10 things I don't like about the United States of America

– 10 things I do not like
about the United States. What up YouTube, it's your boy Jermaine back with another video. This video I wanna talk about 10 things that I do not like about the US. 10 things I do not like about, the great country that I come from. And first off I do wanna say I am proud to be a US Passport holder. It's definitely a privilege. And also I love my country. I can think of maybe one other country I might wanna go live in, but at the same time like I said, I still love my country
because that's where I'm from, that's what I know, and, yeah. So these are in no order at all. I just thought of 10 things
that I don't like about the US. First off let's talk about education. Education. Why is college so expensive in the US? I mean, why is it, college so expensive? One thing that I noticed
about college in the US versus college in Europe, usually it takes people
anywhere from four to five years to get a bachelor's degree in the US. But however in Europe it takes people about three years to
get a bachelor's degree. Now you guys may think, well it's only a couple year difference. But let's just think about
one thing really fast. Let's think about loans. So if you're taking out
loans to pay for school or if you go to school for three years, that is so much better
than going to school for five years. I mean think about it,
with five year loans you're, that's an extra two years that you're borrowing money, that you're not paying
that principal down. So that's one thing I
don't like about the US. Education. Why is college so expensive? Why, I mean honestly it
should not be this expensive. Gosh, computers and cell
phones when they first came out they were crazy crazy expensive. And guess what? Over time the prices came down. But not for education. It tends to always, always, always, always, always go up. Honestly I really don't think education is for everyone in the US. I really think education
is just better off for people who have
lots and lots of money. And if you're super super poor, you can probably get scholarships. But that's just not a guarantee when you are competing with someone who has tons and tons of money to just afford that school. And this other person over here whose gotta who really really hard. Write all of these letters. And just cross their
fingers that they can get a scholarship so they won't
have to be an indentured servant for you know the rest of their life. Yeah. That's just the first reason. Second thing I don't like
about the United States, healthcare. Healthcare. Why is healthcare so expensive? In so many countries in Europe, when you pay taxes,
that goes to healthcare. Not in the US. When you pay taxes that just goes to, I guess fund the roads that they don't usually fix all the time. Also when you're in the 99% in the US all of your tax money goes to, I guess offset all the money
that the top 1% don't pay. So healthcare is just a
really really crappy thing in the US versus so many
other countries in Europe. Versus so many other
countries around the world. I mean people literally go bankrupt just because they can't like afford like to go to the doctor. Like literally people go bankrupt. Like that's ridiculous. That, and this situation does not happen in most countries around the world. Okay, reason number three, public transportation and
getting around the US. Oh man. People question me all the time. They say, Jermaine, you
always go to New York. You always go to San Francisco. And you always go to Los Angeles. And every now and then
I'm in Santa Barbara. People always wonder why don't you go to other parts in the US? Why don't you go like in
the middle of the country? One of the reasons why I don't like to go to the middle of the country is because it's not really easy to get to unless you have a car. And let's say if I fly into a place where I'm probably gonna need a car once I get to that location and, you just basically need a car everywhere. Like, it's like, car culture. Like, ever, all throughout the US. Like you really can't take,
would not wanna take a train or a bus and it just
should not be that way. But how our infrastructure is build up everyone just drives. And it's just so much
easier just to drive. Like I know people that literally they'll get in their car
and drive to their mailbox because their front yard is that big. I mean come on it's not that big if they have to get into a car and drive. But yet I know so many people say, oh well I don't wanna
leave my car way over there and walk to the mailbox
and walk all the way back. So it's just like car culture. Like public transportation. It, it just sucks if you're not in like a major major city. Also in a lot of major
cities like Los Angeles public transportation is not that great. However it tends to work
okay when I'm in LA. Me I'm a huge fan of
public transportation. I haven't ridden in a car in about, I don't know, five weeks now. So I'm cool on that. I like taking public transportation. Buses, trains, planes. Yeah, you know what I'm saying. The reason number four,
reason number four, tow weeks paid vacation. Yo. What is up with this? What is up with this? Why are, I just don't get this. Like so many companies will only give you two weeks off a year. This is one reason why I'm self-employed This is one reason why
I do not have a job. Just because I just think it's a bummer that you have to work all year. All year you work, and you only
get two weeks paid vacation. When in a country like Germany people get like oh gosh,
they get like eight weeks paid vacation. And if you have a baby in the US, I mean fraternity leave. In a lot of European countries women get to take off nine months and the guy, the man, the guy, the father, the father gets
