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good morning everyone it is almost a start of the new year it's Friday happy Friday we got a little pump also left that time again for daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news like I said in terms of my schedule I like to keep the live streaming on Mondays and Fridays a release of video in the middle of the week and I did sell this this week with consensus algorithms compared and also with sto one make sure you guys check that out if you haven't but I'm gonna try to stick with that unless there's more important or urgent things that's gonna come up but today's topic is actually twelve industries that blockchain can disrupt and I got the idea from this article on coin desk and I think it's a good one I think it's good to take a look at some of these industries although some of them are already exist and they aren't groundbreaking let's put it that way but nevertheless it is important and it does lead to useful depths so today is gonna be the main this is gonna be the main topic but there are other things going on so I'll be talking about those as well but thanks for tuning in guys always appreciate your support make sure you hit the licence subscribe to the channel and we will get started alright so what's going on today let's see well let's start with this one obviously the twelve well according to this okay it's actually the twelve markets that crypto decentralization can improve but really I call it twelve industries because decentralization what comes with that it's really because of blockchain blockchain the this this open ledger this is what can be used for a lot a lot of different things out there so moving for first of all the article goes on it explains a lot of things the Vantage's to block which a lot of you guys already know and that they're actually you know I'll correct myself blockchain and Kryptos so for example nearer zero transaction fees this is something like like nano I or I oughta but you could also include like lightning network with bitcoin and litecoin so there's a lot of things this is one of the things that we're looking for now this is also important in cross-border payments like if you need to send money to somewhere else until someone in another country or business is sending large amounts to each other where have you used a traditional you know traditional system of using I don't know Western Union or even bank transfer wire transfers there's a lot of fee so this this really helps improve that and save money right and then there's ability to collect revenue without setting up a legal entity we have seen this even with icos and and other and other things so this is kind of like good and bad pseudo an amenity this is also good and bad right we have seen a lot of people participate and a lot of project off ratios where people come participate and and it's kind of anonymous right regulatory arbitrage I'll go a little bit faster permission lists trust minimize censor censorship resistant allowing competing front ends that write read and write read and write from the same back end eliminating all fraud around asset ownership and better logic and asset themselves so these are some of the advantages although some could be considered good and bad but let's get down to the twelve industries all right so first is open finance and we have seen a lot of this already right when you talk about open finance it could be just investing okay this could be traditionally like investing in stocks or something but now you can vest and cryptos right so you can have oh you can have crypto investing you can have crypto consulting you could have tool that provide analytics even trading bots like these are all consider financial tools so this is something that blockchain can help with right so this is one of those things that I guess for investors this is very very important especially day traders swing traders these are type of tools that you live you know you live by right for long-term holders not so much as though a lot of them are very useful especially the apps that allow people to invest in Kryptos easily right kind of like like what a lot of these Dex's are doing or a lot of these centralized exchanges they're trying to come up with with new tools that give you more insight and also making investing easier you know those are good things overall so that's number one open finance number two grain markets this is this is weird I don't know how you really categorize this now this person is saying well like ride-sharing like uber is a good example where it was illegal for the most part and then the laws caught up and then it became legal so I don't know but you know he mentioned to predict the markets and markets to sell individuals predictions uh I kind of I would bundle this in with the financial tools but I guess it could be separated you know individual predictions we have seen a lot of that right likes indicator comes to mind where you use like a like an AI to kind of predict or morganson going stuff and obviously it did not work otherwise I would have predicted this downfall but I mean it's it's immature space all right at least for cryptos and AI that's why there's a lot of a lot of projects that's involved with AI and I say it's immature because it's just really