13 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Into CRYPTO!

13 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Into Cryptocurrency With the meteoric rise of bitcoin over the
last year many famous faces are staking their claims with powerful investments in all kinds
of digital currency. Here are Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Into
Cryptocurrency! #13. “Donald Glover”- Donald Glover is an Emmy-award
winning actor for the show Atlanta and a Grammy nominated rapper going under the name Childish
Gambino. At the young age of 34 Glover has quickly
entrenched himself as a force to be reckoned with in the performing arts community. He has also made a living by thriving in the
internet world so it should be no surprise to anyone that he has admitted on several
occasions that he believes the sky is the limit for cryptocurrency, namely bitcoin. He has been quoted as saying that he thinks
in the future the economy will be tied into the internet and cyber technology. He has also said that he believes the gold
standard is going the way of the dinosaur and that cryptocurrency makes more sense. #12. “Mike Tyson”- The former heavyweight champion
of the world and cameo-specialist Mike Tyson is a big believer in the future of cryptocurrency. He is so adamant that the world will be dominated
by cryptocurrency in the future that he has founded his own company aptly named Mike Tyson
Bitcoin. His company claims to be a safe place for
the buying and selling of bitcoins and has developed their own bitcoin ATM. They unveiled their first functioning ATM
in 2015, located at the LINQ Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Though he has had his share of financial troubles
he believes his newest venture is destined for success. He has been quoted as saying, “No one knows
better than I how uncertain the economy can be and at this juncture in my life it is imperative
that I am proactive about my financial planning and for me it includes Bitcoin.” #11. “Ashton Kutcher”- Famous for his roles
in the hit sitcom That 70s Show and as Steve Jobs in the movie Jobs, Ashton Kutcher has
become one of the biggest celebrity investors in technology over the last decade. As one of the founders of A-Grade Investments
Kutcher has backed such several successful start-ups as AirBnB and Uber. One of his newest forays is into the world
of cryptocurrency. He recently invested in and aided the fundraising
efforts of the digital currency Unikoin Gold. Unikoin Gold is so far solely used on the
blockchain platform Unikrn which specializes in sports betting. Using a cryptocurrency as a substitute for
actual cash could potentially allow sport bettors to avoid being caught for betting
from regions of the country where sports gambling is currently illegal. Kutcher has also previously heavily invested
in Bitpay which is a payment processor that is helping to make paying with Bitcoins in
everyday retail environments more streamlined. Kutcher has been quoted in the past as saying
cryptocurrency is a step into the future for the security industry. #10. “Floyd Mayweather Jr.”-The most financially
successful boxer of all time Floyd Mayweather Jr. is invested in all sorts of things so
you better believe he has his cryptocurrency bases covered. He has been heavily involved in three different
cryptocurrency ICOs. He has been at the forefront of investing
and promoting the companies Stox, Hubii and Centra, openly endorsing them on social media
and putting millions of dollars of his own money into them. However the main one he has backed, Centra,
recently became the focus of a class action lawsuit. Those filing the suit allege that the company
sold them an unregistered security and were deceiving in their sale pitches. The company had raised over 30 million dollar
upon their ICO, owing much of it to Mayweather’s bold promotions. #9. “Nas”- Nas is one of the most revered
rappers in the game and is considered a living legend by many. He quickly became hip-hop royalty in the 1990s
with classic albums such as “Illmatic” and “It Was Written”. But Nas didn’t stop with his successes in
the music industry and smartly invested his fortunes in several different areas. He is one of the founders of the venture capital
company QueensBridge which invests mainly in technology. One of the biggest areas that Queensbridge
has been a part of in recent years is that of cryptocurrency. Queensbridge is one of the most prominent
investors in the digital wallet company Coinbase. Coinbase has been one of the most profitable
companies when it comes to bitcoin and their app for the iphone was the most downloaded
app of 2017. With his companies investments in Coinbase
and several other digital currency start-ups Nas stands to be one of the most prominent
celebrities involved in cryptocurrency for the foreseeable future. #8. “Paris Hilton”- The heiress to the Hilton
Hotel fortune, reality television star and attempted actress/popstar who made a name
for herself by being the opposite of a role model for young women everywhere has thrown
her gaudy hat into the cryptocurrency ring. Paris Hilton has found recent entrepreneurial
success independent from her family via her perfume line and accessory stores. Hilton is still wildy popular on social media
and has used this clout in order to promote several products and one of those which she
most recently endorsed was that of LydianCoin a new cryptocurrency. In September of 2017 she tweeted that she
was looking forward to participating in LydianCoin’s upcoming Initial Coin Offering. Hillton’s and other celebrities public endorsements
of cryptocurrency have come under fire as of late as the legality of such promotions
is in question. Some say that celebrities backing cryptocurrency
ICOs infringes on federal securities laws and may be a form of pump and dump scheme. Because of this and Gubaksh Chahal’s (the
CEO of tech company Gravity4 which runs Lydiancoin) mounting legal troubles Hilton backslid on
her involvement and deleted the tweet only a few weeks later. It may have been too little too late as she
may have already profited from it. #7. “DJ Khaled”- DJ Khaled is a world famous
record producer and DJ who has made some of the most iconic beats of the last twenty years. He has turned his music success into further
financial profits by many fantastic investments. One of his most recent ventures was that of
becoming heavily involved in promoting Centra and its app that provides cryptocurrency users
an easy to use wallet. But just as with Mayweather his involvement
quickly ceased when Centra was hit with the class-action suit. Like Mayweather he had also used instagram
