18million Bitcoin soon, pro-Libra senator, altcoin trading gimmick, BTC over negative interest bonds

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
October the 17th 2019 strong hand bitcoin is the next big going guy your
wealth in bitcoin one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin I am still offended by selling
people conviction yeah I’m in Sydney Australia doing a new show every day I
got a good night’s sleep last night hello my elite friends I am pumped to be
here and I just want to remind everyone this week in Bitcoin is tomorrow has
McCook will be on it and also adriana baloney
I am mispronouncing her name she Bilotti she was on the show back in July of 2017
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and again with Hass Sydney is a beautiful city the Sun from my balcony
in this beautiful air bein this is a great Airbnb I’m in the ultimo
neighborhood it is beautiful here the Sun you don’t want to be too much out in
the Sun there but it is pouring in on it just a safe beautiful city I’m so
impressed I was here 2015 I’m impressed once again and thank you Hass and
Adriana and everyone here for making it awesome Bitcoin city and just an awesome
pretty city right like I can’t say enough of it I’m from Baltimore found
that like but of course I think it’s beautiful and safe here but compared to
LA also man this is better than LA what and what a world it’s a completely
different day here I’m not even gonna say what time it is here what day it is
here it’s just so much different I’m still getting used to the day’s okay
let’s let enough of me talking about traveling around the world in Sydney but
if you are here links below to the that are coming up this coming week and
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links to below as we’re talking about a lot of stuff in this video I try to
summarize everything as best as I can in the in the summary area below the video
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so if you check out the links you can see all the subject matters I’m going to
talk about so that’s a little shortcut there another shortcut is to play this a
2×2 just get it through get through it faster time is very valuable and so here
is the first thing from Bitcoin yeah the big coin Twitter feed the one that used
to be controlled by be cash apparently anyway I don’t the 2012 having reduced
the new supply by three hundred twenty thousand dollars per week the 2016
having reduced a new supply by eight million dollars a week the 2020 having
will reduce the new supply by sixty three million dollars per week what do
you think will happen to the price of Bitcoin what do you think will happen to
Bitcoin well we shall see but I never seen it I never seen it
explained that way they’d be having how it the new supply we know how much the
new supply gets cut in terms of Bitcoin but in terms of price and again one
Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin but in terms of the United States dollar fiat price
that’s a very interesting way of describing it and really puts it in
perspective now again the price fluctuates so we say it’s gonna be the
new supply is going to be reduced by 63 million I assume that’s based on the
current price which I don’t even know what it is now okay eight thousand or
something like that BTC moon okay if you’ve got questions
type in bitcoinmeister and avenge it first of all BTC Moon says laughs out
loud and vention says laugh out loud the real the real thing he’s talking about
this shirt whoever made that shirt was probably as all the sciences
hi this uh yeah it’s a reference to uh it’s a hole it’s the real thing it’s
it’s a reference to coca-cola obviously because it’s it’s Bitcoin like the
coca-cola thing and a long time ago apparently you can’t beat the real thing
coca-cola you can’t beat the real thing in terms of Bitcoin it terms of
coca-cola you surely can but uh that’s that’s poison
you can always be poisoned found that like button how long was the fast on
this trip bromine Q says it was exactly fifty four and a half hours and it ended
once I finally got settled in this Airbnb it took me a little while and I
actually picked up some food from around the corner
some beautiful avocados really big avocados here yeah it’s good these are
from New Zealand apparently once it’s a Hass avocados premium New Zealand
alright so yeah the fast was good I talk abour about that on Saturdays show
everybody tuned into the beyond bitcoin Show on Saturday oh my god Bitcoin
hoopty said BCH is the new coke yeah I’ve heard that comparison before I
heard that comparison and then one two three no scopez said imagine how much
the cut will be at the 2024 having yeah dude we can only imagine that now
because we have no idea what the Fiat price will be leading up into that let
me check out I came and see what this looks like now it’s very interesting my
setup yeah I need to take a shower – by the way man and shave I put a bunch of a
put organic organic coconut oil in my face when I went running this morning
cuz I don’t like sunscreen but I’m gonna have to hit the sunscreen eventually