not up to where we want it to be at this point but this is another use case for blockchain so it was mentioned movie I like gambling this is a big one and I'm neutral on this because there's so many so many taps out there I say yeaaahh Cintron and human teeth area most of the ones that are being used are like gambling sites so I'm not sure that this is actually I guess it's a good thing because it is bring it is bringing exposure to these projects and they are taps are being used however it's it's gambling and there's always there's always kind of like a negative connotation a little bit to it and it's not legal in every country and so it's iffy and stuff like that so but there are a lot of depth so if you actually look up the DAPs list for Tron and for us and even for the ethereum like ninety ninety percent of it is gambling gambling test so alright so moving on virtual real estate this is something that shouldn't be in there the central land does does lead to space however I don't I don't see the real world the real practical use for this before before blockchain and before decentraland you had like Second Life that existed I know it's getting popular at one point I don't know how popular it is anymore but virtual real estate although yes you know it does exist I'm not sure that's a relevant one all right some art assets what's embedded logic now this one is a really good one so basically you can you can assign okay you could basically assign anything with two you can assign anything to like an asset on a blockchain so basically in this in this one in this example they call tickets to concerts but it could be really anything there's a lot of projects that's trying to tokenize or make things into a digital asset it could be collectibles it could be your time it could be labor it could be real estate it could be anything so I think this is a big one right once you once you figure out how to tokenize something then you can do things like sell ownership you can rent it out you can share it there's a lot of stuff that you can do and also you know you can basically click revenue from it right without actually you could basically you know become like a broker almost you could almost like let people invest in your things and collect revenue freely so that's kind of cool but besides that there's also a lot of implications for this so this is a big one labor I want to move a little bit quicker now labor market place this is a big thing you know there's a lot of job sites out there there's a lot of market places that offer services where you can apply or or hire people these are like micro jobs and stuff like that definitely something that that the blockchain can help with right especially when it deals with transactions the amount of work you know keeping track of all the stuff that people are doing and there's the projects and TAS in and all that stuff really good use blockchain distribute computing now we're getting to good stuff this is a really good one of course we have seen projects like Gollum that's taking advantage of this but when you talk about using like the comm processing power of everyone's computers out there to do something collectively you know that's pretty powerful whether or not that's to process 3d rendering or for even cloud computing right in this case distributed computing or like virtual clients or file storage there's a lot of stuff that comes with this this is definitely a big one a big use for blockchain and we have seen a lot of companies start to dive into this even even the centralized database you know there's a whole bunch of stuff that's in here that's really really good I forgot one this should be the bandwidth routing so that kind of goes with the centralized the internet which also ties into these things distribute via and distribute CDN these all go with companies that are trying to disrupt the internet itself to bypass firewalls like the Great Firewall of China and places that are basically banning certain sites or content or throttling content right this is where a lot of companies are trying to disrupt that and make it truly truly free and open for all so those are very very important things all right moving on you got distributed Wi-Fi sharing and distributed video transcoding to screw your Wi-Fi shares basically kind of goes with just you know this disrupting the internet or the distributor Internet basically you have a lot of people's cell phones or their computers there that are connected to you know a Wi-Fi router you basically decentralize that and create a mesh network that everyone can hop on to and basically makes it internet free so there are a few companies involved with that and distribute video transcoding this works for streaming services like Netflix and so forth it takes a lot of bandwidth there's a lot of bandwidth to stream a whole bunch of content everywhere especially with 4k now that's where this should be a video transcoding or distributed streaming basically will help that industry going forward so that's a lot I said a lot and and basically and they made a mistake they won for 10 to 12 so I guess it's really you love it but one thing they did in legend in here is supply chain which i think is the biggest one biggest use case for black chain which basically allows any company manufacturing