13 Ways to Earn Bitcoin Online

hello and welcome to this very special episode of the daily decrypt I am your host Amanda B Johnson and today's episode is brought to you by new bits there are many ways 13 that I can think of to be exact to get paid Bitcoin online sit back and let me tell you about Fawcett's micro tasking no deposit gameplay gambling and predictions competitive gaming getting tipped streaming social discussions torrent seeding ad sales merchant sales freelancing and full timing all links discussed today plus bonus resources are in the description your ghosts faucets are websites which give away Bitcoin on a regular basis whether it's every 10 minutes every hour or once a week you simply sign up with a bitcoin address and sometimes your email and if you're selected in the random drawing you get the bits popular faucets include bitcoin zebra moon bitcoin and weekend bitcoin micro tasking websites like prize rebel and coin bucks pay users bitcoin for doing things like taking surveys watching videos and signing up for new services accounts are free and easy to start and all of the tasks can be done in your own time no deposit games are web-based games you can play which as the title suggests require no deposit to start but do payout small amounts of bitcoin if you win there are dozens and maybe hundreds of these kinds of games popular ones including Satoshi quiz spark profit and cash clamber all sorts of casino games are available for Bitcoin gambling so many that entire web sites exist just to act as guides for all of the different casinos there also exist predictions markets for various events like bit bet and fairly as well as sports betting markets like Bed coin sports where you can profit on predicting correct outcomes of various events if you're quite good at what you do or you just like to try your hand playing against the pros competitive gaming is another way to earn Bitcoin classic games like poker and blackjack are available from popular sites like bet coin and swc if you're a whiz-bang add massive multiplayer games like counter-strike go League of Legends or minecraft you can play for bitcoins using the site leet changetip is a social tipping wallet that you can sign up for if you use Twitter reddit discuss SoundCloud or several other platforms in addition if you simply paste a Bitcoin tip address on any social media profile or website that you control people using the Chrome extension pro tip will automatically tip you out small amounts of Bitcoin at the end of each week streamium is a beta stage peer-to-peer streaming service which functions like meerkat except allows you to charge by the minute for bitcoins you can stream yourself doing anything from playing games to giving tutorials or lessons to selling your charms and great beauty streamium is just the first of such services and more will likely come sponsored shout out from the Merkle which is a new source for the latest in Bitcoin and blockchain developments the merkel also offers technical analysis of crypto coins charts tutorials and insider interviews with industry experts check them out at the merkel comm and in the spirit of today's show I'm happy to report that you get free bits just for signing up for their newsletter get paid to start interesting threads and give your opinion on social discussion sites like zap chain and Satoshi these sites pay micro tips for popular threads and insightful comments left on a wide range of hot topics joy stream is a beta stage BitTorrent client that pays Cedars for their bandwidth this way you can earn small amounts of Bitcoin to reimburse yourself for bandwidth and electricity costs if you yourself have a blog or website you can sell ad space for Bitcoin sites like coin addcom provide banner and sidebar ads and you get paid per click if you have something to sell you can be a Bitcoin merchant sites like bidify act as crypto eBay's letting you sell used or new goods in an auction style format conversely purse merchants lets you set up a store with fixed prices and sell Etsy style can you write program translate blog even answer customer service calls if so you can be a freelancer and sell your skills on sites like crypto grind x bt freelancer and even the jobs for bitcoin subreddit be sure to utilize the escrow services provided by these websites to ensure that you get paid for all work you do if you're ready to quit your fiat paying job and go full-time with a company who will pay you Bitcoin check out the job listings linked to in the description from coin allottee and angel lists bitcoin jobs most in-demand jobs there are programmers and marketers today's episode is brought to you by new bit which is a cryptocurrency that is always worth one US dollar per new bit check out their mobile wallet on Android called the new Droid which comes equipped with the shape shift button meaning your new bits can be converted to any other cryptocurrency at any time learn more at noob it's calm we're independent members at the LTV network check out our podcast there if you'd like to listen and today's magic word is jolly have a great day

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