$100 VS $10,000 EBAY MYSTERY BOX CHALLENGE UNBOXING!! 📦⁉️Bitcoin, Toys & More!!

we have a Bitcoin hey what’s going on
guys this object here from TVP and we are back with a brand new video and
today whoa you get it oh my god yo guys check this no first shot what Logan edit
that to go in but guys we are back with the brand new video and today we are
doing another eBay Mystery Box challenge that is right we have a $100 ebay
mystery box versus a $10,000 eBay mystery box now I know what you’re
thinking papa change $10,000 that is a lot of money and it is except the second
mystery box only cost $1,000 because you have the opportunity to win a $10,000
grand prize they don’t know what it is I’m assuming they will probably like
gold or what look and what else is worth $10,000 a new car can they fit a car in
a mystery box I don’t think they can they can’t fit a car in there
you could also get like diamonds it could be diamonds for all we know or it
could just be cash who knows I’m excited though guys because whenever we do this
it’s always a lot of fun and the funny part is I actually generally have more
fun with the cheaper mystery boxes than the more expensive ones because the more
expensive ones are normally like one big object and the smaller ones have a bunch
of really fun stuff so we have both they came in the mail we got the first $100
one pretty quick but it took a little bit longer for the 10,000 and I think
that’s because it’s definitely a winner I think it’s a winner and we’re gonna be
getting some really cool stuff today Before we jump into that guys I do want
to remind you if you happen to be brand new to the channel make sure to smash
that like button down below and do not forget to smack the Bell button so you
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notifications let’s try and get thousand likes on this video for another Mystery
Box challenge but let’s go check out the boxes so here we are we have our mystery
boxes here so this is the dollar mystery box down here we have the
$10,000 mystery box we just actually really big it was a lot bigger than I
thought it would be and like maybe it’s a painting or something Logan how much
you think the Mona Lisa cost all right paintings are expensive so
maybe it’s not a painting but who knows what it could be but we’re gonna get
into that after first up we have our $100 mystery box so I’m excited we’re
gonna jump in here check out every item that comes inside and then we will jump
into the Grand Daddy the $10,000 mystery box and see what is in there I am really
excited for that one but let’s start with this and see what we got inside
good thing I’ve got my trusty and handy butter knife probably not the optimal
thing but we cannot find our box cutters so there’s not like an opening on this
right you don’t go in here or something oh there’s nothing in here I could hurt
okay so this is by the same person I guess
you could say that we got the last one from hopefully it’s not a duplicate it’s
kind of hard to tell I don’t know if there’s like one mystery box and they
all have the same thing in it or if everyone truly is randoms we’re about to
find out but this is the hundred dollar version to redistribute here we go
why are you see things I’ve seen things Logan what you can’t take it yet all
right you pick one this emblem I’m picking the first one all right pinkie
dude let’s see what we plasma light that’s all right here we go Jake whoa
it’s like lightning in a bell ball that’s so cool
how does this work guys this is a science question for you how does this
work and also a mind like a centimeter away from getting electrocuted it looks
yeah we should turn off the lights to see what it looks like that’s actually
really cool little thing it’s something that I would never think to buy slash
like didn’t even really realize you could buy it but that is all so I’m just
kind of mesmerized it’s so interesting it like follows you
it’s so weird some are so good I mean like I said the
hundred dollar ones normally are just full of cool stuff so hopefully we get
more cool things and not junk but let’s keep going the next thing in the box I’m
gonna put my hand in and pull it out let’s see what we got here
okay this definitely feels unique squeeze popper squeeze the fire pop and
pay like mr. piggy okay all right love you open this up I
will sue this is so that was like a rocky Longet yeah this could be like no
you’re playing nerf with your friends they think they’re all cool because
they’ve got like nerf fully-auto weapons B pull there something like wait a sec
go into the nerf battle light let’s go probably more accurate than the nerf gun
Jake I think it’s more accurate than a nerf gun okay you know this is a cool
toy he can’t be mr. Piggy because we already
have Mr piggy guys what should we name him I don’t know I’d like to think like
you’re putting broccoli in his mouth he’s like I don’t want broccoli no no
broccoli yeah your broccoli buddy yeah all right next item in the box what
do we got what is this okay what it flies what do we got open this up I
gotta see what this is okay this looks so cool this is like a mini drone how
does this work other than the song it’s me that’s that
that’s doing it justice all right other than the song that comes with this it’s
really cool you’re mine yep if you guys know in Harry Potter
what’s I call like the thing that flies the ball it’s the Golden Snitch Golden
Snitch this exactly is like that except it plays weird disco songs and lights up
all right look I complain I was really dude I could play this for longer like
imagine you could like throw it across the room definitely a cool addition to
the mystery box so far guys all this stuff that’s pretty cool not a lot of
junk so far so let’s keep going Logan you wanna pick the next one what’s it
gonna be what’s it gonna be grab something grab something dude Oh one thing what is it it’s a box within a
box it’s be even more mysterious another box inside a box whoa what is this box
what’s it what’s it do it does nothing Jake he’s just a box okay push I’m so
confused no you can explain this look push the
button let there be like a little person in there oh yeah it’s a little figure so
when you push the button so it literally is useless other than if you want to
push the button and get the button push then you got to push the button again by