shipping distributing retailers all these companies that have to buy and ship and sell things supply chain definitely is the biggest market for for black chain at least right now that I could think of because there's a lot of information that needs to be stored and accessed and and Ibaka is perfect for that so I'm gonna throw that in there but that's it pretty much it twelve industries blotching can disrupt or is disrupting at this time and I thought this article is pretty interesting although some of the things that Kyle who is a managing partner multi multi loan capital says it's not really industry they're not really that important however it's good to know about them alright so that is what you know that is the main thing I want to talk about but let's move on to other things that there are a lot of good things and before before I get to the Bitcoin is definitely going in the right direction 3850 I mean you know like previously right before Christmas I was saying that the Christmas rally look like it was real it was it got up was about 4200 and I said it'll be interesting to see what happens after we hit Christmas right well we continued to rally after Christmas going to a new year workable go down and we did all of a sudden for no apparent reason on Christmas Day we started taking right and then we kind of hover for a little bit we didn't tank back up to 3100 or anything we kind of held around 35 3,600 apologize and today all of a sudden we're shooting up it seems like those whoever the whales that decided to sell decided to get back in and we're right back up to 30 or 50 we're not above 4200 yet but this is a good sign that we are heading up and it's interesting because the stock market has been rallying because it had a record-breaking almost 1100 points and yesterday was up and I think today's up so it's interesting that you know kryptos will be down while the stock market's up so we'll see how how that plays out all right so moving on to news there's a lot a lot of pieces of news Craig Wright I'm really glad to see this Craig Wright didn't I'd attempted to dismiss lawsuit over billions of Bitcoin remember Craig Wright is being sued by the claimants okay Dave Lehman who a lot of people about think is the true Satoshi okay the real sure Toshi he up Borgia passed away his family is suing Craig right because Craig Wright basically took all the bitcoins they had and this old and according to the courts he was actually being super clean with for 1.1 million bitcoins ok 1.1 million bitcoins so think about that how many people actually have 1.1 million bitcoins Craig Wright himself okay says that he has 1.1 million bitcoins where did it come from so basically he kind of admitted that he he took this when David Clemen right so he might have shot himself in the foot because remember all those tweets that he was sending out claiming that he was go crash Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash and just destroy everyone he said he had 1.1 million bitcoins and 1.1 million or 1.2 million pickle in cash right where did it come from well it probably came from David Cleveland well anyways the courts ruled that he at least converted at least okay three hundred thousand bitcoins upon upon Dave's death and transferred them to various international trusts which is an unauthorized act that deprived the plaintiffs of the biklen they're in at least three hundred thousand bitcoins think about that right and then he thought that he'll be clever and he could put him in trust so that you know he's not responsible for it but the courts found that that is that is what he did so it's pretty obvious that maybe maybe he wasn't partner with Dave and maybe the two of them together was Satoshi but it's clear that Dave is the the true brains behind it because Craig has been is going batshit crazy on Twitter over be a Bitcoin sv but anyways he is he is most likely going to jail guys the the the prosecutors are now going after him for 10 years I think uh no maybe I'm gonna no I'm getting ahead of myself that is another case but basically this this it's going to court like he his motion to no to to dismiss this has got has been denied so basically he's going to court and if he is found to have stolen 300,000 bitcoins and she can't pay it back then yeah then it's gonna be bad for Craig right I'm happy to see this I'm very happy to see this all right moving forward like when takes to UFC Octagon a new sponsorship deal you know I always wondered about these and I don't know if it really really makes sense for critical companies to do this this early on because I covered I cover probably a few months ago there was something about coming Durant that you know that went after some some people in the stands and basically he cussed him out and then I showcase because in the video on top it was this was a you know Warner's game limpo had an advertisement there I don't think anyone there even noticed it no one watched the video notice it I pointed it out so I'm not sure if crypto companies doing these kind of traditional advertising actually works because people will look at it and say okay it's limbo what does that mean I don't know but if it's someone like BW which is a brand that people recognize and BW say puts in I don't know BW Atlas some new car people might