$1,000/Day In the First Month As A Newbie (Paypal Only) | Shopify Dropshipping 2018

one thousand dollars per day in the
first month of doing Shopify dropshipping what is up guys my name is
Ivey zu and in this video I’m gonna talk about my first month into Shopify
dropshipping all the successes the failures and all the lessons and
mistakes that I’ve made along the way so that you don’t have to make those
mistakes like me if you’re new to my channel make sure to subscribe down
below because I’m gonna be sharing my whole show v5 dropshipping journey and
also my personal branding journey here on youtube and also on my Instagram as
well I saw in my channel and also my structuring journey on May 9th and in
the first week I did like four hundred sixty dollars sixty four dollars or
something like that I made a video about that as well and that was with my
previous coach chattels with my first coach he’s a shot by youtuber and I did
his method it was like worldwide targeting $5 at sets and yeah like it
wasn’t working it wasn’t working out for me like his method and also I wasn’t
there satisfied with the coaching so I stumbled upon a new coach Mike and he
was like way more expensive but he showed me everything like his he
revealed everything his whole strategy and that was around like main 15 so I
did the coaching call with Mike and then I did a mistake of like getting
distracted like I was just focused I was just focusing like on YouTube and with
my youtube channel yes you can see I zero sales but yeah like as you can see
here’s a tip that was better lost a problem with um with the previous method
like I was doing more white or white targeting using drop fi and Q of the
orders they just kept failing like I couldn’t ship there or the order would
just fail like like the order was we just closed on Aliexpress so I had to
refund those and yeah so I’m gonna show like all the stats or the previous
methods oh I did I don’t know like from here to here so I did four hundred and
ten dollars in sales this was the conversion rate was very
low I spent over $800 in acts and also I had counted cost of goods so all in all
I probably lost 500 or 600 dollars for this product Plus also I lost like money
for the coaching that wasn’t working out but if you look look now so let’s look
at it again here so yeah this was the time I was distracted then I started
doing then I started like doing the new product I like I yeah I found a new
product I start applying the new method with my coach and yeah you can see like
I started properly i doing on 28 like this 26 of May it was like just a random
test that I did yeah and as you can see like the second videos nothing
so prop like I started with the new method properly on May 28th and as you
can see like as you can see like I saw on May 28th there’s like $170 then 1 251
and on the third day I hate seven hundred forty dollars in a single day
and when I hit seven hundred forty dollars up with the new method how so
I’m so happy else I was bringing it out I’m gonna hit two thousand dollars per
day very easy very quick and I made a post about it like on eco empires like
thinking yeah I’m so awesome like this is great but then the reality came so
the next few days it was just going to shit like three hundred dollars four
hundred and I was spending like three hundred to four hundred dollars per day
on ads so as you can see like on this day there was profit but on these
like I was like either breaking even or like losing like 50 to 100 dollars per
day and yeah like I was like I was just stuck I didn’t know what to do
but around here on June 7th or June 8th I launched a new product because I
because I realized like my product impossible working where well so I
launched a new product and in like 2 or 3 days I finally hit 1,000 dollars in a
day within the first month of doing Shopify dropshipping so I’m so happy
that I did $1,000 because on that day I wasn’t even working like I worked maybe
like 30 minutes that day because I was on a I was on a
birthday party so I didn’t really have access to my laptop or to internet so I
worked like 30 minutes just like managing at comments that is very
important you gotta hide comments that are negative and stuff like that and
also I replied to some customer service like my customer emails as well in 30
minutes like the first two weeks from May 9th
till like May 25 I did like 400 dollars in sales but in
the last two weeks okay so okay so in the last two weeks of the month and it’s
six thousand four hundred dollars and yeah so with the new method with a new
coach I invested quite a lot of money into new coaching but it paid off
because it really just sped up my progress I guess you can see like with
the previous coach I did four hundred dollars in there in like two weeks but
the new coach I did six thousand four hundred dollars in two weeks and the
conversion rate is way better like with the new with a new method and basically
the new method is not doing worldwide not doing $5 assets but doing only like
a UK you Canada Australia and European countries
and also doing like $10 to $20 accents not $5 so yeah as you can see like also
one in trip one interesting thing that I noticed was like from a potato here till
today so yeah as you can see I was getting a lot of traffic with the first
method doing worldwide it was comparable to here right but the
cells are completely different you can see the cells was like 100 per day or
$30 per day but here as you can see it was like 200 700 300 500 and as you can
see I’m the traffic was comparable but the sales was like 3 times 5 times more
than that so that’s why I don’t recommend doing work why targeting
anymore and yeah so this is what I did like in one month one month and like 2
or 3 days so in like 33 days of the key lessons that I have learned in the past
month is coaching is really awesome like without the coaching I wouldn’t be able
to do six for over six thousand dollars in the last two weeks so if you find a
good coach it is totally worth it but you got to do your research maybe you
gotta test it out if it’s a good fit for you if it worked the second lesson is
you need to focus I was getting I was getting distracted and sidetracked with
YouTube and that that was like that was very bad for my e-commerce business what
I recommend is you have to work at least four to eight hours per day so what I
was doing was I was I was like distracted for two weeks and then I was
like oh shit I was distracted then then I was like working 12 hours a day
because I need to catch up because I was working 12 hours a day I wasn’t sleeping
very much you know so what’s important is you need to focus and
need to be consistent so I wasn’t very consistent back I was like the first
week I was working quite a lot then the second week I was like distracted with
like YouTube and everything and after that I was like stressed again because I
was like oh shit I just lost the week doing nothing productive for my
ecommerce store so then I started to catch up I was working like 1012 hours
per day and I wasn’t sleeping and yeah like when I wasn’t sleeping I got sick
and then also like made the whole process even harder so the key lesson is
