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Bitcoin First, they ignore you. What do you fear? Then, they laugh at you. “Yes, everyone’s drinking the kool-aid.” Then they fight you Governments cannot stop this innovation and those that have tried have already failed. All you creeps that are controlling money all throughout the world Your time is slowly closing in am I right? Yep. If this is your first time here make sure you subscribe and click on the bell so you don’t miss any new videos Ever since its inception Bitcoin has been called many things Bitcoin for those of you who don’t know is an electronic online currency that was created in 2009 Bitcoin is is better than currency in that you don’t have to be physically in the same place and of course for large transactions currency can get pretty inconvenient. Bitcoin is fundamentally different because in bitcoin you don’t owe anyone anything and no one owes you anything It is not a system based on that it is a system based on ownership and no one can censor it No one can seize it. No one can freeze it. In the press It has been pronounced dead more than 300 times and yet today it stands Stronger than ever when Bitcoin first launched in 2009 as a response to the financial crisis It was considered a pipe dream for it to reach $1 per Bitcoin Surprisingly it only took two years for Bitcoin to reach parity with the US dollar This happened seven years ago on February 9th 2011. This was also the era of the now-infamous 10,000 BTC pizza. A Bitcoin was worth less than a penny When Laszlo Hanyecz, first traded Bitcoin for pizza nine years ago. Eight hundred million dollars? Yeah. So ok. Look, sorry Just let me get this straight you spent about eight hundred million dollars on pizzas Well, if you look at today’s exchange rate Are there nights you wake up like in a cold sweat where you think I could have had eight hundred million dollars? I think thinking like that is not really good for me. Looking back some of the comments from this period seem quite amusing today in the early days, you know, I Get phone calls from a buddy. Oh, hey, man, I lost 10,000 bitcoins because my computer blew up right back Then one Bitcoin was less than a penny right so nobody cared they lost $10. They don’t care right now 10,000 bitcoins That’s five million dollars. That’s a big deal, right? Meanwhile devoted Bitcoin hodlers have been greatly rewarded in the following years as prices saw 3 4 and even 5 figure sums these early investors Understood the value of bitcoins design and the fact that there could only ever be 21 million Bitcoin The supply of Bitcoin is determined algorithmically based on a geometrically declining supply function Meaning that in the beginning every 10 minutes 50 new Bitcoin are created. So every block the heart beats 10 minutes Created 50 new Bitcoin This Bitcoin is used as a reward in a game theory based Security model that ensures that every transaction is independently validated by completely anonymous actors who have the stake electricity as a guarantee of the security work they’ve done and If they succeed in doing the security work of validating transactions correctly They earn as a reward based on a probabilistic return that reward 50 Bitcoin every 10 minutes that’s how currency is introduced into the economy every 4 years it gets cut in half as a system is designed to have a monetary policy that is purposely deflationary and simulates the issuance of precious metals it gets harder and harder and harder to mine gold at greater and greater and greater cost and Bitcoin is the same the idea being that less and less is issued over time If you follow that geometric curve at some point you reach the end in the year 2141 bitcoin is no longer issued 21 million coins is the asymptotic cap that is part of the protocol is unchangeable part of the protocol and it is a rule enforced by every system that Participates in the Bitcoin network. On the other hand the supply of dollars in the world Is in the tens of trillions and the number is ever-expanding Bitcoins supply is set in stone. Its emission rate is predetermined It’s accounting is transparent and publicly verifiable It’s outside the control any government or central Authority. Bitcoin is unlike anything the world has ever seen It is the internet of money that has appreciated Over eighty four thousand percent against the US dollar over the past seven years. And so that’s another Reallocation of trillions of dollars Bitcoin and things like it is the equivalent of the red pill We are entering a completely world of uncharted water Have you made any investments in Bitcoin? so I mean I personally I own Bitcoin in my hedge fund. I own Bitcoin in my fund I own Bitcoin in my private account It is a huge deal it’s a huge huge huge deal because what you’re talking about right now is for the next three to five years an unbelievably better store value It is gold 2.0 the value of gold that hedges the world economy about nine trillion dollars 1300 an ounce of which only a hundred to 150 dollars is the actual production value So all the rest of it is imputed where Lina you and I have decided that it’s worth 1,300 an ounce. Well, guess what? I can do the same thing with Bitcoin except now if I could do it outside the purview of Every single government it’s being used everywhere where you would think it would be used Russia Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Venezuela Argentina Everywhere where you have currency pressure everywhere where you want to basically shield your assets and then after that It’ll probably become a payment mechanism so in all of these three industries You’re talking about trillions of dollars up for grabs up for grabs. Right now world Governments are all trying to figure out what’s going on cryptocurrencies if you think about it It challenges a lot of the government’s power throughout history Currency has always been in control by governments and used as a method of control Bitcoin represents a way of removing power from governments and no smart government Would let go one of their control methods without a fight and that’s what we’re seeing right now Some of the most powerful people in the war old are slowly starting to attack Bitcoin and other digital assets one of the main functions of government is to create currency Bitcoin is successful only because of Its potential for circumvention lack of oversight. So it seems to me it ought to be outlawed We ought to just go back to what we always have had and and this is just a a bubble about five years ago We asked Charlie Munger We were sitting right there what he thought a