31 thoughts on “$10,000 Is The Next OBVIOUS Stop For Bitcoin!”

  1. You're getting more and more arrogant every video man, it's becoming quite difficult to put up with your arrogance just to hear your TA.
    I find myself saying "God this guy's a tool" so many times each video, that I can't focus on anything else that you're saying.

  2. Forflies, you are a genius. 100% accurate since I've been watching your channel. I am up 300% since yesterday at 25x thanks to you. Do you think we will hit $11800?

  3. You are so smart, I think you should be more cocky 😉 Seriously though, not everyone is James at the watercooler here. Some of us aren't in it for the day or swing trading, but have made some very nice buys on the low points and are (and will be in more) nice profits by just holding strong. Anyway, thanks for the vids but seriously hoping you will turn down the hubris switch a notch.

  4. It's nice, but unhealthy . Pump's caused mainly by Finex issues.
    The most powerful shorts strenght. Here's why it surpassed 6k too easy. I don't see the daily volume through the 1 week.
    Just bots pressure…. That's everyone need to get consider. BTC is really sits at timebomb, while they're blind.

  5. Lucky I moved my stop way below 7950 Sami. Managed to pull 100% but would have got stopped out with your s/l ?. Good call though I had the same feeling and was waiting in my long for a few days for it to break up

  6. Price is weaker and weaker, retracements are deeper with a lot of consolidation in equilibrium, seems like 9,500 will have to wait

  7. It looks like we’re doing something we’re instead of hitting the measured move, we’ve just created an upward trending channel…basically the run stopped at a parallel resistance of the bottom of the triangle we broke out of.

  8. TA doesn't work on BTC. It is not the whales or buyers controlling the market. It's the freaking miners!
    Price depends on when they decide to dump their thousands of BTC to get profit from mining.
    Of course up to halving, most miners will hold their BTC and sell when price is way up and dump it! So price goes up, because miners are not selling for that period!
    That "consolidation" around 8.000, was miners finally cashing in after mining for 4-5 months when BTC price was at 4.000 and too low to sell. Once there was no BTC left to buy at 8.000, price went up.
    Call them "bears" if you want, but most of the dumps are the miners. If people dont realize that they dont know the market.

  9. Hey, man, I respect your TA, but don't go the route of Kirby of trying to offend people calling them idiots. Also, your trade got stopped just before the move so no reason to be so proud.

  10. You are smart , i like your videos , but stop with words fu$$ing and calling people sheep , cuz u sound like craig wright , and that’s kinda gross

  11. I like your vids, but the last few months the ‘told you so’ remarks are getting annoying and way too much.
    Be humble please

  12. The breakdown from 6000 was predictable with EWT. 9550 BTC is a .382 Retracement of the 19,890 top & should give Major Resistance, imo. FREE 5-27-19

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