be focused be consistent and also take care of your health because then will
set you back as well all right so let’s talk about a few specific key lessons
like regarding Shopify so the first like the first specific lesson is don’t don’t
do worldwide at first just to just do the Europe UK United States Australia
and Canada and these kind of countries they will get you better results the
second the second lesson is you need to test products more often because in the
first month I just tested three products and yeah like the last product it was
like tested on the last two days of the first month so yeah you need to test
more often so that that will also help because some products you think they
might have potential and you might get attached to them like me I was like okay
I don’t want to be the guy who tests like ten products a day you know I
wanted to focus on quality but that doesn’t always work so you got a you’re
gonna test price way more often like maybe maybe at least like three to seven
products per week that is status like I think like that would there will be my
sweet spot successes in the past month where I had one thousand dollars per day
or the second success was I did I got two hundred subscribers on YouTube in my
first month but the feathers were I didn’t pass I didn’t
pass by University graduation exam so I’m gonna be retaking that exam I think
at the end of August so now let’s talk about goals so since I didn’t pass my
college like graduation exam I was like very bitter about it because it was an
oral exam and the professor like he or her was in control of your success of my
outcome like he or she could decide if I pass or not and it was so close and they
didn’t let me pass so I was very bitter about it I’m still kind of bitter and
angry about it but I’m gonna use this negative energy to motivate me to do
even better with my youtube and also better with my e-commerce or so since
when I did when I did like the exam I was like doing five hundred dollars per
day so my goal till till the end of August to hit five thousand dollars per
day consistently so I’m gonna 10x 10x my goal till that exam I’m gonna use I’m
gonna use I get better nice and it angriness to motivate me to work even
harder so this is the first this is the first goal to do 5,000 dollars per day
consistently by the end of August okay so let’s talk
about what I’m gonna do to achieve the goal of $5,000 per day consistently by
the end of August so the first thing I’m gonna do I’m gonna be starting way more
I’m gonna be the first thing I’m gonna do I’m gonna be testing way more
products I’m gonna be do I’m gonna be doing three to seven products per week
to test I’m also gonna hire VA s because right now I’m doing everything like I’m
doing Facebook Ads and I’m video editing I’m like managing my website I’m doing
customer service I’m managing my add comments basically
I’m doing everything by myself right now and it’s starting to be a lot of work
it’s starting to be like but some days I work like 10 hours per day
I’m gonna be hiring some VA so I can so I can have a life because right now I’ve
I’ve been just working all day I haven’t been hitting the gym I haven’t been
doing anything just working so yeah I’m gonna be sorry to outsource that as well
the first thing I’m gonna be doing is I’m gonna be using klaviyo or clay vo
for email marketing I haven’t had the time to apply that to my store so I’m
gonna be doing those free things I think those three things are the key I’m also
gonna be getting some more coaching so I learned how to scale even faster and
more effectively I don’t want to give you like an impression that it’s very
easy I drop by drop shipping like everyone can do one thousand dollars per
day like in the first month as a newbie no like it isn’t as easy like to do to
do my numbers like to get my results I spent money on coaching I got some
courses and I also work like some days I worked like 10 to 12 hours a day I also
was missing sleep as well so yeah I was really grinding and I was doing
everything by myself like video I learned video editing to do this you
know like I was doing my own customer service I was doing everything myself
learning so if you want to make this happen
make sure to subscribe to my channel learn a lot take a lot of action because
if you’re like if you just learn and don’t take action you’re gonna fail
you’re gonna be like you’re gonna be like my old myself like my old me just
like consuming so much content but not taking action so what you gotta do is to
learn from my channel also like other YouTube channels as well and start
applying everything immediately you just gotta take massive action and that’s the
only way you can get oh by the way I want to show you like a quick behind the
scenes if you’re interested in – if you’re like interested in like doing
YouTube as well so I I want to show you like what I’m what I’m using so this is
like a very cheap softbox you can get on Amazon this this is like an LED light
with an umbrella this umbrella is used to soften the light and yeah as you can
see here this is external monitor it’s anything a fork a very good this is the
rode video mic ro yeah and this is also very handy like this remote yeah this
remote helps me like to start and videos also review them so I can use this
remote to review my video and I can reshoot it again yeah and also as you
can see this is like a this is like an airing ironing board and I use this to
put my laptop like as you can see I put my laptop here and I can do the screen
share and have the same background as well as because I have the desk here so
guys if you’re interested in to if you’re interested in doing YouTube it
would be good if you would invest some money into improving like the production
value improve the video quality because as there are more youtubers as there are
more youtubers there’s like more like you need to you need to be like better
than before like like when YouTube started there are so many shitty videos
getting a lot of views but now you gotta up your game you gotta up your content
game you’re gonna up your production value as well so yeah as you can see
like people like our people have such so attention span that you got a that you
gotta like improve you gotta improve the quality of your
content like how it looks and everything oh by the way I was getting subscribers
even when I wasn’t up loading videos for like two weeks or something I wasn’t
uploading but I still got subscribers and I think the reason why why I got
those subscribers was because because of the production value because
I try to make my videos as good as possible and also I try to make really
good phone lines because even if you have good content but your content looks
like shit like bad bad audio like bad video quality people won’t like won’t
listen or watch your video for long enough to figure out there it is good
content okay so if you’re a youtuber make sure that your YouTube quality is
good and the sure phone nails are good as well so people click on it and give
you the chance to figure out that you have good quality content to offer you

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