pushing the button again it gets pushed it’s an endless cycle you could sit here
all day pushing the button okay cool I never would have thought of having that
in mr. box but looks pretty awesome I guess we should move on let me know down
below would you push the button but we still got some more stuff in here so put
my hand in I’ll peel around I’m gonna try about something I may be small okay
all right what is it Logan it is an infinity cube oh I’ve seen things like
this before it’s one of those okay so it just keeps going infinitely it’s kind of
like a fidget toy all right that’s kind of cool we got to
keep going Logan we can’t spend all day on the infinite cube for an infinite
amount of time cuz we’ve got an infinity about a fun to have all right next item
here let’s go for something big here alright this is a big box what is this a
rotating police party light alright cool I guess you know maybe we could mount
this on top of like our Segway or something when we go fight crime but
alright pretty interesting next up on the list it’s going here graph another
box what do we got it is a desktop punching bag okay all right
do peak at something like this last thing always like a meat with munching
yeah yeah big all right let’s check this out guys
did you just get a paper cut yes a really bad paper cut Wow okay it’s
like a full one out punching bag oh dear I’m like spider-man I don’t know how you
doing really bad all right guys Papa jig horns punch the air oh I know what we’ll
do it leave these bad boys I mean you almost look like the Hulk Logan it like
a little tiny bit off the hands are definitely the size alright well that was definitely a cool
addition a to the mystery box I like I was kind of like a theme where like last
time we got something similar but this is like from it so we’re gonna leave
this here it’s time to go on to the next item and see what else we got in here
put my hands in holders I feel like there’s a lot left alright let’s go pull
it over this is out boom what is it well whatever it is it fell out we don’t need
this anymore be a second I think I know what this is it’s stable basketball if
you needed to deck out like an office or something or you’re in the maybe your
desk at school imagine do come out if you’re allowed to have all those are
your desks cool just like all the teachers talk and you’re getting ripped
over here practicing your hoops over here alright so you gotta get it in the
basketball hoop luckily for you guys I got the Kobe up
alright you know what you know what Logan how do we have competition first
want to get it in wins they’ve got that shots all about skill here yes forget basketball we got more stuff to
unbox let’s go through here looks like we have a few items left ready Logan I
just know something really weird here okay let’s see ice it’s a mr. pooh mask
that looks very skin the photo and look what this looks like again we got a poo in the last box so I
guess there’s the theme to always have a poo in the box but this is a bit low you
might try it on yeah I don’t really want to try it on either so we’re gonna put
this aside it looks like here so let’s see what it is it saved it it’s big Oh
last item in the mystery box is magic trucks I think we need to build it here so as far as I know you put the car
on this and it’s supposed to go so we made a little bit of a track let’s see
how this works it’s actually pretty cool and the funny thing is I’ve seen this
before once we open it up I realize this is one of those like brand-new as seen
on TV toys so it’s kind of like our first review ever so let’s see if it
works three two one go all right it did not
work three two one go have some bad news for everyone both the car and the track
are doing alright well that pretty much wraps up the 100 dollar mystery box I
think that was a pretty good deal for $100 I think the fun part is the mystery
and even just figuring out what some of these items are and how to use them
easy bunch of fun that was awesome but guys I know what you’re thinking we
still have the $10,000 mystery box to go into are you guys ready to see what we
got let’s do this here we go this is the $10,000 mystery box
and I know you’re probably thinking Papa Jake is it $10,000 so no this was a
thousand dollars but you have the potential to win $10,000 I’m pretty
excited about so let’s open it up and see what we got inside feel something
guys we have a we have a little black bag the gold is this it did we get the
$10,000 for I open that before I realize I want to see what else is in this box
dude I keep with an iPad Mini that is actually awesome I mean I already have
an iPad but still this is sweet it’s an iPad Mini for 128 gigabytes yes that
covers a lot of the price of it so whatever is in this is either
the equivalent of $10,000 or is like 400 bucks or it’s nothing and then I just
spent a thousand dollars in an iPad hello and thank you for purchasing my
mystery box if you have any questions or concerns please an email if it’s an
email inside you will find one gifted item with a value of 4 to $700 iPad Mini
along with the chance to win along with a chance to win $10,000 inside you have
a chance of finding a code please email me the code if you have one I will
transfer one full Bitcoin redeemable to your account if this was two months ago
this could have been twenty thousand dollars there is a Bitcoin that’s pretty
cool this is worth anything inside we have a Bitcoin but there is no code on
it Logan I don’t think that’s worth anything in fact I don’t even think this
is a real Bitcoin well we did not win the $10,000 once again although it is
always a bunch of fun to play and we got an iPad out of it which is pretty sweet
but anyway guys I think this is where we are gonna wrap up the video for today I
hope you guys did enjoy and if you guys do enjoy this mystery box videos and
want us to do more than there are so many different eBay mystery boxes to
purchase we did a Nerf one in our last video if you guys haven’t checked that
out go check that out but they have other ones I mean Dave like pokemon card
ones and all these different crazy ones so let me know down below and if you
guys wants to do another one smack that like button lets try and get 50,000
likes on this video but guys thank you so very much this has been Papa Jake and
I’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video

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