Bitcoin and he said rat poison Back, then it was about a hundred plus dollars per Bitcoin today. It’s nine thousand. Is it still rat poison? Well probably rat poison squared we should be prohibiting crypto currencies They disempower the federal government, but it’s already too late. The genie is out of the bottle. They are quickly Realizing that this is a global phenomenon that is immune to traditional attempts of currency manipulation Yet we can already see some government entities. Give way to this new innovative technology Washington must go beyond the hype and ensure that it’s not the place where innovation goes to die the world that Satoshi Nakamoto author of the Bitcoin white paper envisioned and others are building is An unstoppable force. We should not attempt to deter this innovation and Governments cannot stop this innovation and those that have tried have already failed There is a lot of talk I’m all for crypto currencies and blockchain technology because I like competing currencies but it bothers me when you hear about the government saying you’re not allowed to do this and not allowed to do that because historically Governments always have to have money monopoly control over money and credit instead allowing the market to operate So it’s this desire to regulate that the government’s are afraid They’re gonna lose some tax revenues if they’re not careful, but governments aren’t very tolerant of competition So I’d like to go back for just a moment to the cryptocurrency issue To return to the question that senator Perdue had asked you about the impact of cryptocurrency system on our reserve currency, if a cryptocurrency System were to become prevalent throughout the globe would that Diminish or remove the need for a reserve currency In the traditional sense, I think things like that are possible, but we really haven’t seen them. We haven’t seen Widespread adoption. I mean Bitcoin is a good example really almost no one uses Bitcoin for payments They use it more as an alternative to gold really. It’s a store of value It’s a speculative store of value like gold the chairman of the Federal Reserve Just compared Bitcoin to gold in front of Congress This response is intelligent informed and balanced slowly, but surely Bitcoin is becoming mainstream It’s pretty incredible to watch Gold is a seven trillion dollar asset with over 5,000 years of history and bitcoin is a 200 billion asset with 10 years of history But when it comes to their abilities to serve as stores of value the overseer of the global reserve currency Believes they are equals and if this wasn’t bullish enough for bitcoins future Prospects President Trump decided to give his take on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies What started out as a critical tweet on Bitcoin quickly turned into something so much more something much bigger Particularly on Bitcoin the president tweeting in part saying quote I am NOT a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which are not money and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air unregulated crypto assets can facilitate Unlawful behavior including drug trade and other illegal activity. A tweet from the President of the United States will be viewed and talked about by millions of people and could ultimately become the global red pill moment that actually Exposes the underlying flaws of the current monetary system while highlighting the benefits of Bitcoin What is the resistance that bitcoin is facing from standard financial institutions that are in control right now? The progression of what happens when a giant well-established financial institutions been around for 50 years or 100 years is faced with a disruptor that they cannot tamp down that they cannot shut down, sue, buy co-opt Eradicate, ban, legislate against and and what happens then is what I call the five stages of grief first We start with denial and and we saw this play out exactly like this with the banking industry The first reaction was denial Bitcoin can’t possibly work. It’s not real money. It doesn’t really exist It has no value. It will never survive fast forward five years If you keep making that argument It becomes less and less credible because it’s not real money yet the big metal bird that brought me to Los Angeles Today was paid with “not money”. So You can claim it’s not money all day long and I’ve been living on it for three years, which kind of Undermines the argument if I earn it and I spend it in people give me rides in big metal Birds Its money. Trump’s poorly thought-out critiques seem to have backfired in a major way in fact Trump’s attack on crypto could have the opposite effect and become the Unexpected catalyst that ends up pushing bitcoins price to new heights Because you know cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Really are in the main stage now of Congress that said the president weighing in it’s very surprising a year ago I wouldn’t have imagined it but more importantly it’s going to force everybody who’s not involved They remember a very small percentage of the world actually cares about crypto and Bitcoin it’s gonna force the other 98% of the world to think about what it means and so it’s gonna be I think an overall positive now It seems that other focus is on criminals using crypto for illegal things This is a scare mongering tactic The reality is that US dollars are used for crime much more often than Bitcoin Just don’t expect your government to tell you that Denial only works for a while, then they go into anger It’s the money of terrorist criminals and the unsavory elements of this world and they’ve tried to do this again, and again and again They did it with the Internet right the Internet when it first came out. You heard this media narrative that It sells papers It so it didn’t sell clicks at the time because they were doing it’s about the internet but it sells papers which is the idea That the Internet is a haven of crooks and fraudsters and terrorists Yes, criminal use advanced technology criminal use the most advanced technology They can get their hands on because they’re in a very highly competitive high margin high-risk business Criminals wear shoes to run away from bank heist criminals drive cars to get away from bank robberies They use cell phones to coordinate with each other. They drink water So as not to die of dehydration We’re not gonna ban all of those things right every time they try that you just turn around and say oh well You know, actually the biggest money launderers of drugs in the world are Hsbc the hong kong hong kong shanghai banking consortium Inconvenient fact, yes