take a notice of that because they running know of the brand right so like coin I'm not sure that many people know a lot like coin MP more at the octagon or an arena looking at the fight and they see a banner that says white coin I'm not sure anyone is gold car and basically it's wasted marketing dollars so I'm not sure of these these contradiction marketing for crypto companies are are gonna pay off at all I don't know I'm not a marketing guy maybe some of you guys are and maybe he could comment on that so let me know alright so markup Ellis of you know ex-ceo of mal Cox he basically was caught embezzling three million dollars when I changed he did not talk about that he basically said I'm sorry about the exchange getting hacked but that's not why he's in trouble he's in trouble because he is basically embezzler charges a three million dollars which he has no explanation for so this is the one I was talking about I kind of confused it too with what Craig Wright but basically originally originally the prosecutors were trying to get him for five years okay now they're seeking 10-year sentence but the verdict won't come out until March of – you know March eternal 19 so we've got to wait three months so we will see what happens all right moving on what is their bit made news there's a lot of bit made news bit made it was rumored that they were gonna lay out 50% in the workforce they have confirmed that they are go start laying people off they didn't say how many but there are now rumors kind of China that says that they couldn't potentially off up to 85 percent of their workforce not 50 that any company la's us eighty-five percent of the workforce is is bad you want to stay away from it even 50 percent you want to stay away from it so we know that the crypto market is down and and it's a bad time right now right but if they have to go that extreme that means they went too deep hey you know what I said about never investing more than what you can afford to lose this is what they have done they basically they're hired and trying to grow way too quick they didn't anticipate where the Marcos will go and how bad it would be for miners and so forth and mining in general so the this probably ruined their chances of going IPO and may have may have just killed a company we don't know we don't know but it's not looking good but they just released a new product called bid deer I don't know why they call it deer which competes with Genesis – cloud mining basically and this is by bit mean so again they are trying to you know trying to do what they can to survive and I don't know you know like all the cloud mining services they pretty much all shut down because it's not smart to sell mining at this point because if you buy something like this where you're buying 50 terahertz at this price right for 360 days if Bitcoin continues to go down they will actually lose money by offering this to you so this is kind of like a temporary thing a temporary influx epic coin goes up they and they'll actually make money but if Bitcoin continues to go down let's say Bitcoin goes down theoretically it goes down to like 2 K in 6 months they will be losing a hemorrhaging even more money okay not to say that that will happen but there is a chance of that so yeah so I don't know I don't know what it is to go do for them alright so moving on last two things there's some other youtuber Tom Scott I checked out his channel he kind of just does he's not a crypto guy he's just kind of youtuber a personality 1.5 million subscribers a lot of subscribers and he's claiming bat is violating GDP are basically he's saying that bat is collecting donations for him even though that he didn't ask for it and that he might be and they might be in violating use general data protection requirement which I'm gonna say this guy's an idiot because of this fact first of all brave if you want to become a publisher you actually have to sign up it's not like a one-click thing you actually have to give a lot of information like what is your YouTube channel who are you and all this stuff so someone did it he's someone from his party had to have done it because you can't just do it for people it doesn't work that way so either he did it himself and doesn't remember or someone in his party did it for him and now he's accusing brave of illegally signing him up that's complete nonsense okay and this kind of thing is basically a PR stunt okay he this guy makes a lot of money from Google ads from YouTube and so forth so now that he's getting money from brave he's saying that's a bad thing and that they illegally signed them up no this is just some kind of stupid PR act so I'm a big fan of brave and basic attention token so that's why I that's the only reason why I bring this up because I'm sure they didn't just sign him up for no reason all right lastly Bitcoin futures there's expiration that's going on today December 20 I think this is December 28th yeah I remember us today and also today settlement is at 3:00 p.m. all right and that's pretty much it for the news guys that was a lot a lot a lot of news market cap is at 130 let's just round up 131 billion we've got some greens okay like I said even though we went out a 3536 hundred not back down to 33 3100 so things held relatively well right so you still got let's