once I get a little later in the day this is serious serious Sun but I wanted
what at the time that I was running five miles it was like 650 a.m. or something
like that here again let’s not get into what time it is now just the guy want to
confuse everybody I’m out like button if you like the time
difference I mean is a whole different world here you get everything situated
in terms of times getting people to show I just say I’m gonna take it easy I must
get Australians on the show man I’m not I’m not gonna worry about what time it
is in LA what time it is Baltimore what time it is in London it’s just it’s wild
man all right I’m really been not talking about Bitcoin during this show
pound that like button so we will talk about the Bitcoin now so let’s talk
about obviously let’s talk about Libre but I said let’s talk a big one but I’m
gonna talk about Libre but it’s a tie in the Bitcoin I am impressed and now I’m
not usually impressed by Senators United States senators but one of them from
South Dakota of all the states in the Union and I have been this out the code
before so few Americans can say that but there is a letter from senator rounds of
South Dakota to it was sent actually to a company in his state saying that he
supports Libre now I link to the the letter itself is quite inspirational it
all these people complaining about Libre wanting to regulate it morning brides
from it etc he says he loves that entrepreneurial spirit he talks about
the innovation of cryptocurrency this guy gets it cryptocurrency a bitcoin
they’re not about regulation they are about innovation bringing wealth to all
sorts of people around the world of freeing people
this guy’s letter was really good and usually I take it for granted think most
of these Congress people they have no idea what the heck they’re talking about
and so they have no idea how this stuff works but he does so this was you know
if you care about Libre this should give you hope that it’s got a chance it’s got
it will happen eventually so let’s let’s read off this specifically Mike rounds
wrote a letter to the Liebherr Association member Anchorage a South
Dakota based trust company endorsing the Facebook led project and citing it as an
exam of a technological advance he feels is
needed to a US consumers it would be unfair and I’m reading from a corn desk
article it would be unfortunate to shun a new solution that could connect more
of the most vulnerable Americans to our financial services system so this is
great instead of like creating new welfare schemes for poor people getting
them poor he wants to let them take place take part in this free market this
new private money which will eventually get them into Bitcoin now he might not
believe in that but he believes in compete don’t complain
he knows that the dollar for some people to get into the dollar financial system
in terms of banks they are uh they’re censored they’re not allowed they’re
prevented and this will be a way for them to get into the traditional
financial system or the not so traditional financial system he is
confident in his United States dollar he doesn’t feel threatened by Libra he
wants it he wants it so good for him and I think he thinks he knows it will be
good for his state but see state is getting into cryptocurrency just like
Wyoming is creating all these friendly regulator friendly laws toward
cryptocurrency so is a South Dakota from from what I have heard so most morning
more Americans and yeah it’s a golden age compete don’t complain he realizes
that it’s a golden age here as it stands we have no clear legal witness is
beautiful we have no clear legal way to ascertain whether a cryptocurrency is a
security so he doesn’t want to call everything a security which is great
what legal foundation we do have for these types of questions is rooted in
the Securities Act of 1933 that’s the last time by the way to Washington
baseball team was in the World Series that law was written more than a
half-century before computers and the internet were created well before the
internet was created and more than two decades before Hawaii was admitted to
the United States a decade before the jet engine engine
was developed and in a period of time in which 90% of rural America lack
electricity so this dude he understands you want people out there they
sociopathic congressmen they want to put this cryptocurrency they want to put
libro they’re gonna put Bitcoin into this box from freaking 1933 he knows the
world has changed since then that cryptocurrency a Bitcoin it can’t
be looked at in the light of the of even the 1900s we’re talking about that 2020s
you’ve got to look at it from a 20 20 20 20 s perspective a golden age
perspective and this dude for freaking South Dakota understands that so I’m
glad he spoke up and more people should be talking about it and especially that
lot those lines about Hawaii in the jet engine and etc etc Grumman true says 80
percent or regulation 80 percenters regulate and complaining 20 percenters
compete and don’t complain you’re absolutely right to 80% of our compliant
the 20 percenters are defiant now so in the united states we got a cool dude in
