12 Important People In Digital Assets And Ties To Ripple XRP

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor I decided I haven't done anything like this in a while and I decided I would do the 12 I just that number is just random I was thinking of who I felt like for some of the most important people in digital assets and we've got a lot of new viewers to this channel and there's a lot of people that have not heard a lot of these names that and so I was going to tell you about them and tell you kind of how they're connected that to this or that and specifically how they're connected to Ripple because that to me is more significant than than anything as far as if you hold X RP so I'm going to start this and I chose the number 12 at complete random I just thought of the people these are the guys that came to the top there's a lot more people that are very important but these I know are important and it's for different reasons you may love them or hate them but they're still important to the progress of digital assets and the blockchain industry as a whole um the first guy that I'll start working with is very Silbert no Barry Silbert is extremely active on Twitter you should follow him if you're on Twitter and you're interested in all this he's at Barry silver he's a definite follow this guy is the most can I call him the most connected guy in all of digital assets he runs the digital currency group which has its hands in just about every single major black blockchain company in the world this guy is very active on Twitter you can eat you can even get him to reply to you on a lot of things I also wanted to tell you that his company their largest investment is in ripple and yet he still does not promote he says he's neutral on XRP he promotes BTC aetherium classic Z cash mana Zen LPT but he will not promote XRP and I've always thought there's a reason for that he also his company owns or or invests in or owns grayscale investments which is which has the drop goal hashtag drop Gold campaign where they want Bitcoin to overtake gold they also own Genesis trading which is an over-the-counter digital asset firm and then of course coin desk which is a digital asset publication and this is his website here did if you want to check his website out it is on DCG CEO banks can't ignore bitcoin anymore but this is very silver here and as I said they're the largest that their largest ownership is in riffle of all the blockchain companies that they own okay the next guy in line I love this guy he seems like a really smart guy and now he's a both these first two guys are Bitcoin guys primarily Tim Draper cannot be ignored he's the guy that goes to all these conferences and wears a Bitcoin tie just about every time you see him and he is major bullish I think he's called for Bitcoin 250,000 dollars over the next few years and his company is Draper associates and he's got his hands in coinbase you'll recognize a lot of these names ledger but when you ever talk about ledger nano as he's an investor in their company they see if I see you Skype twitch he's a venture capitalist and he's a billionaire as well let's see Mike Novogratz he runs galaxy digital and Mike Novogratz is also now Tim Draper and Mike never gets their all and Barry Silbert all three of these first guys will not talk about River will not talk about xrp unless they're asked and mike Novogratz is also an investor in ripple the company and literally acts like he doesn't know why XRP would go up in value there's something to that I've never been able to completely figure out what the deal is here are some of their recent they're invested in backed bit go they're invested in bitstamp and you'll see Ripple I don't know the developer of ripple exchanging it a blockchain base so anyway that's just a brief description of ripple all right so Mike Novogratz will also not say Ripple then you've got Dan Moorhead who is also an investor in ripple he's the CEO of Pantera capital and Pantera capital as you will see they they're a venture capital firm as well they're in fact you'll see they're in them there's a whole bunch of companies that they're involved in but ripple is one of them poly chain is one of them and if you keep going down you'll see more and more names that you recognize as we go along um let's see go I don't know if that's how you say that but anyway these guys are invested in all sorts of thing and you'll see Dan Moorhead he goes to a lot of these blockchain conferences he's a very high profile guy and so and this guy as well he will talk about XRP but only if asked but he's an investor in ripple as I just showed you next we don't really have to say much more about cz by net this is the guy that literally in a year went from nothing to being one of the leading platform exchange platforms in the world for tre buying and selling digital assets just recently those of us that have been on bonnets which was located outside the United States they're going to shut that finance down and they're going to open up finance in the United States and this the person who is going to lead it is a lady who worked at Ripple and is leaving I think is leaving riffle to go to bond it's us that can't be a bad thing either next now I don't think I need to say much about these two but Chris Larson is the founder and chairman of ripple he is he along with his CEO Brad darling Houser on my list