to take off like a month too. How great is that? The father and the mother can take off and spend time together to, you know welcome their newborn baby. Not in the US. Not in the US. Father you gotta go to work. Mom, we might give you, we
might give you a month off if you got a decent job. Maybe if you got a real good job. Maybe we'll give you
two or three months off. But that's just usually not the case. For a lot of people in the US. You just don't get a lot of time off. Like, you know, two weeks a year. If you have a kid you might get, you might a month. But, yeah. Reason number five,
Americans are paranoid. What am I talking about when
I say Americans are paranoid? Okay, whenever I travel,
I notice that I have a few people on my Facebook news feeds. They say things like, be careful. Be safe. Watch your surroundings. Will you be safe where you're going? Is this a dangerous
place where you're going? Are you going to a dangerous place? Why are people so afraid? I get it in the US, you know, you cut the TV on. There's a, there's a murder. There's a shooting. There's a robbery. There's a care break in. There's this, there's that. There's this, there's that. and when you constantly
watch that stuff on TV all the time it just makes you paranoid. And so many people in the
US are crazy paranoid. Earlier this year when I
was traveling in Israel I was hanging out with a local. And I was hanging out with a
handful of other Americans. And gosh the Israeli was
making so much fun of us. He was just making so much fun. He was like look guys, we live in a war torn country. And you guys are from the US. You guys are much much
more paranoid than we are. And it's so true. Like literally all of us, we're crazy paranoid. Living in the US, maybe it's something that you just don't notice. But like as soon as you leave the US you will notice that, yo, Americans are crazy paranoid. And I kind of blame
the media for this one. Reasons number six, reason number six, let's talk about something
that I have never noticed outside the US. Goodwills and thrift stores. Oh my freaking gosh. Only in the US these
things exist like they do. Okay, I can think of so many places, so many thrift stores, so many Goodwills that are just massive. And when you walk inside
they are filled with stuff. I was in London like a couple weeks ago, and I was looking for a thrift store. They just don't exist. Like they, they don't exist. They, they don't exist. Like you may find one or two
but you're not gonna find nowhere is the amount that
you would find in the US. It's crazy. Goodwill is like, like how many millions and millions of dollars do they make? And it's, and it's a
company that literally takes stuff that people give them free and they resell it. Like that's how much
stuff people buy in the US and just sell, oh I
don't want this anymore. I want a new one. I don't want this
anymore, I want a new one. I don't want this
anymore, I want a new one. I know so many people in my hometown, they will literally go out and buy, like a new couch for their living room. They'll go buy a new TV. They'll go buy new pictures on the wall. And like they literally did
the same thing the year before. They just bought all new
stuff just because they, they just wanted all brand new stuff. That's why thrift stores are so packed because people always are throwing out like perfectly good stuff. One thing I notice in like Europe and also in a lot of Asian countries, people tend to buy stuff. And they'll just use it
until it's no longer good. Like they'll buy a couch and
just keep it for 10 years. They'll, they'll keep
the couch until it rips. They'll keep it until, like until there's a stain on it. I know so many people back home, they'll just buy something
new just to buy something new. They'll just buy something
new just because it's on sale. They'll just, they'll
just buy it just because, yo come over to my house. I just got this new like, this new like leather
couch that cost me $1000. Like $1000 for a leather couch. Man you know what you can do with a $1000 in the stock market with passive income. Yo. Maybe you don't because
you had to get that couch. Reason number seven, you're
not beautiful enough. Now this one's kind of weird. I feel like in the media
they, they show this, this image that, that is
what you should look like. This is what you should be like. They do this for women. And they also do this for guys. Now they don't do it as much for guys. But they definitely do it for guys, 'cause, you know, guys, you gotta be, you gotta be this strong. You gotta have a six pack. You gotta, you know,
you gotta be like this. You know what I mean. And with girls, I mean oh my gosh. You guys already know how it is with, you know, you know, you gotta be this small. You gotta wear this. You gotta fit into this
little tiny outfit. Look guys, you don't have to be perfect. Life is not about, you know
this picture perfect image. Life is about being happy. And you don't necessarily have to go out and spend $5000 on a surgery to be happy. I feel a lot of people like think this. I know a handful of people
who have had surgeries and did the surgery make
them that glamorous person that they, that they thought
that they were gonna be? Chances are it probably
didn't make them that person. Did they ever admitted to themselves? I don't know, maybe they
will, maybe they won't. But guys you don't, just because
you see some image on TV, you don't have to look like that. You know? Come on. Don't stress yourself out. I mean if you don't wanna go to the gym two hours every day, seven days a week. I sure wouldn't do it. Now reason number eight, materialism. Now I'm not gonna talk
