2 Critical Events Are Going To Happen After The Imminent Economic Collapse 2019 Stock Market CRASH!

think back to the 2008 crisis the cascade of bank failures started with Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers it all began in the US and spread throughout the planet now it is a part of history as a fun fact former Lehman Brothers employees are about to gather to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their mother company's bankruptcy how will the next crisis look step by step where will it start when will it start what impact will it have and how will the world look after the event one belief is that the next crisis will begin and develop in emerging markets and then as late as 2021 it will only slightly hit the United States regarding how it will play out Sassari graph notes that Trump and Federal Reserve policy will lead to economic downturns around the world in 2018 this will include Iran Turkey Venezuela and Argentina in 2019 it'll reach India Pakistan Brazil and Mexico by 2020 China Japan Southeast Asia Russia and the EU will stumble lastly in 2021 the United States Canada Australia and Switzerland will be next however in 2022 the United States will be the best shape of the major countries the crisis has already started the Turkish lira is plunging the Argentinian Central Bank has increased interest rates to the cosmic level of 60% and Iranian inflation is skyrocketing however these are minor players the crucial years will be 2019 and 2020 when the deadly cocktail will be served for India parkas on China Japan and the European Union among others in 2020 the United States will also be hit however the magnitude will be significantly limited in contrast to what many are currently saying so sorry grass point of view is as follows in 2022 after the next financial crisis the United States will be in the best shape of all major countries I'm ready to take bets you must be aware that every subsequent even small recession in the eurozone will cause an implosion of the sovereign debts of European countries in consequence this political bloc will be dismantled the recession is also very dangerous for Japan's tremendous pile of debt which is only sustained by the Bank of Japan's monetary mad game China on the other hand has become very dependent on GDP growth at a level of six to nine percent and a slowdown below this level will be associated with significant turbulence policymakers all over the world have only one policy printing money newly printed money flows into the corporate world making corporate p.m. Earth's unsinkable much like big companies in the Soviet Union moreover they will become just as inefficient as in the Soviet Union this will be at the cost of the standard of living for the lower and middle classes and will lead to a deteriorating market position for small and middle scale businesses moreover printing money causes numerous mail investments and pulls away productive people from productive activities by luring them to figure out how to access these newly created currency rivers it also stops unproductive people from determining how to become productive it preserves and deepens all market pathologies in the long run printing money will be devastating a substantial amount of freshly printed currency will find shelter in crypto currencies and digital assets leading to price appreciation 100 times over in many cases some significant trends in the crypto market can be expected stable coins staple coins are an emerging form of cryptocurrency that represent the crypto equivalent of a unit of fiat currency one certain stable coin stands for one dollar euro pound yen and so on stable coins will grow far more significant and meaningful they have the potential to disrupt offshore banking as well as traditional remittance and settlement systems they will allow efficient borderless payment systems for e-commerce they will attract new players into crypto who were earlier intimidated by volatility thus causing new capital inflows and cosmically inflating prices of some crypto assets they will mitigate taxes on crypto gains in jurisdictions where crypto to crypt exchange is a non-taxable event like in Poland moreover they will yield numerous other very interesting implications the arrival of big companies big companies will enter the crypto industry Facebook Twitter Google Amazon you name it on the cryptocurrency infrastructure site fidelity Goldman Sachs and traditional stock market operators and brokers will be present and operating far more quickly than one can expect the price detachment of Bitcoin from other coins until 2019 the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were correlated when the price of Bitcoin soared prices of other crypto currencies rose even stronger when the price of Bitcoin was dropping the prices of other assets were losing even more from now on prices will start to detach and begin to go in opposite directions which will bring about exciting investment strategies top 100 crypto reshuffle the current top 100 coins will change in the coming quarters some newcomers will multiply 10 times 100 times or even 1000 times from current levels please don't miss it ten thousand dollars multiplied by 100 is 1 million this could be the last occasion to comfort yourself financially until the end of your life the asymmetric proportion of potential risk and potential reward is astonishing in crypto currencies and digital assets when the dust around the world finally settles America can emerge in relatively good shape from a conservative point of view the US currency and pong supply are perhaps still too high and rates may still be too low however despite its peculiarity the dollar and US debts are the most popular US exports during the next two years when major emerging markets will be struck by various crises we will have massive capital flows into the US this will include the dollar itself the US bond market US stock market and u.s. real estate the US will be recognized as a relatively healthy jurisdiction with attractive interest rates the Fed's balance sheet will be recognized as relatively normalized with a potential for quantitative easing there will also be a basic monetary tool in the hands of the Fed which will be to lower rates in response to the possible slowdown in fact this looks to be skilfully conducted by the Fed and Donald Trump as a financial war on the rest of the world they will start to wage it now because if they do not then in ten years China and its allies will be too powerful to defeat it is very naive to expect that after the 2000 dot-com bubble burst and 2008-2009 meltdown that the third one will again start in the u.s. despite all political and ideological issues the correct understanding of this matter will have a tremendous effect on investment portfolios as well as casual life decisions it's just a matter of your money two major trends can be expected one a massive human migration crisis emerging market countries citizens will be displaced because of economic reasons and yet again the u.s. under the trump administration will manage it relatively well to a massive chunk of the capital pulled out of emerging markets will be channeled to the most robust crypto currencies the devaluation of e/m currencies the dismantling of the Swift system and the pursuit of new investment solutions by private corporate and public parties will be the main causes of this great money migration Sassari graph states that the value of crypto currencies will rise substantially from mid 2018 levels thus making potential returns from other capital allocations much less attractive ignoring this is the manifestation of a deep misunderstanding where the world is now and where it is going this will be the first crisis with the crypto option on the table in post meltdown era it should be assumed that taxation of tangible things such as real estate in many parts of the world will increase you should also be assumed that the US will follow a path of isolation within both American continents and NAFTA Venezuela as a result of possible loca d'etat will fall under the US sphere of influence I fully understand that many people are fed up with what is happening in the US both socially and politically as well as how the media's picture of politics has become idiotic however from an investment point of view the US and crypto currencies will be winning games in the crumbling world it is a matter of your money visit this video in 2022 thank you for watching Sassari graph crypto Poland

