$15 Billion disappears from the cryptocurrency market!

now that was just in an hour's time frame last night okay so the total lost so far as right now is about 15 billion dollars wiped off the market cap this is one of those moments I wish we had some funny in the cryptocurrency space like PewDiePie because of the fact that everyone is like going what's going on here what's going on here now could you imagine who deep eyes version of what's going on you know what he's like freaking out about stuff with Bitcoin in the market right now I mean it fits just picture it had him looking at coin market cap and his what's going on here with this funny accent funny face how would that would solidify it now the thing that really troubles me about the 15 billion roughly give or take could be more by the time I'm doing this video could be more but as part of this video comes out but is how fast it happened you know it was it just doesn't it doesn't appear organic to me I'll just say that I don't even know that's even the real question we should be asking I guess the real question is whether it's organic or manipulated does it even matter at this point and let me let me Clara explain why alright so at the current moment of doing this video bitcoin is a three thousand six hundred sixty-six dollars and sixteen cents I don't I don't like that number let's change that real fast let's see if we can get a new number where we yet all right I'll take it sixty-nine I like that better but I mean it's it is a pretty dramatic if you look at that line that vertical near vertical lying down now I can tell you this whether it's up or down vertical lines very very seldom have any support and anything really backing it yeah I'm saying cuz it's always over done either it's overbought or it's oversold and that's just something to think about okay that's just something to think about I don't really think that there's any reason for anyone to have any severe panic well actually may change I mean let me put some more panic into you before I give you some relief so this is from MarketWatch Kay this chart pattern spells our new danger for Bitcoin analyst says this is according to Google from yesterday but according this is published earlier this morning but looking at this the analyst that's behind this is saying basically what we see here is this triangle and I I guess we could call it a um a death triangle but it's more known as a descending triangle excuse me if I sound like Cher right now I'm still getting over that cold I came back with in Florida but this triangle right here is basically what this analyst is saying spells danger lots of danger for us and basically if we fall we fall down from this point that it's not unlikely for us to hit a thousand dollars now the same analysts who identify this triangle basically said that even even when we were at the $4,000 level up we were gonna fall into basically right now it's kind of spooky but there's so many charts you know saying you picked the day pick the day look at the myriad number of charts and then the next day go back and pick the charts I write I guarantee you that that there won't be any consistency of accuracy with charts just just for my thoughts now again here's another article Bitcoin dips below 3700 as all top cryptos see severe losses and it kind of pains me to see the theory 'm below XRP yeah i know mother gets made for this but just saying but um you know all all coins are suffering right now and it doesn't look good but there's a few things that a lot of people need to keep in mind and not to let the how can you say the the emotions blind you here game so there's a lot of things happening such as nasdaq powers cryptocurrency and token i have stock exchange DX exchange they passed a problem but there's some things also happen when in the world paris france started selling bitcoin despite a degree of regulatory uncertainty stammers can reportedly purchase tickets for the sums of fifty hundred or 250 euros with an alphanumeric code and QR code which can be used to obtain Bitcoin that I mean if you think about that case so I mean there's a lot of charts out there and here and all charts lead to more usage more implementation and adoption I know even if you go with the news okay so check this out New York City bets on crypto opens a 4,000 square foot blockchain Center a mid Bitcoin bear market now this is really really good news okay now I assume the EDC because they want to that you see economic development committee more likely as a one who's behind this now here's a word of advice for you if you have a blockchain idea right or cryptocurrency idea or if you are trying to build a mining farm in a certain community you need to get with the economic development committees okay every city has economic development some cities don't have an EDC they have an economic developer economic development developer mana developing manager economic developing development team you know saying but there's always an economic development wing in every city you go to so if you have an idea especially with cryptocurrency mining blockchain whatever it is be sure that you exercise and utilize those resources because they're typically free and if your idea is good enough you will be surprised how much support you can get and the resources you can get access to all right so enough free advice there let's continue so with what they're doing there they got partners like IBM and Microsoft to create this hub in New York City for people to develop yet I'm saying and and bring blockchain technology mainstream this is huge this is really really freaking huge news and I'm actually surprised in New York cities on one who's doing this first I really in my mind thought a major economic development team would try to target more rural areas I thought Wyoming would kind of leave this because I mean a lot of people have gone there because of the the how well how favorable the tax code is for cryptocurrency in Wyoming so I mean that's another nugget for you've been looking for a Haven to build your project now and I mentioned earlier there's a lot of charts ok this is the chart that I find the most appealing despite the prolonged bear market of 2018 the year has seen a steady increase in a number of confirmed Bitcoin transactions they are currently at the highest point since mid-january 2018 and this right here should be a clear sign that regardless of what you are seeing with the price and the action and the vertical lines up or down the drama the pain of the price of your cryptocurrencies or how much your portfolio got smashed from 2017 and early 2018 if you'll look at these things right here you should actually say okay you know what this is good news this right here progressive growth this progressive growth right here I mean that right there is that support that is support for Bitcoin right there that is something right there being get slow and steady like that will make sure that we don't fall down and hit our faces again like we have with this recent winter in 2018 I like this this is to me that I don't need to get any more bullish than seeing something like this and I only only think that this chart will keep increasing and it's not just a Bitcoin blockchain itself it's Segway and the Lightning Network everything is growing right now as far as transaction and usage of Bitcoin so you know you really got to think about these kind of things before you react too quick about this in all seriousness though I really wish we had like pewdiepie as a fan of cryptocurrency because his reaction that comedic reaction now what is going on here you know that just that weirdness I feel would give us in this market so actually those who follow YouTube all time that comedic relief needed because I feel like everyone's a little too uptight like we all are guilty I'm guilty of this too okay have some assaulting you but I feel like a lot of us sometimes literally have a cryptocurrency stick shoved up our ass like we're just too uptight and we're too Wow we're just too wound up you know and I feel like it messes with our clarity and our perception of what's really happening in the market honestly speaking I know that the prices aren't what we want you know I know that the the movement is just too dramatic whether whether it's up or it's down you know and we and many of you guys in the comments section mentioned when you saw the price of Bitcoin when it was a wave moved up to past $4,000 many many people watch that my comments actually said this doesn't look legitimate this doesn't look kosher just doesn't look right doesn't feel good and you know it never is whenever you see vertical lines and the same thing with a going down I really feel at one point at some point it'll bounce right but don't lose focus on the fact that adoption is is there implementation is there all right so listen that's all I've got for today guys appreciate everyone who watch this please comment like subscribe share the 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34 thoughts on “$15 Billion disappears from the cryptocurrency market!”