south dakota let’s contrast this to this french leader his name is bruno Lamar
Lamar E I’m mispronouncing it cuz I’m from Baltimore and I don’t give a darn
pound that like one but beware he says he says beware of Libra this is a
summation of what he says beware of Libra it will undermine the monetary
sovereignty of developing nations at the same time he also says African nations
should continue using the ciock the central the CFA franc which is pegged to
the euro and managed by France so he doesn’t care about undermining the
monetary sovereignty of developing nations who thinks Facebook sleepers
going to do that while he’s telling them to stay addicted to this fake this Fiat
coin that they have in a certain of the former French colonies that he’s pegged
to the euro I mean it’s totally hypocritical he he doesn’t care he about
there about their monetary sovereignty he
wants them hooked on the euro he wants them pegged to the euro so it’s
completely nonsense he knows that the euro can’t compete with the libre can’t
compete with Bitcoin can’t he is nervous and threatened by companies being as
powerful as a– as a former colin ah as former uh powerful nations because
france it is it lives on its past glory basically i mean it’s a it’s still a
powerful country relative to them to most but i mean it’s because the french
language in all of its former colonies still speak it and they’re somewhat
still tethered to france but would and they have news so I mean I’m not gonna
ripple in France you you can you can read the tweet yourself and see that
this dude is so many of the French politicians and European politicians
when it comes to monetary policy are ridiculous because they love their euro
and Charlton I haven’t seen Charlton for a while hey dude thanks for the show all
right and and who else so one two three no script says do you think legislation
will change during the next bull run hmm that’s a good question once the Fiat
price goes past the all-time high bitcoiners will be able to donate and
possibly control politicians who want Bitcoin very good question very good
question if some of these major countries like the United States are
slow to regulate and which they they have been quite slow to regulate and
then it goes to some really high number in terms of Fiat they will have a harder
time creating negative legislation because people will a lot of people’s
wealth may be friends of theirs wealth some of these senators wealth will be
tied up in Bitcoin right then and there will be a large constituency a wealthy
constituency saying hey now we’re we’re super wealthy and I think you maybe these senators and
congressmen are very likely to to listen to listen to wealthier people that’s
just the way they are so yeah a very interesting question and yeah I I don’t
worry about regulation very much they can’t they can’t stop the Bitcoin has
more cookies in the house I mean he’s like in the city but he’s leaving a
comment he’s gonna be on this week in Bitcoin tomorrow and he says arrived
late for the Hass avocado yeah man I was thinking about you because I mean this
felt the same way as your first name dude Hass is an interesting guy so
everyone his last name is McCook so what do you think his ethnicity is has McCook
of Australia will reveal that at the end of the show if I remember I was wrong
about it but what do you have me what’s it sound like would say he’s an
Australian his name is Haskell Cooke what’s it say what’s it sound like go
where he’s from I mean it okay moving on or where his ancestors are from Wow
they said I got a lot to talk about on this date today’s show again check out
the links below people and I appreciate all the comments they’re JAMA tonus
technology doesn’t do bad things people do and that’s a great final tweak that
goes with the previous two tweets that were the French guy and the South Dakota
South Dakota and understands technology doesn’t do bad things people do I don’t
I don’t think that french guy gets it I don’t think these government the
governments are so used to doing bad things they think technology does bad
things but know people do people can use technology for good and for bad so don’t
get caught up in it when people say oh Bitcoin is used to sell drugs
yeah it’s people are using it that way people can use the dollar bill for that
people can use Hass avocados for dealing you know you could smuggle in a lot you
know pass avocados and when I was once in the baltimore-washington
International Airport I had a bunch of Hass avocados in my carry-on bag they
they had the certian because I guess they thought they were grenades or
something like that so has cava kados can do bad things right
what is that all about otherwise said has nothing to do whatever but yes
people could do bad things with hats afrikaans thats what I mean
Hass avocados can’t do bad things I’m losing the point pound that like button
yeah I got a little bit of jetlag still I guess yeah a little bit it’s just
confusing it’s confusing that it’s whatever time it is here
what I got is I can’t tell what time it is I just can’t tell by looking outside
