#2 cryptocurrency trading tip from Michael Dunworth CEO of Wyre ?

Number two is focus on security. So
security is something that is brand-new to a lot of people and I think a lot of
people don’t take it seriously enough usually the best way to learn is through
getting or through losing and you know so some people some people get the stick
and they get hit with the stick and they go well I didn’t like that I don’t want
that to happen again with security it becomes security is
something very interesting because it is the more secure something is the more
inconvenient and difficult it is the more difficult, the more simple it is to access so if I
say my bitcoins are really hard to access that’s a pain in the butt well
that’s because they’re incredibly secure now if my bitcoins are really easy to
access that means they’re less secure so focus on security if it’s becoming a
pain in the butt to ever use or like get your bitcoins it means you’re probably
doing the right thing

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