcoin is far more expensive and trading at the moment like I said for around 12,000 well about 11,000 UK sterling and of course litecoin is only trading around about 250 pounds at this moment of time as well so again there is a big difference in in in terms of actual value but again that value can change we could see a big increase in like coins equally we could see a decrease again it's it's all relative to demand etc many experts believe that in the near future many people will be using crypto currencies for all walks of life going into shops and buying a a can of drink or a chocolate bar or something on that and you'll be able to pay in cryptocurrency so that's again why a lot of people are interested in the area because of course if this does really take off then and it is start to be used all over the place then again it's a very exciting time and this computer technology which is able to create these coins again in layman's terms it's known as mining now in terms of this actual mining it's quite hard to actually explain but again bitcoins are mined by people who use computers to solve ridiculously complex tasks problems apparently it's got a lot harder due to the fact that a lot of them have been mined already your computers need to be running specific algorithms and all sorts of stuff in order to mine these coins and all experts say the cap the limit is 21 million so once 21 million is hit apparently that there's no way they can create anymore bitcoins so this of course means that you can't really dilute the currency there will be 21 million bitcoins available and that's it some people save you more likely to see an increase in price due to the demand being more people wanting it and there being a cap on the amount that's available again it can go the other way people might not care about it people might not use it and it might go the other way it is one of those things that's definitely gonna be in the headlines over the next few years so again I'm just gonna read your little thing of why cryptocurrency law or more accurately Bitcoin in this case it emerged in 2008 just after Occupy Wall Street accused big banks of misusing borrowers money duping clients rigging the system and charging mind-boggling fees Bitcoin pioneers wanted to put the seller in charge eliminate the middleman cancel interest fees and make transactions transparent to hack corruption and cut fees they created a decentralized system where you could control your funds and know what was going on so it can't be controlled by the government for example which other currencies technically can be and it goes on to say there are actually many companies already allowing cryptocurrency or or Bitcoin as a actual form of currency to pay for things so you've got you can read strollers in the US you've got Dell you've got Expedia PayPal and Microsoft do as well so at the moment businesses for example there are wiring payments of when you're talking about banks you talking about PayPal all of these sort of entities they you know there's a lot of fees that generally involved in that again with this you're not going to have that problem so again a lot of people are a lot of businesses are now starting to take heed of this and obviously if you are paying for something like that you can pay in a fraction of a coin as well it's obviously now the fact that bitcoins are now worth for example you know over 10k you're not going to have to spend a whole point on one thing you obviously it's going to be split into those decimal places per transaction if you wanted to pay for something using a cryptocurrency this online digital form of currency you would have to have an agreement with the person who you're sending the currency to so if I wanted to buy something in a crypto currency like Bitcoin or like coin for example I would have to first of all the other party would have to accept it as a form of currency which like I said more and more companies are doing you first have to complete a private key and that's obviously for security reasons only you the user would know what that is and then you have what's known as a public key which basically is a evidence of the transaction going through it would state you paid you on the whatever and that's kind of how it would work so there's two different keys the most exciting thing from my point of view is that if this goes how many experts expect to go globally and companies use it left wine center you could literally have a situation where the whole world has one currency so you don't have conversion rates you don't have to go on holiday get different notes that look funny and really hard to work out how much they're worth and you're not chucking loads of paper out at somebody to pay for something and you think and yarm the big dog I've just thrown down wad and then they look back at you and just say yeah it's worth like 25 P where's the rest none of that everyone has the same currency everyone knows what everything's worth an area that is growing in popularity day by day you know many more people are starting to hear about starting to trade in it for some people it's paying off for some people it's not but we're still waiting to see just at this moment in time how it's going to affect the mainstream individual user there is always risks with this of course and again I'm not telling you to invest I'm just giving you the core sort of idea behind crypto currencies and there could be a market crash because it's been such a spike in price it could easily go the other way equally it could continue to rise well into 2018 and on so we will wait and see it will fluctuate and it fluctuates daily just like on the stock exchange for example every single company will fluctuate up and down throughout the day and this is no different so yeah that's pretty much it guys let me know in the comment section below what you think about this sort of area of crypto currencies digital online money basically is it something that you are interested in B you are looking into doing see if you know a lot more about this than I do for example then again feel free to share your opinions and your knowledge in the comment section below for everyone to read again if you are looking to invest in any form of trading whether it be cryptocurrencies or anything in general I would personally strongly advise you to search out a financial advisor so yeah make sure you do your research you

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