say you know ripple that's a above 35 cents you thorium above 130 nowhere close to where it was remember eighty two dollars so grand scheme of things still pretty good yosef up to 50 stellar bubb's you know you love it sense like coin 32 and one point like close like like twenty one dollars so you got a lot of stuff that's holy I guess relatively well okay to recent times but of course we were all hoping including me that the Christmas rally or the winter rally would continue to the new year so maybe maybe it was Anatomy that you know from Christmas all until today that it went down a little bit maybe you'll start going up again we don't know but this is what I've been saying you know because of the volatility a lot of people asked me when big one was at 4,200 I had that live stream right a lot of people asked me should I take profits in ether iam should I take profits whatever what things have gone up almost 100 percent within the week I said yes you always want to do that it's important to do that so that times when it goes back down you're able to buy in again right so that's the name of the game name of the game is to sell high and buy low not the opposite which unfortunately FOMO emotions mix in and it's very hard it's very hard right alright guys that's it let's let's take some questions make sure you smash up the lights guys smash up the likes Douglas ass there's just too many damn coins why can't MasterCard just make their own blotching they could they could there's a lot of companies that's making their own blotching and that's a good thing a lot of people feel like you know of large company making blockchain is a bad thing no not really why it's not a bad thing is yes yes they're not using something that already exists but once you get into that space you're committed and you're going all-in right and just like the real world companies just like Microsoft and Facebook and apples of the world they don't dominate every niche there's always gonna be a new niche and what happens you know if they want to acquire the company you know they're their customers or they want to get into that niche what do they do there buy them out right so we haven't seen that yet we haven't seen a legit like a real-world enterprise company buy out a crypto company yet but what they get in and they go all out with blockchain you know that's what's gonna start happening they're gonna start looking at okay maybe we're you know we're missing something we want you know to get into something or a field or niche or we want to acquire these customers from I don't know let's just say youth areum for example let's buy out you three I know you can't buy out there and because there's a project it's just an example but let's say they wanted to they could simply buy them out and get into that space so companies coming up their own private blockchain is a good thing like Facebook's example they're trying to come out with some kind of some kind of remand that they're gonna be using right there they're actually looking into that they haven't come out with it yet but once they come out with that and let's say they replete replace Facebook credits with this new trip right then you know they're going all out with crypto then they're gonna start looking at well what are we missing what about gaming right maybe then they'll start looking at gaming companies that that is you in crypto is like loom or something like that or even gift oh maybe they want to do something as a messenger you know so it gets the ball rolling right so that's where a private blotches I think it's actually really good for the market Paulsen George enjoyed the consensus algorithm video is there lists out there where the top 100 land I don't think so I don't think so if you actually create want to put it out I'll certainly host it but no you just have to you have to just look into them there's no easy way for that one maybe there's a list but I'm not familiar with one Punda I have a looked at Pawnee recently Pawnee I still have 47 like I said I know a lot of people like Bundy and I have nothing against them I just think that someone like square once Square opens up crypto payments you know then pun DS gonna have a real hard time because Pawnee you know Pontiacs they're their whole thing is they're selling terminals to help you know crypto adoption which is great which is great but think about how many you know squirt you know terminals are out there ready so what Square opens up cryptos I think it's go it's gonna be hard for them to compete but other than that I have nothing against Bundy I think they're actually you know they they help crypto adoption and at this point anything that helps crypto adoption is a good thing if India legalized crypto I know their Supreme Court is still looking at it if they legalize it it's go help companies like I'm cash okay I was a big supporter on cash Tim Draper also of messing it up they have something proprietary for retailers it's intrusive or proprietary but because they're their base in India you know India is like really hardcore against Kryptos right now I mean someone trying to put a big one ATM and a guy arrested so until a Supreme Court's rule that it's illegal for the banks to take a stance against exchanges then they might become more Pro Kryptos and once that