10 Things You Should Know Before Investing in Ripple XRP

While banks build walls, Ripple continues to build bridges with the aim of revolutionizing the financial world as we know it. Ripple connects banks, payment providers, and digital asset exchanges while quickly becoming the standard for digital value transfer globally. We’re going to find out exactly how Ripple are trying to solve a problem measured in trillions of dollars by building the internet of value. Coming up. If this is your first time here and you want to learn all about Cryptocurrencies start now by subscribing and clicking on the bell so you don’t miss anything. Technology has progressed so much that things like self-driving cars have become a reality but one sector has really fallen behind and that’s International payment transfers. In the age of Internet where everything is instant International transactions can take anywhere between days to weeks. All around the world, there are 180 trillion dollars worth of cross-border payments made every year with a combined cost of more than 1.7 trillion dollars a year. If you’ve ever made a cross-border payment you’ll know all about the costly fees, even services like PayPal are guilty of this. It costs about 2.9 percent to make an international payment using PayPal and that’s before the money lost with unfavorable currency conversions. Ripple aims to change that and make international transfers instant and cheap for everyone. Ripple is to banks what the internet is to the world they call this concept “the internet of value”. Unlike Bitcoin, which aims to remove banks as intermediaries, banks are some of the largest users of Ripple. Released in 2012 Ripple is an open payment network for digital and fiat currency as well as a privately held company that aims to lower the cost of international payments. These days customers expect an easy and low-cost way to send and receive money instantly, yet existing payment systems make it hard for banks to provide this service. The main problem that Ripple tries to solve is best understood with the following example: Imagine a person in the United States trying to send money to Mexico. As you can see there are many stops in between the sender and receiver each one of these stops not only slows down the transaction but also takes a transaction fee. Ripple’s distributed financial technology aims to bypass these stops by utilizing their own more efficient payment network. XRP is the third most valuable cryptocurrency and one of the fastest and most scalable digital assets in the world. Its primary use case is to act as a bridge asset for transforming from one fiat currency to another. When XRP was created, Ripple studied bank usage of nostro accounts they discovered that usage of a common “bridge” currency like XRP had the potential of saving banks a significant amount of payment processing cost. If banks use Ripples interledger solution xCurrent they are projected to save up to 33%. However, if banks choose to use XRP as a bridge currency the levels of savings is increased to up to 60%. XRP transactions are so inexpensive that they’re barely noticeable and only a fraction of a cent. Also XRP settles in under 4 seconds. That’s the kind of speed that will support global commerce for Ripple. Scalability is also critical for a payment system that must support transactions on a global scale. XRP clocks in at 1500 transactions per second. Additionally the payment channel function allows XRP ledger to process transactions at over 70,000 transactions per second and is horizontally scalable to even higher speeds which exceeds the metrics of even centralized payment processing networks such as VISA. RippleNet is the name given to the ecosystem built by Ripple This includes their three main products xCurrent, xRapid and xVia, as well as the open source XRP Ledger. They each solve different and unique problems which include: global payments, on-demand liquidity, and business payments. In short RippleNet is the combination of all of these elements. xCurrent is focused on processing payments for banks and other payment providers. xRapid provides on-demand liquidity by sourcing XRP from crypto currency exchanges. Ripple’s pathfinding algorithm finds the fastest and cheapest path between two currencies automatically. Once a bank is connected to both xCurrent and xRapid it can work with xVia. xVia is a tool for businesses to interact with the xCurrent network. It is essentially an interface (API) that enables companies to send or receive payment