about this one too much. But I will say that, I feel that a lot of people in the US are like super materialistic. You gotta have this. You gotta have that. You gotta have this. I mean for example, like I say, I'm been in backpacking through Europe for a couple of weeks and gosh, you have no idea how many people I've seen with iPhone fives. With iPhone fives. Like gosh back in the US, like literally, no one has the iPhone five. Even if you gave your old
iPhone to your grandma chances are your grandma probably
got an iPhone six by now. But yo I see so many people
with iPhone fives around here. But once again in the US everybody's gotta jump on that iPhone 10. Everyone's gotta get that latest thing. Now look I'm not gonna knock that because as soon as the
new GoPro comes out, I'm gonna be the first one to get it the day one it comes it out. And maybe this is something I
kind of need to work on myself because like certain things, like certain things when it comes to tech, I just gotta have it. And a lot of times I'm
sorta able to justify going out and buying
it because I'm using it to make money. But usually I don't just, just go out and buy stuff for myself. Like a lot. Like especially something
that's like brand new. But yeah materialism is like
a big thing in our country. I mean gosh just look a
the thrift stores in the US versus thrift stores around the world. Like that will just give
you an idea right there. So reason number nine, things
I don't like about the US, what's up with the media in the US? I'm, if you actually watch
this video to this part this is where it starts to get important because the media in the US is, I don't know what to say about it. Like they, they, they basically, they portray certain people
in society as one way. They portray other people another way. Like they, the media teaches people who don't know a lot about our country a lot about our country. Now I understand the media
that is shown within the US is a different type of media versus the media that's,
that's shown outside the US. Some of the media in the US is pretty, is pretty bad and it kind of, it really sickens me sometimes. It's one reason why I
don't watch TV at all. Like a lot of TV shows I don't watch. I mean what's up with
the Kim Kardashian Show. This is like the, the biggest thing now. And it's, I mean, come on. I mean I'm not trying to
bash the Kardashians but, that's not the, that's
not the best image that, that, I don't think that
that's the best image. I'm not saying Kim Kardashian
is an unattractive person. But just the, that, this is what we show in the US now. We show stuff like, it's
all reality TV basically. And, yeah, I'm gonna just
go on to the next one because the Kardashian, the real life, and that, next. Reason number 10, these are in no order, but this one, it just comes at number one. Gentrification. Gentrification. A lot of people in the US
will probably disagree with me on the whole gentrification
problem that's happening throughout the US. 'Cause maybe you just
don't really know about it because you're, you don't
live in certain areas. But gentrification in
certain parts of the US is, like I've, like I've
lived in San Francisco for the past like five years. The Bay Area. And I've like seen it like just firsthand. I've seen what it, what it does. And this is a, a pretty sad thing. Now this is not only going on in the US. This is going on in a lot
of cities around the world. And basically if you don't
know what gentrification is, gentrification is when you take an area that maybe it wasn't
the most popular area, maybe it wasn't the most desirable area, and slowly people sort of move in. And people buy stuff. And they just jack the prices up. And it comes to a point where the people that once lived there can no
longer afford to live there. And it's not only they
can't afford to live there, but, just their, their community
has completely changed. Like the convenience they
used to go to, it's changed. The restaurants that they
used to go to, it's changed. The people that used to
live in the neighborhood, it's all changed. Prices have probably,
you know maybe doubled, if not triple. I mean think about it. Prices tripling. This is a thing, especially
in San Francisco. Especially all over the
San Francisco Bay Area. Like it has displaced so many people. And this is a huge huge problem. And I just, I don't know
how it's gonna change. I don't know how it's gonna stop. Usually markets like correct themselves. But I mean this market, we are still waiting on this
market to correct itself. And if this marker corrects itself, I mean, what, what does that really mean at the end of the day? Does that mean prices
are gonna be cheaper? Or does that mean prices
are gonna be more expensive? I mean the gentrification
thing really sucks because right now in the US
you have a lot of young people, they want to live in cities. You have all the jobs that are in cities. So now you got this double edged sword. Everyone wants to live in the city. Young people wanna live in the city. Jobs are in the city. College students they wanna
study and live in the city because, dude cities are awesome. The US does not have a lot of cities. Like, not like cities like
San Francisco and New York. It don't have a lot of cities like that. So, gosh like I've literally watched prices in San Francisco and
New York go through the roof. And it's, it's gentrification. Like people want to, people
wanna live in San Francisco. People wanna live in Brooklyn. And prices are just going up like crazy. And, thought I would make a video just talking about some of the things I dislike about the US. I kind of wanted to make
this a positive video. I didn't wanna make this
like a negative video. But I just wanted to make a video and just be real. Because there's a lot of
things about my country that I just don't like. There's a lot of things about
my country that I don't like. But anyway, thanks a lot for watching. Like, comment, subscribe, and peace out yo.