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  1. Here's my ?. What is real gold backed by? Now what is bitcoin/crypto backed by? To be honest real gold sounds better than crypto if everything really crashes.

  2. fool see debt of usa and then see its smell like 2007 so economic crisis will start from AMERICA itself not from china india or other nations

  3. I feel bad for two people once USA collapses. People with babies and people with babies in major cities. Once usa goes down completely every major city will become a war zone!! That good ole Christian family who always talk about God will take your life for a can of corn!! You can't escape by car by however on foot through the woods!! These movies with doomsday scenarios aren't even close to reality…have you seen Black Friday videos?? Throwing your life away for 10$ off a damn tv!! That fight over that can of yams will be bloody!!

    2nd ESDRAS 6-9 KJV 1611.
    2 Esdras 6:9
    “For Esau is the end of the world, and Jacob is the beginning of it that followeth.”

    King James Version (KJV)

  5. Once crisis have hit Mexico and other Latin American countries many millions of refugees will head to United States. And it is quite likely that Sanders & AOC will run politics there at the time and all these refugees will be welcomed…

  6. This is the result of greed corruption and control…..2 Timothy 3:1-5…….Luke 21:25,26…..
    Matthew 24:21,22…..Zephaniah 1:14-18……Isaiah 48:22…..1:Corinthians 6:9,10……..psalm 37:9-11…

  7. We need a population more than economic collapse to save the Mother earth from her resource and space exhaustion.

  8. So this will come way BEFORE the end of the world due to climate change in 12 years as predicted by the communist/socialist Democrats?

  9. There will ALWAYS be a crisis or recession just right around the corner….just keep driving and you will see it…

  10. US deep state has tried being over smart on economy manipulation even in past that has brought nothing but more bad news. Bitcoin is definitely NOT the way to go no matter how lucrative it may seem.

  11. The video has a critical error which I am surprised that the editors did not catch. There is no such thing in finance and economics as a "male investment". There is such a thing as malinvestment. This should be corrected ASAP, because it makes the video presentation less credible.

  12. Thanks for the info my friend. God bless you and yours. I'm very ready. And i hope you all are to. We can do this. And much better bay are ahead of us.

  13. What are all the big country's buying in mass? thats what i look at, then i follow, all the talk and speculating is only good for manipulation, dont listen to what they say, watch what they are doing, this is how i do it anyway.

  14. And socialist democrat Yang thinks" we need more of the Obama administration in our country "??? That's the last thing we need..

  15. Very Good Video again, but I have to disagree that the US will be in a better shape in 2020, US debt is out of control, Trump just approved another 750 Billion dollars budget that will include his border wall , and student loan is not over 1.1 trillion dollars! and we still have low GDP! I am going to tell when the Collapse will happen, when they turn off the printing press then you will see it! They tried it before in December 2018 and the Stock market began to Collapse! Trump is making things worse, because of his reckless spending! The US will not be able to come out of this because we are too indicted to Debt and the Federal Reserve !

  16. You just keep forwarding the year it was spose to happen in year 2000 2010 2012 2015 2018 now 2019 and now 2024 wtf which yr is it, and you get paid for this shit lmao we must be really stupid sheep

  17. Soon you are going to see stable coins that are going to offer a % of interest because they will be tied to bonds / commodities. If the IMF ever gets off its ass with the SDR you will see this happen. Just be on the lookout for stable coins that (at the very least) have the APR of inflation.

  18. You need more crack cocaine, this badly? How much crack cocaine this video pays you to get? Like a kilogram of crack! You'll be getting extraordinarily high? Even delusional!

  19. For how long can they (the so-called master) stretch these events! I guess options are very less. Anyways the tiny rich have to face the wrath of majority of people (basically workers), who have worked themselves to death but haven’t seen the kind of luxury which the tiny few capitalist hoarders have enjoyed.

  20. Nice video @Epic Economist. Very few understand what has been built in the background with the current fintech revolution. They will be left standing on the sidelines. I hope your bags of XRP are full and bulging!

  21. When the hookers and exotic dancers refuse to accept money, preferring cans of sardines or luncheon meat, then we will know true suffering.

  22. Oh and just like usual when trillions of dollars is missing the US will probably just drop a few buildings and blame it on the brown guys

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