Yes, they were caught money laundering 700 billion dollars for the Sinaloa cartel over a period of 10 years There’s no doubt. The dollar is the most dominant currency in the world today But to say that it is stronger than ever would be misleading especially since it has lost more than 96 percent of its purchasing power since 1913 in other words the world’s reserve currency Experienced an average annual inflation rate of three point one four percent over the last 100 years The US dollars inflation is a feature. The only predictable thing about the US dollar Is that its purchasing power will continue to drop. The Bitcoin blockchain was created in part to address this historical weakness What’s so confusing for anyone as it is when you get into the issue of what is money and where is money coming from? And how does the Federal Reserve how does it government? How does anybody create more money? How do you print more money and if you are printing more money, where is it coming from? And what is it? It used to be gold. It used to be the gold standard It used to be if you had a dollar it’s a dollars worth of gold It was a note that was worth $1 worth of gold. Yes, that made sense and that stopped what first stopped in 1936 I believe Bretton Woods Agreement and then it stopped completely in 1971 when Nixon closed the gold window He basically said if anyone comes to your bank and gives you one silver dollar or one gold dollar and says I want my silver you say no and basically defaulted on the backing of US dollars buy gold since the dollar is Inherently designed to lose value over time keeping your hard-earned money in fiat currency Absolutely guarantees that at least three percent of your wealth will evaporate every year It’s no wonder that bitcoin is gaining a foothold in countries with capital controls like Venezuela Where paper money is now virtually worthless When you look at Bitcoin price predictions and hear prices like $100,000, 1 million dollars over even 10 million dollars per Bitcoin you might be left shaking your head that is unless you understand the consequences of printing infinite amounts of money or in other words a term known as quantitative easing Easy money not just here in the United States, but we did see the Fed cutting rates is the rocket fuel That will fuel the rise of a Bitcoin explain what you mean? So look, whatever we get two recessive periods or kind of slowing growth central bank’s have two tools right, they can cut interest rates and it could print money quantitative easing and so when they do both of those things Usually takes anywhere between six to 18 months to actually feel the effect of those tools And what it’s going to do is it’s going to coincide with the Bitcoin halving cutting rates printing more money Systematic structure of Bitcoin is going to lead to a higher prices for Bitcoin over a long period of time, okay So there’s plenty of money already sloshing around in the global economy But to your point of central banks including the Federal Reserve is going to be more of more money in the system So on the one hand, you’ve got cash in the system the ordinary the fiat currency system increasing at the same time as you’ve got effective supply of Bitcoin Reducing your arguing here that that will mean the price rises. Look at gold, right? So since we got off the gold standard the United States Gold’s gone up about 40 X, right? So the argument that gold actually appreciated in value. The other argument is that actually the dollar has depreciated against gold, right? So there’s a debasing of the currency that happens and so as we cut interest rates and print more money We’re debasing our currency. Your price target is a hundred thousand dollars over two two and a half years That’s a long way off. Yeah. Well look in 2017 Bitcoin went up 20x, right? So it’s a hyper volatile asset We’ve seen it go up 20 30 50 X at times We’ve also seen a drawdown over 80% now three times. And so we think now from about $10,000 were states today It’s a pretty conservative estimate to see it hit $100,000 in the next two and a half years. Today Interest rates are at historic lows the Federal Reserve and other central Banks have shown that they will continue to not only print more money to prop up the financial system But are also open to negative interest rates as well Therefore the question is when not if all this newly created money will trigger hyperinflation So, how can anyone hope to preserve value with this kind of inflation in place? Bitcoin offers an exit strategy from the continually expanding fiat money supply What’s really astonishing is that I’m talking about is the greatest Experiment in money started in 2008 to thousand nine and this great Experiment is completely unprecedented in the history of money, and I’m not talking about Bitcoin I’m talking about 22 central bank’s simultaneously taking their interest rate to zero and pumping the Largest amounts of money ever created into the world economy trying to stop it from collapsing and that has created the largest bubble in history and The weird thing is that most people are not even aware then we have the other little monetary experiments which is hey money on the Internet’s with a controlled issuance Only certain amounts of the money is created. It’s controlled by a mathematical formula. You can’t make more and as a result It’s got a stable supply It sound money and it cannot be manipulated by governments or banks almost 85% of all Bitcoin have already been created after the final Bitcoin is mined the system will produce no more the trend is Obvious and at this point it appears to be inevitable if Bitcoin is able to sustain use over a long enough Period of time it will have a chance to become the most notable Deflationary currency unit since gold you see unlike traditional money Bitcoin is not susceptible to warrantless hidden inflation and is not controlled by a central authority so when the economy Collapses due to a mishap on the part of central bankers Bitcoin will see a massive capital inflow We can see that the constant stream of newly printed money will eventually lead to Bitcoin hitting a market cap of 100 trillion as the dollar prints up its price bitcoin is a black hole for fiat This is a self-fulfilling prophecy A Catalyst that will eventually make Bitcoin the true global reserve currency If you made it to the end of this video, let me know in the comments if you’re bullish or bearish on Bitcoin in 2019 also, make sure to subscribe and like this video. Thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you later

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