to advertise Centra’s special payment card. #6. “Jamie Foxx”- The superstar actor, comedian
and musician Jamie Foxx is probably most famous for his portrayal of Ray Charles in the biopic
Ray. Foxx has been heavily involved in investing
in many different businesses over the years and his success rate in promotions has companies
clamoring for him to put his face on their products. The new cryptocurrency exchange Cobinhood
was no different and quickly pegged Foxx to be one of their celebrity endorsers. In September of 2017 Foxx announced his entrance
into the cryptocurrency scene when he posted a tweet that endorsed Cobinhood. Cobinhood touts itself as being one of the
first cryptocurrency trading sites that offers trading of bitcoin and ether without any fees. #5. “Louis CK”-Before coming under fire from
a series of allegation Louis CK was considered one of the best comedians of a generation
with sold-out comedy tours and a popular television show. Louis CK is also one of the most financially
successful comedians of all time and in the world of cryptocurrency he was a pioneering
artist. CK most assuredly didn’t achieve this massive
bankroll by pooh-poohing payment just because they aren’t based on a centralized system. Not at all! In 2015, CK became the first professional
comedian to enable copies of his shows and albums to be bought using bitcoins. It started with his album Live At Madison
Square Garden and after integrating the bitpay payment platform into his website, you can
now buy most of his comedy shows with bitcoin. Though he diversified his income options into
the realm of cryptocoin he wasn’t mainly money-grubbing, as fans have the option of
paying anywhere from $1 up to $85 or 0.005791 bitcoins maximum, using the current rate. #4. “Richard Sherman”- As a pivotal member
of the Seattle Seahawks’ vaunted ‘Legion of Boom’ defense cornerback Richard Sherman
is one of the National Football League’s most famous faces. The four-time all-pro and Super Bowl champion
is also known as having one of the shrewdest business minds in football. Sherman has garnered lucrative endorsement
deals from a bevy of companies including Nike and has invested his money in several different
equities to preserve his financial future. He also has one of the most successful online
merchandise shops of any athlete in America today. With this type of business savvy it should
be no surprise that he was in on bitcoin early on. His website was one of the first to offer
athletic clothing that could be purchased using bitcoin. Because of his own personal success utilizing
the cryptocurrency, Sherman has become a fervent supporter of the decentralized system and
is constantly researching new ways to make it work to his advantage. He does admit that there are inherent dangers
in putting too much stock in something that is based in the quote ‘less than reputable’
world of the internet. #3. “Gwyneth Paltrow”- Gwyneth Paltrow is
a Hollywood Starlet known for her appearances in critically acclaimed films such as Iron
Man and The Royal Tenenbaums. In the past couple of decades she has used
her acting successes to spread her tentacles of influence into activism, investing, spokesmanship
and various entrepreneurial endeavors. She has written several cookbooks, is the
face of the Estee Lauder’s perfume line and founded a successful though controversial
lifestyle brand called Goop. Recently while participating as a judge in
the Apple Music reality game show Planet of the Apps she chose to become an advisor to
the company Abra. Abra is a company that’s main focus is an
application that provides bitcoin–based money transfers at the click of a button. The company’s CEO Bill Barhydt chose Paltrow
over the other judges on Planet of the Apps and say that she has already helped the company’s
progression with valuable insight and he hopes that she will be an integral part of Abra
moving forward. #2. “Ghostface Killah”- As a member of the
legendary rap group Wu-Tang Clan and through his subsequent solo albums, Ghostface became
a rap icon. Like the other musicians on this list Ghostface
hasn’t remained satisfied with only achieving success with his music, instead he prides
himself in being an all around business man. In addition to numerous cameo roles in television,
film and video games Ghostface is also a prominent figure in Wu-Tang’s other business ventures. But that’s not why you’re watching this,
the fact is where other celebrities may have dipped their toe into the cryptocurrency market
Ghostface is diving all-in. In 2017, Ghostface partnered with marketing
professional and software development expert Brett Westbrook to found Cream Capital. Owing its name to the Wu-Tang hit song C.R.E.A.M.,
Cream Capital claims to be the first Ethereum-based dual token system and is aiming to create
the world’s largest network of cryptocurrency ATMs. Their system is based on Creamcash which they
intend to keep valued at a 1 for every $1 dollar. Creamcash is a dual token system because it
can be exchanged for the Ethereum cryptocoin: Ether. So far the sales of CreamCash have been indefinitely
suspended but they continue to open ATMs across the globe. #1. “Bjork”- The uber-talented and enigmatic
Icelandic singer songwriter Bjork is one of the world’s most celebrated artists. Bjork always seem to be ahead of the game
when it comes to innovation in music but her ability to seemingly predict the future doesn’t
stop there. In what is one of the coolest applications
of cryptocurrency to date Bjork teamed up with the company Blockpool for a trailblazing
promotion. Blockpool, which hosts their own digital wallet
and started the website Aurovine, which is a music platform that utilizes a blockchain
and the cryptocurrency Audiocoin for payment. When her most recent album ‘Utopia’ was
released purchasers received 100 free Audiocoins along with the music. These coins (along with several other digital
currencies) can be used to purchase more music on Aurovine. One of the main reasons that Aurovine is becoming
popular among musicians is that it uses the blockchain format in order to better protect
their music from piracy. Not only is this good for the artist’s as
it assures they are being paid for their hard work the website is fun and incentivizing
for music lovers. You can actually earn Audiocoins on Aurovine
by merely listening to music on the site which is like a gift that keeps on giving. This may be the first solution to the piracy
epidemic that attempts to address the consumer’s perspective. Do you think celebrity involvement is the
sign of a bright future or the impending doom for cryptocurrency?

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