can’t tell I have to look at the clock bare and then I see I’m yeah all right
yeah but traveling is there’s all sorts of weird your your body’s rhythm it has
to get back it has to get used to it again but I its I’m almost used to it
because of my fasting because I’m eating at you know a normal time but according
to the clock Haslam Cook says Hass Hass brand is always the biggest and the best
you know it dude and he says has always get stopped at the airport there’s a
hint for everyone there what his ethnicity is has a little hint there
okay okay now with this tweet by Mark Hochstein what’s radical is busybody a
because people say Bitcoin is radical but or that cryptocurrency is radical or
that this new you know new system that people were prova proposing is radical
he says was radical is busybody a pressuring Intermatic
intermediary be to prevent individual C and D from transacting what’s even more
radical is moving to a world where every last C and D has no choice but to rely
on B on a B and therefore lives at the mercy of the A’s so that is a beautiful
way of phrasing it if you need to read that again it’s linked to below but yeah
it’s it’s radical when we have centralized organizations that try to
manage everyone’s financial transactions that that’s the
real that’s really radical that’s not the natural state of the world the
natural state of the world is you transact with ever whoever you want to
and no one bothers you you’re not hurting anyone we’re gonna get close to
818 millionth Bitcoin will be mined this week very very soon
don’t know the exact date didn’t want to do the math I linked to an article about
it below but if if we miss it because tomorrow’s this week in Bitcoin and then
tomorrow is the beat event Saturday is the beyond Bitcoin show I wanted to
mention today just in case it happens either on Friday or Saturday or Sunday
before I go live so enjoy people you should be happy it’s slowing down
it’ll have even real it will especially slow down after the bitcoin happening
it’s it’s yeah that’s why should this it’s slowing down starting that you know
what I mean and uh no one’s guessed yet where he’s robbed knowing that uh Zack
actually got it right Zack Pandarus in Arabic he’s from his
ancestors are from Lebanon so there you go his that’s that’s very specifically
Lebanese Lebanese Lebanese I guess it gate when you said he stopped that you
when you said he stopped at the airport but I guess it says on his uh I assume
it says on your passport you’re born in Lebanon when yeah that’s the note I
think most passports say you know what country you’re born in then so if you’re
born in some country that nobody likes anymore
you had that curse with you forever I I have a relative well the wife of my
realm I rouse is a uruguay she’s Jewish but she was born in Egypt and then she
got kicked out of Egypt because she was Jewish and so it says Egypt on her past
her Uruguayan passport and she doesn’t she doesn’t even look at it but she says
she cries all the time she looks at where it says Egypt does she stole she’s
still hurt by being kicked out of Egypt I mean yeah that’s what happens when
you’re Jewish dude all right down that land but again no I’m not ripping on her
alright so um yeah she’s she’s married to my grandpa
first cousins so she’s not young she got kicked out in Egypt after the Sinai they
kicked all the Jews out of he jumped her they said you got like a day to get out
of here take your stuff it was the 1956 war when they were warring directly with
Israel anyway so they couldn’t all their wealth was gone lost but anyway moving
on then that happened that the reason to bring that up is if they had Bitcoin
back then when they got the Jews got kicked out of Egypt they just taking the
Bitcoin with them instead they they say take what you can take on your back and
then you’re out of here dude I don’t know what that they talk manned up in
your away of all places yeah all right this just getting way out of control
it’s getting beyond Bitcoin here so but that is it’s the beauty of Bitcoin this
modern world now you know that’s why you gotta and we’ve mentioned all sorts of
countries on the show and in the past and if you have a good stash of your
wealth in Bitcoin you can just start again you can start again if you happen
to get kicked out of a country or if you’re if you’re forced out for it for
other financial reasons this just becomes to if there are war pops up in
your country you never know what’s gonna happen if syria and iran are influencing
your country too much that’s that’s Lebanon right there
Lebanon is just like a proxy state right now which is uh unfortunate for the
people in Lebanon but that’s you know sometimes small our country’s that
that’s what happens all right what else do we have here so we talked about that
what I want to talk about what I found very interesting and I don’t know if I’m
gonna read this whole thing out well there’s this Twitter feed I discovered
there a bit incites it’s linked to below and they talk about
some complex and interesting that financial aspects of cryptocurrency and
Bitcoin like a lot of Bitcoin max in this maximalists won’t like this because
