18 million Bitcoin soon, Kleiman settlement will create fake news & a BSV pump, altcoin surge

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friends how are you guys doing tonight let’s start off with a positive tweet
from Monsieur mock module bitcoin is a is one of the very few sources of truth
in the modern world in the world filled with fake news clickbait data breaches
sponsored ads phishing attacks user data monetization crony capitalism bailouts
bitcoin stands out it doesn’t try to manipulate you very good point
bitcoin is a security truth machine this is a key bitcoin value proposition in
this world where there are so much lies where there is little truth I guess in
the world where there is little truth in the modern world you don’t know what
news is real there’s all this clickbait phishing attacks are getting every day
you know that the Bitcoin blockchain is true there is value to that there is
value to that in this world where there is not and you can’t validate anything
today what’s what what just happened there who really did that who knows
Bitcoin it’s all there in black and white the numbers don’t lie town that
like button just another reminder friendly reminder of the value
proposition of the coin okay so let’s talk about let’s talk about lies all
coins yeah some all coins lie of course they do but let them let them do what
they’re going to do we’re big boys here some of you have
to me well old coins are surging lately the Bitcoin dominance has gone down to
this 67 percent or 68 percent you don’t let something like this tempt you into
giving up your precious Bitcoin okay the short be cash and ripple and aetherium
they pumped lately you are you gonna buy B cash I mean are you gonna say oh yeah
I don’t want to FOMO um B that makes absolutely no sense in the world so
something like this should strengthen your hands okay we talked about having
strong hands with the Bitcoin prices going up and when the Bitcoin price is
going down well yes you also happen to have a strong hand when odd things like
this happen when B cash goes up for no reason whatsoever just because people
are diversifying into it for some reason you cannot predict if people say oh it’s
so easy Adam you just you buy the all coins when they’re going up and then
before they go back down you sell them and you get more Bitcoin that way that’s
easier said than done dude you have no idea what what all coins are gonna pump
when they’re gonna pump when they’re gonna crash I mean we’ve been through
this before guys short-term memories you don’t you don’t remember they all pumped
and then they all dump big time and people are holding a lot of bags to this
very day they’re still holding all sorts of all coin bags so this is just another
temptation for the weak hands just because some top tiers top tier all
coins are pumping because they’re taught to you’re all coins it doesn’t mean you
should give up your precious Bitcoin for be cash or Ripple god forbid tell Matt
like button alright so let’s talk about some alt coins here and one that I don’t
think città to your all coin I think it’s if it’s a second-tier all coin but
it’s it’s close it’s it’s got its cult you know what I’m about to talk about
here people and I usually do not talk about some of these drama type of
situations that trial that went on with Victo see and the family of a dead guy
in Florida I really didn’t talk about that much
but Alistair Milne a guy I follow on Twitter and all of you should follow
it’s linked to below his tweet thread about the so called settlement between
fake toshi and who is the guy faked oh she is a big PSV guy as you know and
billionaire Calvin is also a big PSV guy and well there’s the lawsuit that faked
Hoshi basically lost that he’s supposed to give up all of his all of his Bitcoin
which he has none of – this guy Kleinman’s family and so they’re working
on a settlement and if you ever get worried about this settlement if it ever
makes you think that oh maybe Victoria she really is Satoshi go back to go to
this thread and you will see the logic behind this settlement and how the
settlement is probably going to end up and this is actually smart on the part
of Calvin air and faked ocean this is actually a good plan they are going to
use all their followers and they’re going to use the hype machine they’re
going to use the 80 presenters to their advantage and they’re going to make a
proper least Calvin is going to make a profit off of this thing big-time off of
this whole ridiculous situation this whole lawsuit and maybe this was their
plan from the beginning to get involved with this lawsuit for what Alistair Mele
described so I’m gonna read you part of it but you got to go check out this
Alistair Milne threat for what it’s worth
here’s my thoughts and predictions for the climb and versus faked Hoshi
settlement firstly a settlement is only happening because
feito she is losing the case and does not want to be further exposed as a liar
/ fraud i easy cannot pay the big one funded by billion this is going to be
funded by built the billionaire Calvin this sell fake toshi side will insist on
a settlement with climbing’s estate that he is Satoshi so climbing bolts a state
will have to say that in a statement again this is all theory right now but I
think is a good theory that Clyde that part of the settlement will be that
climb in this estate will say that that fake Toshi is Satoshi faiths fake Toshi
side will insist on climb inside remaining silent and playing along going
forward any and all evidence against fate oh she will be handed over and
destroyed the settlement will be lauded as evidence that fake Toshi is Satoshi
potentially inflating the bsv price significantly and that is very important
point of all of this so the cult will believe anything and and will and
they’ll be so here we go Calvin will pay the pay some some of
Bitcoin to climbing’s estate climene’s estate will say well there’s faked
effect oh she is really Satoshi we’re not talking about it anymore we’ve
gotten our Bitcoin we’re happy we’re not seeing even how much it is
we’re that’s it we’re never talking about this again so then they will
celebrate to see a fake toshi-low stage to see look
they said it we settled and uh Calvin heir will also say book look I was right
he was a fake Toshi is Satoshi and my now obviously bsv is really is really a
Bitcoin god forbid and bsv price will pump because 80 percenters will believe
in all of their mad cult members will believe it so they it will be very much
worth Calvin’s while to to to pay to pay the the Bitcoin because his bsv holdings
could triple inbound and he’ll just slowly sell that off to compensate
himself and uh and then in the long run fake Toshi wins means you’ll have some
guy out there and that people will believe they shouldn’t just because of
what I just said that saying he is Satoshi so let’s see if a
lustrum only got it gets this right if this is what’s going to happen I think
it is a bear a solid theory I think it’s very much
worth Calvin’s money to to do this and why is because he holds a lot of BS v
he’s in there deep now why not pump his BS b by uh paying off climbing why not
so because the suckers are going to believe anything out there the the 80
percenters and so guys be prepared for this be prepared for there to be a
settlement where this Klieman family says yeah he’s satoshi nakamoto and be
ready for PSP to pump that means this definitely means you shouldn’t buy B it
oh my lord don’t don’t don’t battle me don’t get
into it net there are gonna be so many people giving up their precious BTC for