  1. $15 Billion disappears from the cryptocurrency market! Bitcoin is down again! But why are the volume of BTC transactions increasing? While what we see in front of us may be a little scary, its the things we aren't paying attention too in the background that should reassure us with Bitcoin.

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  2. its going to hit 2800 an go back up slowly for 3 years everyone waiting on the sidelines for a 1000 is going to lose out the banks and big boys are playing everyone and their not going to let you in a 1000 hahahah slowly stacking i would love to be wrong if it falls to a 1000 i will be happier to get more but i just cant see it

  3. Look, Kristof, at Bitcoin Fund Managers page: we have a perfect Bullish
    Gartland already formed. This shall take us to 4500 by jan 19th

  4. Glad I did when I did, looks like big gains ahead of the price keeps dropping them bounces back b? I'll own double the amount of bitcoinb at this rate

  5. The billionaire whales are shorting Bitcoin to $1000. Bitcoin has a long way to that level. Bitcoin will be the last coin available. Then the stock market investors will buy into it.

  6. Mr K, the Whales Giveth and Taketh Away, any time they choose.
    Paper Futures contracts, Bitmex shorts, Derivatives manipulation.
    Been a Roller Coaster Ride since buying BTC in 2011. What if 1 out of 2
    $ Millionaires bought 1 BTC to hold/not trade? 18,000,000 there. Price?

  7. I just don't understand one thing…
    Why is cripto valued in a financial sistem (dolar) which is supposed to replace???
    Shouldn't it be is valuation compared with its peers (cryptos) .
    When you valuate crypto with current currency's you justifying the the existence of what you want to destroy.

    Maybe it's just me being old fashioned by thinking cryptos are actually just another Ponzi scheme.

  8. The last pump started off with one of those fast inorganic bart Simpson spike as well. I'd love some slow steady sustainable growth. But I know traders love volatility

  9. Eth Casper staking guys, that's gonna be probably huge for real crypto, like btc and eth. Gather the minimum 35eth if you wanna participate while prices are ridiculously low

  10. The only way I could ever trust the validity of the price moves on Bitcoin would be to sit in every crypto exchange at any given time to see if all orders are real. We will never know.

  11. Makes me wonder if high frequency trading will become a thing with bitcoin.
    Computers buying/selling other computers, I love it!

  12. My friends… This is my prediction :btc for 1500 dollars in March- April and after that loooooog sleep and see you again in 2021 🙂

  13. The crypto market is on life support. I estimate total market cap will be at $70 billion by the fall at the latest. Who’d of thunk crypto kitties would be the hallmark of this short lived and failed experiment? XRP might be the only coin used in 10 years.

  14. I know it's going to come. It can take 2 years. The only thing I really not like is that I could have had 10 x more coins for the same amount of money. Maybe I'm too greedy:))

    Be patient and block the emotion,but that's what nature not give to people at birth.

  15. Still holding and hoping, doing what many have done in the past,…looking at news articles and whose saying this and whose saying that…..that never drives price movement of a financial instrument….bitcoin shot up in lat 2016 and 2017 without news….so why do people think that looking at news and analyst views will determine the value of bitcoin….this is not a investment like a company driven assets or portfolio of services which have million dollars in sales, bitcoin is a speculative investment with many so called unproven use cases which still need to be adopted and make proven sales…..that can take years to do, so ae you willing to hold for years untill you can double your money? You can only win if you know and master technical analysis……I short sold bitcoin yesterday and made money and I wont be surprised if bitcoin keeps dropping to test is yearly lows….

  16. I have my Gekkoscience usb stick running, and will run it forever, I don't care about finding a block just helping the blockchain even with such small hashpower

  17. The final two minutes you spoke some very cogent words of wisdom. The market is being manipulated by a few large whales who are pumping and dumping and you can see it on the charts AFTER THE FACT. It looks like a Bart Simpson head with the red going straight up with a candle to the left then the price action up and down for the crew cut for a week or so and then back down the way we came up on the right side straight down. The funny thing is many of these clowns that chart claim they called the $8 or $9 billion dollar bottom dropping out of the market. They did not…you cannot call something like that…it is just a whale dumping and these crosses and other things do not occur until they dump. Then you get the RSI going really low (ETH was 8) and the bounce from that which lasts half a day…text book whale pump and dump.

    And now the media will play it up and say this is bad news for BTC and it means it is going lower and possibly to 2500. BS…it was a whale pumping and dumping.

    Just hold or get on a site where you can put in good stop losses into USD coin or USD or Tru USD. Whatever it is make sure you can convert to fiat or back.

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