requests to and from their bank using xCurrent and xRapid for payment processing. Finally all payments travel through the RippleNet system Which is tied together end-to-end with Ripple’s interledger protocol. Ripples interledger protocol can connect every payment service in the world and process payments across every network and ledger. Whether it’s Visa, PayPal, Western Union, or even JP Morgan. The Ripple network can provide seamless, borderless payments in seconds, at just fractions of a cent, but Ripple can also connect all of these payment services with every other cryptocurrency and blockchain ledger. Ripple can in fact become the reserve standard across multiple platforms and ledger’s, making it the most dominant monetary asset in the world. This ability to communicate with other networks provides additional liquidity to the XRP ledger as it’s extended to connect to other networks and their value. Speaking of connections Recently JP Morgan has made waves in the crypto world by announcing the release of a JPM banking cryptocurrency It’s no secret that banks have already been in an arms race to build the next big blockchain technology. Most high-profile sites have jumped on the anti XRP bandwagon, claiming that this new token will be a bad thing for XRP. It’s pretty clear that it’s not the case. The fact that a high-profile Wall Street bank like JPMorgan wants to enter the crypto space with their own Fiat pegged token, is a clear sign that cryptocurrency is one step closer to achieving universal acceptance in the banking space. This could actually be one of the most bullish things to happen to XRP. On May 16 2017, JP Morgan and Ripple were part of an event where they did a demo with both Ripple and Quorum. Imagine what would happen to XRP if JPM announced the use of xRapid? Ripple has a large-scale strategy where it is partnering with banks and companies around the world on trialing xCurrent and xRapid. Right now, Ripple is already partnered with more than 200 clients, banks, and financial institutions. In 2016 Ripple formed an alliance with SBI Japan’s financial services giant. The result of the alliance was a new business unit for SBI called “SBI Ripple Asia”. The purpose of this alliance is to build and engineer a sales force across Asia to sell and install Ripples enterprise solutions for cross-border payments at banks across the region. Additionally, Ripple has many tools at their disposal to promote xRapid adoption and the use of XRP. Ripple has solid, proven leadership helping to guide its growth and adoption. These are superstars. If you don’t know who Brad Garlinghouse is you should. He used to work for Yahoo and was the author of the now world-famous “peanut butter manifesto”. Brad Garlinghouse is a leader that believes in efficient and laser focus for an organization. It’s good have a CEO who will not stray from the core vision for XRP – to be the best digital asset for payments. As far as other executives at Ripple, it can be said that this group is a real “who’s who” of cross-border value transfer. Ripple has faced some heavy criticism from the crypto community due to its centralized nature. it is important to point out that Ripple is taking steps towards higher levels of decentralization. Ripple is in the process of expanding its blockchain nodes which validate each transaction. This means that as more banks and businesses use the Ripple Network and XRP not only will the network be able to handle all of the volume in just seconds with extremely low fees but it will also be one of the most decentralized blockchaines in the world. This is important because it will prevent any one institution, government or person from gaining dominance or leverage over the system. Currently, it’s faster to put your money in a briefcase and fly it to a different country than it is to send it through a bank transfer wait times and fees are archaic Every year a major bank goes without blockchain is trillions of savings lost to the inefficiencies of our international payment systems. It’s a question of “when” not “if” banks and other financial institutions begin using digital assets in their day-to-day business operations XRP will succeed because it has a purpose enabling financial institutions to send money across borders quickly, cheaply and easily. If you made it to the end of this video let me know in the comments if you’re bullish or bearish on XRP in 2019. Also, make sure you subscribe and like this video. Thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you guys later!

