Brazil negotiates a record 100
thousand Bitcoins in 24 hours The UK’s largest business travel
agency now accepts bitcoin Blockshow launches campaign to raise
funds in cryptocurrencies for reconstruction the cathedral of notre dame Binance recorded a 66% increase in first quarter and
now 2019 earnings Forbes releases list of billions of dollars companies using Blockchain all this now here at FANATICOINS, your digital cryptocurrencies magazine Brazil, the largest economy in Latin America hit a new record when the Brazilian
cryptocurrencies stock exchanges negotiated more than 100 thousand
Bitcoins in just 24 hours in parallel, Brazil reported that
its economic activities in February have fallen to the lowest
level of the last nine months the battle between Brazil and Argentina
for the supremacy of the Bitcoin market in Latin America has reached a new dimension.
The Coin Trader Monitor, a monitoring tool that analyzes
Bitcoin’s price movements in Brazil announced that the Brazilian cryptocurrency exchanges traded more than 100 thousand Bitcoins on April 10, 2019. This increase in the volume of Bitcoins the recent increases
in Bitcoin’s surpassing the price of 20 thousand
reais as a result on April 10 the value total traded was
over 2 billion reais despite the many obstacles that are
trying to stifle the development of the cryptocurrencies in Brazil,
economic realities dictate otherwise according to the reuters news channel
in February 2019 economic activity in Brazil has been lower in the last
nine months, in this way many point to that the country’s economic ills are one
of the main reasons for the increase in search for investment in cryptocurrencies. It is seems that our brothers will have to always settle for second place Go Brazil! Love Corporate Traveler is the largest
travel management company in the United Kingdom, which is dedicated
to partnerships with companies with small and medium-sized travel,
now they are accepting payment in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash through
the BitPay payment processor when using BitPay, Corporate Traveler will not
be subject to the price volatility of Bitcoin the downside however is that they did
not benefit from the speed of the network Bitcoin, as BitPay’s agreement with the
company will take about two business days to process the payment. In the final
analysis, however, accepting Bitcoin a trend of the market considering
that the payments in cryptocurrency have the advantage of not
being taxed through the traditional banking services
that are often high and abusive BlockShow, an international Blockchain event developed by the Cointelegraph news channel initiated a campaign to raise
funds for the reconstruction of cathedral of Notre Dame through
donations in cryptocurrencies the news was announced by the
official Twitter account of BlockShow on April 16 in tweet the
team behind the BlockShow revealed that it has initiated
a campaign to raise funds for rebuilding of Notre Dame after
the devastating fire that engulfed April 15, 2019.
The BlockShow team posted two digital wallet addresses where all
interested parties can transfer donations both in Bitcoin and in Ethereum, as well
as a link to the Fundations du Patrimoine which is raising donations
in fiduciary currencies the BlockShow twit link is in the description. Crypto and the blockchain has entered gradually into the charitable sector
by providing more transparency and confidence in the industry. Recently the payment processor encryption in the United
States, BitPay and the nonprofit charity that operates Wikipedia,
the Wikimedia Foundation, have teamed up to accept donations in cryptocurrency. In December of 2018 a startup based in Dublin has joined the Irish Red
Cross to use blockchain technology in a new application that increases
transparency for charitable donations One of the world’s largest exchanges of cryptocurrencies, Binance had a profit of $ 78 million in
the first quarter, now in 2019 an increase of 66% over
the previous quarter this increase in exchange earnings is
mainly due to the fact that the 7th burn of the currency of the exchange itself, the BNB, or Binance Coin where the exchange burned 830 thousand
coins, representing an increase of 20% in the total profit of the exchange. These
are the data presented by Binance itself. Binance Coin,
is currently the seventh largest crypto market capitalization in the world.
According to exchange, the company already burned 5.82% of the total currencies
initially offered on the market so far. You can buy the coin
Binance Coin by credit card in exchange itself. Link in description. The American business magazine Forbes has released
a list now on April 16, 2019 of companies who have implemented blockchain technology
in their business and who have a minimum of 1 billion dollars. The list includes companies in the cryptography and blockchain, as well as traditional
companies such as banks, food companies and supply chain
management, among others Most of the listed companies are
well-known names like Amazon, Wallmart, Facebook, Mastercard, Microsoft and Nestlé.
Companies related to the segment of cryptocurrencies and blockchain receive prominence as the American exchange Coinbase the Bitfury European mining and hardware
company, and financial services based in blockchain, as the XRP network
created by Ripple. The link to access the complete list is there in the description Did you like the video? Leave your LIKE and
subscribe to the channel. See you next time!

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