PSV basically bailing out fake Toshi and billionaire Calvin making billionaire
Calvin richer and guess what I mean he didn’t become a billionaire because he’s
dumb so I mean he’s smart this is a smartness smart plan on his part and
yeah I’m not fans of those dudes but I know how 80 percenters are I know how
their cult is and this makes a lot of sense
I applaud Alice or Melanie on this theory and this is all you really have
to know about all the drama that’s going on over there and I think it’s you can
learn a lot about 80% mentality about cult mentality that’s why that’s why I’m
bringing this story up and so everyone keeps your strong hand if this scenario
plays out because some people will and yes some media publications will pick it
up and foolishly say oh yeah he’s Satoshi there’ll be a whole new round of
he’s Satoshi it’s just foolishly when it’s so obvious
when so it’s big it’s very much worth the investment of Calvin heritage to pay
off this family if through and make pretending that it’s really fake Toshi
pay me off they won’t take Toshi she has no been going to though so moving on how
that like button a coin desk article I mean if you’ve guys have all heard what
I’m about to say here the Vanek solid X withdrawal of the Bitcoin eats yeah
proposal not a shot because they they have they’re starting something that’s
like a Bitcoin ETF they’re saying it don’t I think they’re
implying it they’re gonna still try to do it one day maybe all right it’s over
for now the solid x-man act Bitcoin DTF okay there’s going to be it there’s
going to be a Bitcoin TT out one day the bitwise people still are looking to get
approved in October I want to bet on it but we all know it’s going to happen one
day long-term thinking guys defer
gratification yeah so Banach isn’t isn’t happening
okay great move on there’s there’s other things there’s the having coming up I
mean there’s those little things you can worry about in the Bitcoin space that’s
the awesome thing about Bitcoin lots of stuff going on and it’s just it’s not
there will be you know we’ll look back on this in 2025 2023 and laugh because
they’ll be plenty of Bitcoin et apps by then we’ve got this very short time span
that we’re looking at here you know we’ve been talking about this what since
2017 it will it will pass it will happen and they’ll be other other ways other
financialization a Bitcoin that’s gonna bring big money into the space
besides ETFs just be in the space own your Bitcoin before they own Bitcoin
they own some Bitcoin cuz they’re not going to own Bitcoin they’re going to
own something no one can own all Bitcoin I don’t put that out there you know all
these crazy conspiracies you know the Wall Street will control big or no they
want anyone can get into it this is where the big boys play don’t make up
pre excuses why you didn’t get into it because all Wall Street owns it no
excuses excuses another great Allister Milne tweet in
about 32 days the 18 million thig coin will be mined leaving just three million
14.3% left great point and I’m glad you figured it out that is going to be in 32
days hang on one second the blow my nose there it is
found that like button I had a little itchy up there what says the block crypto has an
article oh this is a great one it feels like I’ve heard this before because I
basically have heard this before North Korea is developing its own crypto
currencies goods every we’re going to do we have to hear this for every country
China is developing its own cryptocurrency Bangladesh is joke I mean
if you guys get excited by this stuff at this point I don’t know man just it’s
like 1997 when every company was saying we’re developing our own intranet that’s
how we’re gonna look back on this Monday let the countries develop their own
centralized crypto currencies okay bitcoin is the relevant one maybe it
will lead some people in the Bitcoin but guys get used to it all the companies
develop their own Internet’s in the 90s and it was pointless because there’s
just the internet but they did it let them waste money on it let countries try
to develop their own crypto currencies but it’s not really that news and I know
North Korea is this backward place and they get in the news a lot because
they’ve got nuclear weapons and they make all sorts of they got a crazy
leader who you know just kills his own city this is a horrible person horrible
person but all the countries are doing it you don’t have to tell me every time
a country does it I’m just going to assume they’re all basically going to
try to create their own cryptocurrency at some point great
that means you should don’t be going was that that’s the real thing you can’t
beat the real thing baby uh-huh comment like bomb disrupt meister comm
all over 1,400 of my videos bitcoin i link to below
bitcoin and markets that’s ansel winners podcasts he has a glossary of terms a
very helpful stuff good job good resource it’s linked to below here is an
older article that nick carter tweeted out that i didn’t know about
it’s from May 17th of 2019 how cryptocurrency will transform migration
and it goes from it goes way beyond digital nomadism
okay because being a digital nomad yeah Bitcoin helps that a lot it’s going to
empower a lot of digital nomads it’s going to give people a lot of freedom to
live in one country sometime live in another country but this goes way it’s
got a lot of good Golden Age ideas in it okay about cryptocurrency transforming
migration just it gets deep it gets deep so check it out might be a little bit
too deep for some people but if it’s way beyond digital nomads I’ll give them
that so that’s cool that’s go ahead and that’s all this code
this this golden age’ we’re entering this neck next decade people are going
to come up with all sorts of ways of using Bitcoin to attain new forms of
freedom and new lifestyles that we can’t even dream of right now I mean I still
have people asking me like how do you travel it’s so expensive Adam no it’s
not a plan not if you save not if you never go out to eat cook your own food a
lot of other things too yeah deferral gravitation people you can still have a
lot of fun if you don’t you know get drunk and spend a hundred dollars every
night oh god but I mean that’s Gabby at 20% to understand you know to actually
incorporate a deferral of gratification in a practical way into your life moving
on and you know saving saving overspending it pays off baby gives ya a
lot of financial confidence it’s awesome you don’t worry when you get that
Bitcoin back in the up you know you have nothing to financially worry about when
you’ve planned well with your Bitcoin panelled it and torna Meester has a
tweet this is this a great photo here he says which option appeals to Millennials
sent the slash Jen’s ears and it’s a photo of 1.5 billion dollars worth of
old which is a bunch of these gold bars versus 1.5 billion dollars a Bitcoin
which is just a QR code and it speaks loud and clear about the future loud and
clear our Millennials and Gen Xers are they aiming to get all that gold are
they just aiming for the simple you know being able to travel all around the
world with their 1.5 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin no one you could
knowing that they have it’s a great it’s great photo it’s great comparison right
there and there we go that’s the end of show positive note there down that like
button i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
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  1. Hello Adam Meister, nice content as usual bro!
    One of your links are not working ( Allgoodlab shirts ) .
    Btw I like your shirt today were I can buy the same one ? .Thx