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  1. from a value perspective, of course XRP has near zero value since even IF it did handle the entire FX market and the entire crossborder exchanges, it could do it with a token worth 0.0004 usd quite easily… 41 billion tokens in circulation, 1500 transactions permsecond, average 4seconds per transaction FX market 5 trillion a day, Cross border around 70 billion a day which by the way is almost insignificant compared to the FX market… easy maths. Someone please explain why XRP should be any more than that…

  2. There's no reason why xrp be any higher than 0.01cent it's not a store of value! It gets burnt after use.its just a bridging currency

  3. Only 57 downvotes. That's 1.5 thousand incredibly ignorant people. I guess were in for another bubble.

  4. Outstanding video production. I'm fully committed to XRP. I see the future – it is successful NOW. It's worth will be exponential in the future. WHEN? Sometime soon – coming to wallets near you. Upside potential? Beyond your dreams.

  5. XRP was suppose to moon

    But we found very soon

    It bounces and follies to keep you Jolly

    Some thinks it time to jump ship

    Instead if buying on the dip

    If it matters to the masses

    XRP Army's holding, so kiss our Asses

  6. Bull that means I’m buying bear once brought I’m holding for the future ! XRP is at .38 cents I’m trying to buy at least 1000 shares of XRP

  7. Dude, you nailed this not with a hammer, but with a freight train. The world has jumped in technology and that why this era is called "The Information Age (also known as the Computer Age, Digital Age, or New Media Age)" however the world still use's paper money which started in china in 600 AD and was eventually adopted by Europe in the 17th century. Well my friends, it is now the 21st century, everyone now has a cellphone and guess what, our cell phones also our wallet and our life. XRP is the only alt coin that is out there bringing banks together and allowing them to enter the digital age. They just create their own coin like JP Morgan is doing now and then use Ripple's network for doing all the converting, sending, and converting back again. Without XRP the banks will never be open to the crypto currency. For those of you who are 30 or under and have 0ont yet bought XRP… do not be stupid… its happening and now is your chance to go back to the 90's and buy Apple stock.

  8. I am interested in this but I also love PayPal. I never buy overseas, only USA products so international fees don't matter to me, I don't use them.

  9. Is it an asset? then why isn't it a security? if its an asset then why are ripple labs allowed to hold over 60% of the 100 billion coins and to sell indefinitely? As an XRP investor, I feel very unhappy that they get to sell at market demand thereby enriching themselves for something they claimed was 'gifted' to them…and thereby robbing the investors to never see any returns on their investments! Ripple labs should burn 90-95% of their XRP holdings or at the very least XRP should be termed security! XRP community need to rise up and demand they burn/destroy 95% of their XRP holdings or define it as security….anyone educated in economics, crypto, and investments will argue the same

  10. Ripple in talks with the IMF and now the BIS… yeah it's definitely the main crypto to invest in right now.

  11. Bullish! Great video. XRP is the one! If you haven’t already then please try get this video out to everyone somehow maybe through social media if you have that.

  12. I;m very Bullish on Ripple. It is clear to me that XRP will be in the forefront of ALL Banking transactions. It's merely a question of time. I'm grateful for 'Visionaries' like Brad.

  13. The only thing people will regret about buying xrp.. its that they didn't buy more.!!
    Let's become rich next year guys. XRP price prediction per share at the end of this year is between 10 to 13 dlls per share. In 2020 XRP price prediction is 20 to 50 dlls per share. Some crazy people said up to 100 dlls per share.???????

  14. Ripple should see your video dude and hire you… just started gathering my XRPs very bullishly…
    BULLISHLY? there such a word? hahaha

  15. This is a xrp shill video. Shit coin. Xrp has no blockchain. The company holds billions of coins and is always flooding the coin supply to keep the value low. Keep hold of your money.

  16. Do not invest in Ripple, for the people who thinks it will be like the bitcoin and being millionaire you are all fools. This currency won't go that much higher. It is controlled by banks, banks are controlled by the elites meaning the richer family and they won't allow you to be rich. It's price is fully controlled. So stop your slogans "to the moon", "million lambo", "the next bitcoin", you fools.
    XRP is hold by them, XRP is centralized in israel and used by the sionists, they won't allow you to make huge gains, it's wasting money, I am not telling people to stop investing on it just because I want to be "millionaire" alone, it's up to you now, good luck

  17. Hodling litecoin ..for August 2019
    Price expected= 300 $
    So….its time to accumulate more litecoin from present date…………

  18. It's easy to make such a product when it is centralized. The whole point of a cryptocurrency is to be decentralized. Ripple should not at all be considered a cryptocurrency, founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee agrees..

