17 thoughts on “100% BTC in 50 Days – BUY NOW! 💯 BK Crypto Trader – Boss Method”

  1. I bought the cryptopolis report and quite dissapointed its just a 1 page of information.. can you give any more details what the "profit package" and "dream team" contains?

  2. great insight, wish I found this channel before, I lost all my pocket money investing on coins at wrong times 🙁
    Donations would be greatly appreciated

  3. Hey Brandon wanted to say thank you for all the information in time that you put into this I have a question is red coin worth holding onto as far as growth in the social media

  4. Are there other sites similar to bittrex that are accepting new accounts? I have been trying to buy ada and the main sites are temporarily not allowing new people

  5. What about BTCP ? Bitcoin private . You dont cover this fork ? People buy i, mass Zclassic .You had to inform us .

  6. Thank you so much for this chanel.  Very glad you interviewed with Arcane Bear; that's how I found your chanel.

  7. Thank you BK! YOur the BOSS!  Can anyone tell me why I can't seem to purchase ZEC on Bittrex… won't allow. I'm new to all of this. I have made a few purchases/trades on Bittrex before with no problem… but the ZEC won't seem to work. Strange. Help?

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