as well I've said before I believe that these two guys will be two of the wealthiest people in the entire world within the next year or two I believe that they that you're literally looking at your next Vanderbilt type person Vanderbilt or Rockefeller that level of well I believe these two guys are about to change the entire world and I believe that they are by far two of the most important people in blockchain and next and you'll notice I did not pick one thing I want to tell you I did not pick all of these people because they were somehow affiliated with Ripple I picked these people and then if you really start looking at just about all of them they somehow someway have something to do with Ripple I didn't mention it but I think even Tim Drake I want to say that I've read somewhere that even Tim Draper at some point invested in ripple as well so just get ready for those guys and now many people hate this guy but I still say he is one of the more important people in digital assets most recently he has been um he if there were news articles going around that Shana had put him on lockdown he couldn't no he could not leave China and he so he could not go to his lunch that he was supposed to have a Warren Buffett that he had paid four and a half million dollars to to go to lunch with Warren Buffett and then all of a sudden he pops up in San Francisco and then the bridge is behind the Golden Gate Bridge is behind him or something and but everybody I was kind of like that has to be a publicity stunt but that's what this guy does now what many of you may not know he started the the Tron foundation Tron is one is a digital asset that started by him and but many of you what many of you may not know is that this guy was an employee of you guessed it ripple this is Justin son you know this is the wayback machine that we're looking at if you look at it meet the team this is back in March 2015 and you'll see down here that's Justin son we'll see what it says about him Justin leads ripple labs day-to-day business in the Greater China region he holds a master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor's degree from Peking University so that's an interesting bit of history there and then we have one of my favorites John McAfee um I think John McAfee is very important to this industry because he it's like he's the bad boy of crypto but I think that with a with any new industry like this um you it's good to have these guys that are like legendary um guys who are the rebels of that new industry and he's one of them John McAfee for those of you that don't know is on is all over Twitter and he's basically been hiding from the government's and he he publicly tells everyone that he hasn't paid his taxes in years and he's been hiding in the Bahamas and Cuba and all sorts of places and just recently though on his Twitter feed they've been saying that he was he was caught by the government or whatever and so we'll see how that unfolds but I think he's an important part of this whole change that's coming and then you have the Winklevoss brothers what I find completely and unbelievably ironic with these guys if you remember these are the guys that sued Mark Zuckerberg and said that they Facebook was their idea and he had begun working well if you watch the movie he had begun working with them at Harvard on on Facebook and then they claim that he stole the idea from them and went and did it himself well these two guys and this is I find ironic as powerful as Facebook is these guys are some of the largest holders a bit clean of the world and I believe that they are about to turn Mark Zuckerberg on his head if I I believe that these Winklevoss brothers will will surpass Mark Zuckerberg in well ultimately because of their Bitcoin holders Bitcoin Holdings and that and they also run Gemini which is an exchange that does not have XRP list in it and if they if anybody knows them out there please tell them digital asset investor is still waiting for them to list XRP I think that there will be a game changer and finally um you can look at metallic beaut uhrin and there's no question he's one of the most important people in digital assets and that is because he founded etherium and another interesting note I believe I read this somewhere he applied to get a job or wanted to try to get a job with riffled before he started ethereal and so that's another interesting thing now the one person that I didn't put in this video because we don't know who it is is Satoshi Nakamoto so I didn't didn't include him in the twelve but of course Satoshi Nakamoto is probably ultimately the most important person that ever will be in crypto because Satoshi Nakamoto got this whole ball rolling now I also forgot to add David Schwartz in here I believe he's the Einstein of crypto but I could probably think of all sorts of names here I wanted to keep coming up with names and so I apologize to David Schwartz and I apologize to Satoshi Nakamoto whoever you are and wherever you are and maybe you're Craig right I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is for entertainment purposes only please subscribe and hit the like button and tell your friends and family that almost every important person in crypto has something to do with Ripple and I don't believe that's a coincidence either thank you for listening you

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