happens then I think a lot of projects based in India Wall definitely start flourishing a bit more and also you know you got like almost 2 billion people in India that can't invest in cryptos that's a lot of people waiting so I think that will be a big thing but we don't know if that's gonna come and one bets Coco the traveler to be fair people are always looking for things ok I know I kind of did that but you know because people are grasping things looking for hope trying to find explanation but now I think we know better sometimes there's just no explanation like I saw Charlie Shrem put something out today saying that you know the reason why we went out recently was because Bitcoin futures expiration and also people are selling for taxes well I mean that comes around every year right tax comes every year and you know it's necessarily pay at least in the US until April so you know people are trying to find reasons why things happen right so you can't you can't blame them you have to come up with your own thoughts right any plans in her new year you know nothing just go steal them for the kids recommend some good apps to buy crypto kind new at this if you're in the u.s. definitely start looking at coinbase coinbase is the easiest by far okay and then also look at Gemini you thought if your stock investor ready you could look at Robin Hood app which kind of gives you both but you can't withdraw this time so if you're completely new I would say and take a look at those if you're not in the u.s. I would still look at those first coinbase does operate in a lot of countries but there's also BitFenix and cxi o what else is there I mean okay acts cool coin but a lot of those don't allow Fiat so you want to definitely look at one that allows Fiat by do you think institutional investors holding back to join Kryptos because when they started the ball we're at six thousand now we're not yeah I think some I think I think some you know when we were at holding at six thousand and I called six tiles in the bottom because we have tested out mark like 15 18 times during the year you could count go back to the chart every time we hit around that mark we bounce back right and I do think that we were actually heading back up that the market was getting ready to really really that we have fallen forward we were ready to add it back up so that is why hip I hate Bitcoin cash but when SP because of this infighting I think it brought a lot a lot a lot of unwarranted and bad press to the space and something happened something triggered okay and I just talked about Craig right you know converting at least 300,000 bitcoins upon Dave's death well if you really took 1.1 million bitcoins and he stole that from Dave that means he has at least 700 to 800 thousand more bitcoins and Craig Wright is is crazy enough to maybe dump on the open market to drop it because that's what he was claiming he was claiming anyone now let's go support Bitcoin cash okay even minors a Bitcoin because we know Roger Vivier kind of swayed you know hash power from Bitcoin to pickle in cash so basically he was on a mission to destroy the market who knows maybe he dumped eight hundred thousand bitcoins or whatever amount to drop us to the three thousand level we don't know but it was definitely something that came out of nowhere okay out of the blue we crash fast when we held at six thousand for a long time and who knows maybe Roger freer Jordan in maybe Calvin Aris joined in maybe bit me and join in maybe a lot of other whales joined in right and escalate from there but that was the trigger so I will never support Bitcoin cash a Bitcoin IV for that reason I will always hate Craig right for that reason but going back to your question now did institutional vessels get scared out are they holding out I think so I really do because I think that's why back at delayed until January right I think that's why Bitcoin eats yep was now is now postponed until February and I think a lot of institution Buster's like hey I can't put my money in this it basically dropped thinking about it we dropped 50% within like a month you know the whole year right we dropped about maybe sixty seventy eighty percent you know out of ten months and all of a sudden we drop another 50% at one month span even for cryptos that's insane right so yeah I think that delayed things in terms of institutional investors putting in money they're probably holding out to try to wait for bottom they're like hey I don't want to lose it on 50% so we're you know where is a good entrance point so hopefully we have found that bottom at that 100 mark or 3000 mark we're close enough 3000 hopefully we have found that bottom and now we could truly start recovering its back delayed for sure who knows who knows people are just speculating there's nothing official it's because people think that the poolroom CFTC can't come out fast enough it depends on if CFTC gives approval before January 24th or not if not they're difficult way another month delay another month until the CFTC sets out yes so it's not a big deal Raven coin I actually like Raven coin I did not like them early on but I actually do like them now well I just say it sounds interested and more like a Bitcoin 2.0 they want to be a big coin that basically tokenized as everything kind of interesting