8 thoughts on “1:1 w/ Mark Noorlander – Wizzle Network ?? Fintech Startup Review | Best Blockchain ICO in 2018”

  1. A bridge between the Govt and blockchain is something definitely needed. I wish i knew about this a little earlier. Might not be able to get in in time… Great interview!

  2. Their model is great because it takes everyone into the crypto. What they are offering makes is easy for ppl who are hesitant .Easy conversion. It is a good use of the blockchain especially with the nodes worldwide. They way they plan to communicate is awesome!

  3. Wow. This seems like a good project. I like the use case. It looks like we have 10 more hours to get in pre- Sale. Thanks BK! Bam!

  4. I like this ico man. I will wait till they hit exchange to buy. I bet it survives the storm too.This is one of a few that will be aloud to run in the states with no problem.

  5. It is simple also so older people will be able to use this. That is the most important thing. The use. More user. Price spikes more.

  6. Hey BK so appreciate your effort its MIkeyscottuk from this vid i was the winner but i was away at time have left details a few times as not sure your got it man can you just confirm you did just happy to win thank you Namaste 🙂 Keep shining

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