10’000 Bitcoins – Laura Saggers (Original Music Video)

welcome to Bitcoin Today. The Bitcoin convention in Florida has taking industry by storm. While the search is still on for the bitcoin miner who mined a million pounds worth of bitcoins and threw away the hard drive into local dump. Where in China the BTC
exchange opens to business despite the bank warnings. Just in. it is official 711 have now started accepting Bitcoins. is this the new online currency for the future. stay tuned. If I had 10’000 bitcoins do you know what i would buy I’d get you that car you wanted yeah, the one with the rear wheel drive you could teach me how to drift, I’d be so cool no lie and I’d sit there by your side as you wizz up the freeway close to 1shfifty five if I had 10’000 bitcoins I would take us on a tour to all your favorite breweries up and down the coast and more and we’d sample all your favorite beer and sit out in the sun and slowly getting drunk all day it’s you and me we’re always having fun having lots of money that wont make you happy if you’re super duper rich but all alone it’s having someone to share the dream i’m so glad that you share mine with me if I had 10’000 bitcoin I would pay for you to fly so you could get your license to soar up into the sky on a private plane so we could disappear at any time take a trip to catalina island or even to hawaii having lots of money that wont make you happy if you’re super duper rich but all alone its having someone to you mean house to share the dream I’m so glad that you share mine with me having lots of money that wont make you happy if you’re super duper rich but all alone its having someone to share the dream i’m so glad that you share mine with me I don’t have 10’000 bitcoins yeah i barely got a dime but a day does not go by where i don’t work hard and i try to be the best that i can be and when you’re by my side i don’t need rocks and diamonds, pearls cus im the richest girl in love alive money money I like money it’s fun when we got some money btc-e mtGox i’ll keep on trading and ill never stop well, until you tell me to cus i wouldn’t know what to do if it wasnt for you yeah, Mwah!

100 thoughts on “10’000 Bitcoins – Laura Saggers (Original Music Video)”

  1. I'd really wish this video would have a better quality. However i'm listening to it with endless video from 0:30–3:41.

  2. We need to collaborate! Check out our version of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" (aka BItcoin) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdufAJC7r1g&t=173s

  3. I know your content is not usually crypto-related, but I loved your voice and this song is very singysongy.
    I apologize in advance in case you receive too many toxic comments, but I'll share your song on quite big discord group and I have no idea with whom they may share so… Let's hope for the best. Maybe if this gets enough views you'll start making more cryptosongs.

  4. Fantastic news that you plan on doing more bitcoin songs. You could give us crypto enthusiasts a daily chart update in that wonderful voice of yours if you want a shit tone of subscribers. GL Laura from a new sub

  5. Bitcoins represent the fact that technology is moving at a very fast pace, particularly in computer science. If managed in the right way, it ought to improve the lives of everyone. It is up to mankind to guide technology for the common good of all

  6. It's solid science but when I tried to get into real mining the underground said no. lol Controlled by some gang or something.

  7. Hey guys!!!! My album is FINALLY out!! and this song is up for download. Available on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/chasing-dreams/1349099894 and also for BITCOIN!!!!! at www.laurasaggers.com
    Mucho love to you all! LONG LIVE BITCOINNNNNNNN


  8. This is the sweetest crypto song I’ve ever heard. Actually, the sweetest song I’ve ever heard. In love.

  9. Go on with the Bitcoin….until you got old and will feel that there is nothing things to do anymore..me i am enough and searching for happiness and how to pass time


  11. Hey guys!! my official album release show is booked for June 16th at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood and I shall be playing this track live with a full band and selling limited edition signed cds. Get your limited edition cd's and tickets at www.laurasaggers.com only 100 being made so grab them quick . Hope to see you at the show my bitcoin lovers!!! xoxox

  12. I don't know why I love ❤️❤️❤️this song and your voice…… Make another one if possible

  13. I already got the car my love, just need some coins for to refurbish the motor and we go for the ride, promise ..

  14. Richest Girl aka The Bitcoin Regina Spektor aka the 10,000 Bagger Holdin Laura Saggers hell yea cool song

  15. no thank you all I'll have my dreams by myself, get rid of alimony and no fault divorce maybe I'll share some dreams with the opposite sex again but till then you can go f*** off

  16. Its Aug 2019, I'm watching this fir the first time and BTC is at $12,000. That would be $120 million for 10,000 Bitcoins

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