Darrin Lea Orlais thank you appreciate that crypto finance Trump's board what can stop you no stupid coins or silly coins being around just people stops stop trading and stop stop hyping them right there's a lot of coins that get hyped a lot of coins that that gets traded and they will stay forever you know I gotta say that's good at bad about Kryptos okay a lot of people are fearful that you know projects basically disappear you know go lose all their money and so forth but it's really really really hard to kill Kryptos and why I say that is because there's a lot of companies right now that is from 2013 2014 that basically sat dormant for three or four years that had no traction at all zero price movement and then all of a sudden 2017 and bloomed up and now it's driving so that's kind of thing you know with blockchain it's good and it's bad as long as you have a couple miners or a couple of stagers that network will be active and as long as it's changes don't delisted tokens and they will be tradable so it's good as bad so the you know you really can't kill off the ship boy this but you could just stop trading them I don't know anything about pulip a so I do like today's traction so hopefully hopefully we could stay migas tape because one of the things for ta level 40 a people or ta in general on a day chart one of the things that was gonna happen that was looking really good was the fact that people who follow moving averages we were about to break the 50-day moving average which which is a really bullish thing and cryptos okay that hasn't happened in a long time and we recently because of you know are inclined from 3100 we smashed through a 20 day the 30 day we were about to go through the 50 day and then we start coming back down so hopefully we can start hovering around here form a new bottom and then head back up but it is still very volatile just like right here right how I said we were at 6,000 you know we were at 6,000 for so long so and all of a sudden boom right this is a probably Craig right or some other will doing this purposefully at the same thing like this right for thousands in a boom back down at 3100 so hopefully hopefully these whales or maybe Craig right can't sell anymore and will form bottom and hopefully we could start moving up I think that's what we're all waiting for at this point all right guys anything else 41 minutes into the stream and finding out some danger I had a third of January I haven't heard about that I don't know about that why isn't anyone talking about Bigfoot having that can be contributing to down market possibly not yet why would that that's the opposite effect usually people talk about having being a good thing because you get less rewards which makes the supply decrease which makes the demand increase so BIC what having is actually something that should be helping the market not hindering it so I don't know tell me where you're getting that from but that's not coming for another like for a while I think another year or something so hey when no I actually just talked about that at the beginning of the stream I don't think like home would jump because of it I actually don't think that these kind of crypto marketing in and these kind of menus will help people that don't know what like point is they're not gonna look at like my saying okay I need to look at like coin and then even they do they're gonna say okay I'm one messin like one no it's not the only people that recognize it will be people that already invested in like coin if you're in Kryptos let's say you are one of you guys show up at the octagon and you see like one banner you're like a like point but that it's not gonna make you invest in it so I don't know cuz that covered this I saw you know a Warriors game that had limbo advertising there I'd out and help them at all so I don't know I don't think this is gonna help like quite in any way dr4 I know you're facetious but it's something it's something at this point right alright guys I think that's pretty much it I said a lot I covered a lot the main topic is the 12 industries that blockchain is disrupting and will disrupt in the future I based off this article I added supply chain because he didn't mention it but there are some good things in there and so that's kind of iffy so if you missed the first half of this session make sure you check it out and there's a lot of news today a lot of news but overall today is a better day because we are seeing some recovery because I'm crypt Christmas in the last few days it's been pretty bad now we are regaining some of that let's see what the rest of day brings and this weekend because overall the weekends have been pretty good so far so maybe we could get back to the 4000 mark and we'll go from there alright so thanks for checking us out guys like I said at the beginning I'm gonna try to do live streams Mondays and Fridays and then do a video in between if you guys missed the video about the consensus algorithms or – tio make sure you're checking out on a channel and make sure to subscribe if you haven't yet and and we'll go from there alright thanks for tuning in again smash up the likes subscribe to channel and I'll see you guys on Monday have a good good weekend alright take care guys bye bye

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