1. Great video. I’ve recently became a paid subscriber. Black moon and trade.io seem like very similar ideas. Do you have an opinion on Trade.io?

  2. Hi,

    Any idea which better exchange to get the Blackmoon Crypto? i search at coinmarketcap there show some exchange, like HitBTC, Liqui, Tidex… but after try see the review of the exchange, some people comment negative / scam exchange …..


  3. at 16:00-17 i tought yo were going to start crying haha. your enthusiasm smells like payed shilling but im in on bmc, if they do half the stuff they are planing to do this will be huge

  4. Loving the upper crust London accent, however London is the financial capitol of the world ie get out more

  5. Wonderful video, I bought on ICO , then bought on Liqui on 0.7 – 0.95$, I will continue to buy and buy and the next 1-2 years to keep. A competent investor understands that a good product is important time for implementation and evaluation of its rank. Thank you.

  6. don't you see negative points at BlackMoon now? Because reasons to not buy Verge always was there..

  7. in two months from now you will upload a video with 14 solid reasons NOT to buy Blackmoon, just you did for verge, right? you have zero credibility dude

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