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what's going on what's going on guys it is Sunday October 15th we're in Kalamazoo Michigan we got another rainy day we got a police car we got another police car we've still got this guy's moped that's getting soaked I have no idea why the police are here I have no idea what's going on today but it's gonna be a good day I do know that we're about to hit that Chipotle 7-day streak let's go all right let's get this Chipotle I just remember that I have a free chips in case it was from a promotion like when you have to text Chipotle but it was like a seeker one away the optic gaming if you want to be able to catch like all the Chipotle promotions follow me on instagram because I post all of them there whenever they have a secret word to text or whatever to get free stuff I'll post it on instagram so follow me there yup the burrito free chips in case let's go this burrito is just massive seven-day to pull a streak done and we got leftover chips in case oh I'm laying on the ground guys these bank transfers for coinbase take so long don't do them just pay the fee yeah Bitcoin this is how much a Bitcoin I own one hundred fourteen dollars when I bought it I paid like ninety five dollars total so that's how much has gone up since when I bought it right like a month or two ago here's my deposits for banks calm on October 7th its October 15th today still hasn't gone through pending pending pending and pending they just keep pending it says three to five days but it's been more than that it's gonna be like seven to ten day is a better half north in ten days oh it's so frustrating so I would have paid $150 fee but I would have made like 123 dollars probably $25 $50 $181 124 dollars and then for tomorrow $108 so you can see like $150 fee that I would have paid or have been like I hope I got that back in the first day and I'm just losing I'm losing out because I went for the free bank transfer guys don't do it if you're looking to get into bit connect just buy your Bitcoin pay the fee transfer it over don't I'm regretting and I really hope the transfers go through tomorrow and I can get started if you guys have no idea what like cryptocurrency Bitcoin bit connect what any of this is just subscribe to the channel and stay tuned I'm gonna be going over a ton of this stuff in the upcoming videos I'm reelin you guys know how my investment is going on a daily basis I'm gonna let you know how you guys can get involved so just stay tuned be patient videos are coming I'm excited for this we're gonna kill it that's it for today's video thank you guys so much for watching let's try and get this video to 100,000 likes I'll catch you guys in the next video you already know they can't stop us okay don't blame your problem showing it is just like the flame under your ass and God my way don't let your problems out it's battle magic coming

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