  2. Adam… What if Facebook suddenly wanna adopt Bitcoin? (The world is making it hard for them with the Libra….). That would make an encredible Black Swan Event. Introducing Bitcoin to 2 Billion people. Is it ok for me to dream of that? ?

  3. Adam, Adam… so you are still yapping on your crap about BTC, calling it Bitcoin and you still don't get how clueless you are?

    FYI, the value proposition of Bitcoin is multiple use cases… please check dictionary what term USE CASE or UTILITY means, and the value of Bitcoin (which is BSV, not BTC any more) comes from USE CASES and UTILITY of the NETWORK, and not from artificial scarcity of the so called "coins". It is not the "coins" that give Bitcoin value, but the usability and utility of the NETWORK. Bitcoin is a not a "coin", Bitcoin is a Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash SYSTEM, it is immutable evidence trail, it is a central SOURCE OF TRUTH, which can only be like that IF ITS USED and not not-used. HODLing is not using, its opposite to use case and utility, and just HODLing literally undermines the very existence of the network. Without on-chain fees to replace the temporary block subsidy, there won't be any network, and it won't matter how many of those useless "coins" you have and what their perceived price the "coins" have, once there is no more miners, there is no more network and with it, no more "coins" and all value you had in it, is gone.

    Also the value proposition of CENTRAL SOURCE OF TRUTH can be achieved only if truth is recorded on the blockchain, which again means… to record as much actions that happen, on-chain… and it is only once you understand what I am saying here, is that you will only start to see how wrong you, and everyone else who thinks BTC is still Bitcoin, and this alleged store of value only, are.

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