1820-40 Vietnam, Minh Mang Thong Bao zinc coin

people are you going today I just want
to show you new coins that I got these are Viet Minh II mean Tong Tong Bao I do
not speak family so I don’t know how to pronounce it anyway these are just what
I have their own unique script they similar to Chinese cash coins in that we
have de Tong Bao Tong Bao this is the raine Emperor’s name okay a chicken they
say this script here which is man it’s stylistically different than this script
here and you can see his first name mean is also a bit different
also these two that same style taste to the part the same and similar today’s
two as well so this very probably sign this one’s different have a look at the mean up here it’s
totally different than that and this one is more symmetry different taste issue
between 1820 in 1840 and I’m not too sure what I should think coins maybe
because the the copper or bronze metal was not available or in short supply as
we can see I will show you a coin from the later ladies this one is hung duck
tongue bow issue between 40 and 29 15:27 which is about a hundred years
roughly that but this coin could be narrow down anyway this one is
he’s probably probably bronzed actually I’m sure I have to look it up well it
could be copper when I could have been issued in both yes any reverse of these
coins he’s plain just same as mr. Chinese
coins that like issue before the Manchus took over this one is also plain so if
you need if you have one ice coins and you’re not too sure who is shooting you
can go to Xena and look it up or you can go to a phone and ask questions but if
it’s a zinc coins much like the game a nice cuz then zinc wasn’t actually a
popular coin in China anyway so I hope you liked my presentation
okay please look at my other videos and like and subscribe and if you have these
coins please leave it some information down below in the comment section okay
thank you bye

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