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how to transfer money out from coinbase convert Bitcoin back into fiat currency back to your bank account or your credit card so what we do here we go to the coin base and first thing we want to do we want to trade our Bitcoin so we're going to trade these we click on trade and we want to sell our Bitcoin and what we're going to do here we've selected the Bitcoin so how many Bitcoin I'm just going to do with 0.005 for illustration so 2.5 6 euros and we're going to use our euro wallet so in other words we even get two euros 56 into our euro wallet we click so I want to be sell now I didn't spot that until I got down here we're in the buy so let's click on sell so we're selling our Bitcoin so to sell it was in a point zero point two zero zero five two point five four euros the fee is three cents so we get 251 so we're going to sell it instantly into our euro wallet we click sell and we're going to confirm that and that is the sell completed and then we've got euros extra euros in our euro wallet then what we do is we transfer our funds from your wallets we click back on the euro won it a chance to catch up and then we want to withdraw us we click on withdraw and we would have already verified our bank details there how much we want to withdraw and click withdraw it takes up to ten business days potentially for that to happen but that's how you is draw now the only question that might occur if on the trade when you want to sell your bitcoins into your euro wallet if you haven't got your euro wallets set up here yet you might need to just click on euro one at first of all and get the instant exchange address which is that address this you can potentially I cut member if this had happened in the past where I'd already set this up you can send your bitcoins of that address which is your Bitcoin sent to this address will automatically be converted to euros so that's another option as well if the first method I've just shown you doesn't work

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