  19. Overall…to be true to you my friend…that is the power of the technology behind the cryptocurrency in general

  20. Great video. Still not sure on XRP. But will buy some as insurance at least. Thanks again. Great videos across various topics!

  21. It’s my first time to enter cryptocurrency and I choose XRP due to fastest transactions and i hope future value is higher.

  22. This is my top 5 altcoins Cardano the most professional team assembled ever, Digibyte has already solved many problems of blockchain, Apollo the all in one currecy, U Network turn the online contents in useable assets and BABB banking the unbanks

  23. Rule #1) 'If you want to have $1,000,000 worth of XRP one day, you need to buy at least $2,000,000 worth'

  24. If you keep your BITCOIN for a long time, you will have an excellent reward in the near future.

    Big mistake when you sell your BITCOIN because of fear. Just remember that greedy investors use different tactics to make the price goes down so when you panic and sell that is when they buy more BITCOIN at a cheaper price because they know that will grow higher

    A bright future for BITCOIN which is the best performer asset among different markets is approaching. You as an investor must have at least a fraction of bitcoin in your portfolio

  25. A lot of people are going to get impatient on xrp and cry when they dont make money. It first got in when it was like 1.90, then went to 3.45 and dropped.. Been holding onto it for a year and a half now and its .38-.40 cents everytime I look. Just gona keep riding it out and buying more. As I sit now i am negative money since i bought at 1.81…it was steadily moving up in price back at that point. Glad it dropped way back down so I can buy more and hopefully it goes back up sometime.

  26. Gosh this video is so incredible and next level!!! You are a true gem of a content creator and really setting the bar high

  27. In general I'm bearish on the whole fiat currency system. And, centralized banking as we know it.
    And, I am bullish on the crypto sector as a whole.
    So, I would have to say that I'm bullish on xrp and considering purchasing some.

  28. I'm afraid most cryptocurrency investors are not very sophisticated. They naively assume that competitors, such as Swift, are just going to assume a fetal position, allowing XRP to run roughshod over them and dominate the cross border payments market.

    The reality is that Darwinian evolution is a bitch. Just as organisms in nature mutate and evolve to neutralize threats from predators, so too do companies.

    Case in point: Swift just announced that it has developed technology to settle cross border payments in as little as 13 seconds. If this doesn't send chills down the spine of every XRP investor (including myself), then I have nothing else to say to you.

  29. At 9:11 the video states that ripple will become "one of the most decentralized blockchains in the world".
    Praytell how.
    I don't know for certain, but I heard the creators premined something like half of the supply, and they continue to dump on investors. To the tune of $200+million dollars last quarter, 100+ the quarter before, etc. I just don't see any point in putting money towards ripple if all they do is make holders become bag holders. Just another bank charging fees to take ownership of your $.
    BTC offers unsurpassed security, decentralization, and autonomy; by large margin.
    If a company or group run it, it is just a database. In which case a blockchain is a moot point. They really are all just Ponzis or test beds for BTC with very few exceptions in my opinion.
    Certainly money could be made (or lost) if you trade swings. But even in the best case scenario, why "invest" if your bank would end up using their services and you'd reap the benefits anyway? Unless you didn't have a bank, in which case you could pick your poison. There's thousands to choose from, and almost all are glorified fundraisers benefiting their creators.
    My 2 sats. DYOR

  30. this reminds me of that time when during a debate at an mit conference on e-commerce, the president of playboy reminded the pastor a catholic charity, if it wasn't for the business of sin, there wouldn't be a business of salvation.

  31. Yeah right, I invested in it in summer 2018, I’ve heard tons of promises about banks and etc, but it dropped since and it’s at 0,32 rn

  32. XRP is not a blockchain technology, you should stop calling it that way and compare it to real blockchain technologies like Bitcoin. They solves completely different problems and therefore they have a completely different value…

  33. So XRP is not a digital coin. Is considered a transaction? When a bank buys a million XRP's what are they actually buying? Does anyone know the answer? You can't buy products with XRP like bitcoin right.

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