11 Interesting Similarities Between Stocks & Crypto + Altcoin Opportunities

hey guys Martin here okay so I want to do a quick recap here on the stock market and the potential connection to Kryptos and reason for this is that a Dow Jones only has a market cap of seven point five trillion dollars yes you heard correct and bitcoin is only worth one hundred twelve billion right now and S&P 500 is much bigger than thou jones so this is where the big money is right now however I do think that a lot of this capital will eventually come into Kryptos but it's still important here to follow stocks so we'll do a quick analysis here of Dow Jones and Bitcoin and then look at some world coin opportunities so what we're looking at here is the short from October of last year and we can see here that I have marked well the ups and downs for both Dow Jones which is down here this line short down here and here's Bitcoin short this line this purple coloured line here so what I found here when I went back about a year here is I found 14 ups and downs and when I looked into the if they were correct matches I found 11 correct matches out of these 14 and only 3 bronze so 11 out of 14 that's 78.5% and I'm not saying that this is a direct correlation but it's definitely very interesting I haven't done this before but if we look at this major run up well for Bitcoin when we reach 20,000 stocks went up you know during the same time here and when Bitcoin had won the biggest drops like this one from I was probably from 10,000 down to 6,000 or so stocks fell dramatically as well and that was in February of 2018 but then we got a nice rebound here for Bitcoin and the same thing happened here for Dow Jones so basically if you look at the last six ups and downs here they are well matches for Bitcoin and Dow Jones so I do think that the stock market is or potentially is showing directional changes for Bitcoin and world coins so it's important to look for these peaks and troughs so the current pullback here for Dow Jones may not be over so if we look at the daily short here for Dow Jones we can see here that yesterday formed a pretty decent hammer but today we're still going to the downside here so this could continue so I want you to be cautious here for Bitcoin in the near term on the other hand if the owners were to have a directional change here and go back up that could be bullish for Bitcoin as well but it finally here the last thing I want to mention about the stock market is that Wall Street is influencing cryptos if we're good and bad and I do believe that when we'll get the next financial crisis tripped us will likely go to the upside once stocks are falling pretty bad so that's what I think that's my own opinion but we'll see what happens so let's head over here to some interesting opportunities for cryptos and this is the latest report from Watson and I looked at this one coin here waa n so it's one of the top 10 and if we look at a daily short here for one we're not one coin one Shane I'm not sure how to pronounce it but here it is from by Nance so this is the daily short and it's up a solid 5% right now very close to the daily high and we have actually touched the 50-day you may hear this blue line here but what's even more important is that we have got a breakout here from this resistance line it's been broken here to the upside so that is some good news here and this could get a continuation it's also the highest volume here for about a week so this in combination with the social bus going on on social media and Twitter that should be positive here going forward to tomorrow I want to show you the eight hours short here for one chain so here it is and we are right now outside of the bowling band lib it perhaps we could fall back here to this support zone that's around 1550 so keep an eye on that if we were to get a little short-term pullback here before we might take another attempt to the upside but on the other hand we could still continue here to the upside but watch how this day will end here in about six hours so if we will and with a candlestick like this that would probably be pretty bullish here so even better if we were to take out this peak we had here around 1630 now let's look at orc as well because ork made a new high today at least for the short term here so we went up to twelve seventy and we're pretty closer to my next target up at 1300 this area right here we were up four percent right now and we've taken out these highs from earlier this week and last week so it would be really good if we could get it daily close as well above 1250 and we also have the highest volume here in about a week so it does look pretty good here for arc so a continuation is likely but finally I want to end the day here with a look at Janice's vision because this could be some profit-taking time we are for made this candlestick right now so it does look a little bit overextended here it's the third day in a row outside of the balling band so will we form a shooting star today find out in about 5-6 hours but on the other hand this could continue to the next wave level up at 28,600 so that is the daily crypt update and I hope you enjoyed this and if so spread this in social media and have a great day goodbye

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  3. Is the correlation inversed where when stocks go down crypto goes up and vice versa,
    or are they following a similar pattern where they move up and down together…?

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