there’s it’s like some creative things and I don’t exactly like it when you get
in talking about lending and interest and but it is creative and this is you
know this is where the big boys play so let the financial I tzer’s financial
eyes if they want to do that kind of thing I don’t let them do that kind of
thing but sir someone out there has come up
and I link to the article below the Bitcoin is so awesome that they want
to create a Bitcoin stable coin on a theory I mean what will they come up
with next now they have reasons for this I mean it’s it’s you have a US dollar
they come up with stable coins for that the tenor and all these other ridiculous
things because it’s the best stuff it’s the best out there in terms of Fiat they
they love it so they come up with these stable coins and say it’s worth a dollar
and you’ve got to believe it so these people are saying we’re making a we want
to make us Bitcoin stable coil in Syria it’s worth a Bitcoin so you better
believe it now I have a hard frickin time believing that but they’re gonna be
people they’re gonna be traders they’re gonna be these fine people who want to
play games and sort of say there’s more Bitcoin out there than it really is then
that are gonna believe in it so it’s an interesting experiment so let me read
this out there T BTC is a recently and again you don’t get this kind of news
anywhere else insider information I don’t know how much that this type of
insider information is gonna help you the way it should help you is don’t get
tempted it just doing something we’re doing buying something ridiculous like
this teeth but let them innovate on this is innovation TPT CT BTC is a recently
announced Bitcoin peg on aetherium the purpose of cross-chain pegs is to
replicate an asset for one chain on another while maintaining as many of its
properties as possible in other words a cross chain peg can turn any block chain
into a Bitcoin sidechain a reliable Bitcoin token on aetherium would give
Bitcoin users access to capital markets betting markets to see things that I
don’t decentralized exchanges now that’s interesting as well as possible future
applications like mixers that’s interesting private transfer and of
innovative custody solutions and dowels at the same time these applications
would gain access to Bitcoin superior liquidity and monetary attributes and
all I say about that it might be an innovation but you can’t
beat the real thing Bitcoin stable coin on etherium is not Bitcoin but that
article and this Derrick Durban insights talk about it so read it that’s a new
source of information let’s talk about some another it’s kind of an altcoin
gimmick isn’t it it’s it’s aetherium gimmick well maybe a little bit more
than I give me let’s talk about a gimmick though from my buddies at eToro
check out this week in Bitcoin when I Jonnie Jonnie was on the show
the CEO of freaking eToro I had on this week in Bitcoin a few weeks ago when I
was in the Land of Israel and he’s got a pure gimmick going over there now though
eat our o launches crypto portfolio weighted by Twitter mentions so this is
an unnecessary complexity to make 80 percenters feel like they have insider
information or some edge okay oh I’m gonna buy this all coy portfolio that’s
weighted on Twitter mentions if a bunch of people have mentioned ripple in the
last month then it’s gonna have a lot of ripple in it I don’t know how anyone
could buy that except someone who does not understand how all of this works
that big point is the real Bitcoin bitcoin is the next Bitcoin value your
wealth and Bitcoin but some people are ruled this is creative based on Twitter
Twitter’s is important and if a lot of people a lot of bad BOTS are mentioning
Twitter and wood out and psv and who that sounds like a good portfolio dudes
your portfolio should be Bitcoin period that’s my portfolio check out links
below if you want to get shirts like the shirts that I’m wearing or the shirt
that I’m wearing and what else do we have
oh that this is good this is good here negative eat this is from rhythm trader
negative yielding debt is twice the value of all gold ever mined and this
put this in perspective people and a hundred and fifteen times the value of
the entire Bitcoin network that’s a 17 trillion
bubble something trillion-dollar bubble but people bought into knowing they are
guaranteed to lose money unless they sell it to a greater fool the definition
of a Ponzi scheme so exactly there are negative yielding
17 trillion dollars are currently held in negative interest bonds 17 trillion
reasons why you should own Bitcoin that second line was from one of the
Winklevoss brothers and they know what they’re doing but that this there are
huge institutions all sorts of wealthy people who buy these negative interest
bonds which are completely ridiculous financial instruments that can only
exist in this crazy world that we live in and they only buy them because they
can sell them the other people okay-y even play that game
why even play that people up there will be people that play that game now
they’re gonna wake up and say well why don’t I just get the real thing
Bitcoin what what is negative what is a negative interest bearing bond I mean
what really is that it’s what can it do what all it is is something you sell to
the next fool this is real so put that in look how Mendes that market is 17
trillion dollars I mean that is that’s amazing that’s even compared to gold so
some of the people they’re gonna have to stop playing that game eventually I mean
a 20% aspect of them will have to but it is it is interesting to put that into
perspective that people are willing in to buy it’s a complete nonsense if they
can think they can sell it to another guy for more and that they think that
the negative interest rates are even gonna go more negative which they are
which is just crazy but hey I’m not complaining about it let
the traditional financial people play that game and it only will get
people in Bitcoin I will just watch as it goes more and more negative and eight
people will know how to benefit off of that make the most of that situation
and use it to get Bitcoin what’s this data this is from crypto slate.com data
shows Bitcoin interests okay Bitcoin data show Bitcoin interest high
in places with low economic freedom that’s not that’s not a shock they are
talking about the local bitcoins and we know that places that have not so much
economic freedom people are willing to go find out about local bitcoins and get
Bitcoin a small percentage of the populations the the elites of the 20
percenters the ones who are actually thinking while thinking more so than the
average 20 percent of these countries but if you look closer if you look
closer at the numbers it’s a little bit simpler there’s two there’s two sides to
the why are so many people buying Bitcoin in certain countries in the
countries with the high inflation rates like Venezuela per capita per person per
capita it’s high in Venezuela and countries like that because they need it
to get around inflation and I am glad to see more and more people in these high
inflation countries are learning about Bitcoin and using it that way but only
other side although the other side of things the complete opposite people in
wealthy countries like the United States and Australia that can experiment that
can trade that can flip they can do things with Bitcoin the impression to be
doing with Bitcoin you know valuing your wealth and feet using it as a way to get
more Fiat in the rich countries it per capita it is also very high so we’ve got
two extremes and then there are countries in the middle the boring ones
oh yeah I don’t know the ones that are just
trudging along may not people aren’t so wealthy those people need to wake up to
it more and that’s that’s a huge market that’s a there’s a bunch of countries
just like that they’re not experiencing hyperinflation and I experiencing major
inflation but they’re not rich enough to play these crazy games of rich Americans
or there’s Australians and rich Canadians are are playing and it would
it would benefit them a lot in those type of countries what type what’s the
name of a country like that that I’m thinking of that price of Eastern Europe
Eastern European country or something like that I don’t know
Ukraine I know I know they probably have a bad economic situation what’s up
maybe hungry I am probably hungry something like that that sounds like at
that description alright moving on what is this no I’m not gonna read this one
this one takes up too much time we’ll do that next time
Oh Matt O’Dell Matt Oh Dallas has a beautiful inspirational tweet this
centrally this centrally no this century will be dominated by printable hardware
and on the printable money pound that like button dudes I agree I agree I I
mean I’m especially excited off the printable hardware that in space when we
send men in the space again to to plat Mars or Venus they’ll be able to print
out ah well though we self-replicating machines machines printing creating
their own cells printing them on their own doubles so that they’ll be able to
print more and those machines will be able to print while their purposes will
be to print the useful tools in space whatever that may be
I can’t even fathom what you will need what you’ll need in space printing
replacement parts for for spaceships all that stuff alright but but yes I love
that tweet we just went Saturday on that we just went beyond
when I started talking about self-replicating machines
I was confusing a couple things uh uh uh I would mention that next time okay we
will conclude with this I this this guy likes attention to picked oh she loves
his attention and he was recently at a conference and he got ripped on pretty
nicely that was good but there was someone in the audience that went crazy
and started calling him a mole and it wasn’t a good luck on that person so
part and I’m gonna tell you why because if you call a dude a mole that’s
actually like a compliment for him like and it’s conspiratorial at the same time
no one sent that dude anywhere to be a mole he’s not he’s not even mole level
he’s just just a dude that wants attention and was just wants to uh and
this is a psychopath basically so a mole is a compliment and
the first thing was screaming at he was a mole that’s not the way to do it the
best way she was a Mormon and uh yeah I thought that so people have asked about
you what do you read about the latest yeah I don’t think much about I don’t
think that’s about the latest I think more of a other person screaming out
you’re a mole that was I think that was ridiculous musi that dude is he’s not
even at peace use no one would you know one cent would send him in as a spy on
Bitcoin there are no Bitcoin moles people you’re paranoid if you think they
send people into the a cryptocurrency space to spy they couldn’t make a
difference the moles in the Bitcoin space what could they do they they could
scare they could make people we hand it what’s that going to do that’s too bad
for them there are people that spread all sorts of thud in the space to
benefit whatever interest they may have in all coins or in whatever and let them
do that let people spread fun and nonsense
let a Victo spread his nonsense we politely say no you’re it’s clear
that you’re not who you say you are and uh if bitcoin is the real Bitcoin
if you’ll actually listen to the words a guy says and it’s like I don’t know how
anyone could believe that a word that comes out of dude’s mouth but we’ve got
some 10% of the cryptocurrency space is prone toward becoming cultish maybe
that’s just the way the general general population is and I have learned a lot
about human behavior from being in this Bitcoin space from being in this
cryptocurrency space the darker sides of human behavior the cultish size of human
behavior it is it’s quite disturbing it’s quite disturbing but hey this is
where the big boys play so you gotta take the emotion out of it yes it’s
disturbing that people want to believe in cults and Jim Jones type of people
but hey you worry about Bitcoin bitcoin is next Bitcoin don’t waste your time on
on worrying about these cultish people because they can’t do a thing the
Bitcoin and finally no Roman says have you ever seen Jim Jones at a conference
no no I don’t go to those type of conferences that would invite him those
are more really ICO type of I went to that one in San Francisco in 28 that was
like you know crypto and ice-t Oh stuff but I tend it that that was a one-off
type of thing for me I yeah yeah I wouldn’t say never that I want to go to
one of those they I know I don’t go out of my way to go to events like that I
love to go to events like here you know it’s just a bunch of Bitcoin people
getting the 50 Bitcoin people getting together that’s the type of thing and he
would never be invited to something like that 50 a Bitcoin meetup would never
invite someone i co type person or a altcoin guy that a fork of a fork of a
fork or someone pretending to be someone in the space they alright pension says I
knew he would vention would say this I’m not good because mention believes in
this conspiracy nonsense he says sorry Adam I have to disagree there are
conspiracies and collusion everywhere being aware of it only allows you to
plan a coiling I think it’s it’s I think that’s it’s a waste of people’s time so
waste people’s time don’t worry about stuff but you can do that I mean that’s
it’s people’s it’s everyone’s choice to you know people can worry about what
they want to worry about but I mean it’s theirs
usually the the simplest answer is the is the right answer
people complicate so many matters no one had being expert in every field and
there are so many fields out there so when people are confused by what like
something that’s going on in a field they make up a conspiracy about it they
make up their own story about it to explain away something that is quite
reasonable to people who understand what’s going on in that field and in
this day of the Internet we have so many people spreading nonsense about so many
different fields that they don’t understand and so I mean you got to be
able to filter that stuff out and and realize that sometimes most of the times
if you’re dealing with something that you don’t fully understand you’re not an
expert in it defer to the experts see what the experts say and don’t get
caught up in the people that like to come up with all sorts of nonsense
stories about every single aspect of life that they have no clue about all
right so and and I want to say something about
moles and and the government sending moles people on one hand we have the
reality of when you go to the post office and when you go to the Social
Security Administration and when you deal with any government bureaucratic
crap and you and you see the way they manage this financial system and you see
the way they manage all the government infrastructure you see in reality no one
can deny this in reality how inefficient and stupid the government is okay in
reality then in make-believe land everyone comes up with this theories
about how smart the government is and how the government can intervene or
intervene in anything and infiltrate anything okay so in one aspect we have
reality where we see how stupid the government is and then we have all these
other people who want to put the government on a pedestal and say they
can send moles here they can send this person here they control this industry
they control Zuckerberg Zuckerberg is a plan I am a believer in the power of the
brain of the individual you might not like certain individuals out there who
have ready who become there’s are almost trillionaires but
they’ve done it they don’t need moles they don’t need the CIA or the FBI or
whatever the CIA the FBI all these government institutions Social Security
they’re all the same they all have bureaucrats they are weak and when you
when people say their moles and their these conspiracies that they’ve done
this that and the other the deep stay for this it’s a waste of your time live
in the reality look at the post office look you control yourself okay you and
people like Zuckerberg when they were in Harvard
creating Facebook people like Bill Gates which I’ve all of them dropping up
they’ve realized they’ve realized there’s nothing holding them back
there’s no conspiracies out there holding them back they are gonna do what
they’re gonna do and they create and again with we have amazon.com what’s his
name Jeff Bezos he’s not a conspiracy he’s not a mole he’s not this daddy’s
not he’s not a government plant he is going way beyond the government he’s
creepy his own space agency look how inefficient NASA is compared to Elon
Musk and all these people so that’s my take on and I’ve shared this beforehand
but I you know I hate Lee Isis Gabriel was on the show last Friday and he
brought up that the the Bowie bot I’m not even a same thing and I’ve got
people against a what a Bowie bob was right and and Gabriel was great Gabriel
made a quote he said that Bowie bot is worth it was right 50% of the time why
was Bowie bought right at 50% of time because Bowie bot said it was worth
right 50% of time it’s not it’s nonsense anyone you know you can make awesome
they’re all sorts my little nephew can make predictions about big coin and get
them right okay and oh boy a bot is not worth 50 is it’s not right 50% of the
time it’s not right 50 people only remember when these are when these
so-called predictors get things right they never go back and and talk about
the things they get wrong that’s just the way of the world people if you’re
predictor and you’re big into your charts and everything you reinforce to
everyone look what I got right look what I got right look what I got right and
people fall for it so easily and then they just button they repeat it
oh look you got any keys right big percentage right 50% of the times right
50% of time I think the people I think people I say it as politely as I can
it is a tremendous waste of your time to to want to believe in magical predictors
it’s a tremendous waste use your own brain use logic and reason alright i am
adam meister the bitcoin roaming jus says i am not worried about the
conspiracies led by the likes of AOC it’s not because i’m not worried about a
led about the conspiracies led by lakes likes of AOC i’m more worried about the
how to acquire my next bitcoin yeah you should be a worried about how to acquire
next bitcoin but i also want to clarify something NOC is not involved in any
conspiracies she believes she’s just an envious person she states what she wants
to do she says tax the rich she wants to steal from rich people that’s not a
conspiracy has some a conspiracy that’s a that’s just some people are envious
lots of people are envious lots of people want to do bad things those are
conspiracies it’s all out in the open and and many americans like socialism
many americans are envious many americans want to steal from rich P it’s
no conspiracy it’s no grand plan it’s no grand plan it’s based on reality and
these stupid people out there won’t you steal that’s just his life so
it’s better at it’s better explanation than oh it’s a master plan by the Elise
or one to tax so there’s no more middle class so they can control everyone no
that’s not it people good middle class people lower class people upper middle
class people they’re jealous they want to steal they can’t manage their own
money so they want the government to take care of them is that a conspiracy
no it’s the way it collectivism is the default individual
is the accomplishment some people that want to begin to the individuals some
people want collectives to to solve all the problems for them and again that
mindset goes into the conspiracy theory people they want some grand collectivist
explanation of how the world works okay that is it’s uh that that’s that’s the
that all the evil done to them is because they are helpless and they’re a
part of some collective that they cannot control that the elite control now it’s
you’re an individual you control yourself alright
pound that like one this show went way too long and i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister but you never know what you’re going to get here
retweet it that’s how you support the show and I’m a little I’m a little out
of it still again I can’t tell what time it is so pound that light plantain see
you later I’m a bitcoinmeister click on the
squares see ya

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