20 thoughts on “10 things I don't like about the United States of America”

  1. I think in places like Israel they're less paranoid because for one; they're used to the danger, and two; they have gun control. So, even if there's (military, insurgent) fighting around, they don't have to worry about any given individual having a gun on them & ability to just bust out shooting whoever they like.

    Also Goodwill is a non-profit, so they actually aren't making millions of dollars. Everything they make goes back into job training for people – with barriers to employment like disabilities, etc.

  2. USA is jsut overrated as hell find a place on earth which feel homey. for you for me it's Indonesia and southeast Asia in general

  3. College is expensive because we have a ton of kids going to college that don't belong there. getting degrees that don't translate into earning a living, like Dance Studies. Health care is expensive because the people that can pay are carrying almost a quarter of the population on welfare who cannot or choose to not work. The countries that get healthcare for 'free' are taxed 70% off the top. There are over a half million jobs that businesses cannot fill as of date. Transportation sucks because the money goes to corrupt politicians who use the money to cater to the 'underprivileged' in order to get votes because they promise free shit. Only 2 weeks paid vacation? You're a lazy cunt. There's a reason Germany is a train wreck right now. Are you safe? Depends where you go. There is a better chance you get killed in Chicago with an illegal weapon than you would at Great Adventure though. Or try the middle east. Goodwills and thrift stores? What's wrong with that? People who's money goes to the expensive health care can buy clothes for cheap. People that buy shit just because they can are always broke. It's better the stuff gets reused instead of going to a landfill or into the ocean. Not beautiful enough? OK, I'm an ugly guy. You, my friend are gorgeous. Sometimes genetics work against you. Materialism…You've spent your time in cities mostly. Neither I or the people I call friends are materialistic. I don't buy a cell phone until I can get it for $100 or less on my plan. The media is FUCKED. All one sided bullshit that twists any story to fit their agenda. Nothing is equal. Everything is geared to separate people and force them to take a side. Prices have tripled in San Fran because they invite everyone in and someone has to pay for the social programs. Taxes get jacked to pay for social programs like the poop and syringe cleanup crews you've had to put into service. That being said, I really did enjoy your video, it's good to look at things through another person's view. Thanks Jermaine! I mean that sincerely.

  4. Don’t feel guilty about buying yourself a new phone, especially if you don’t buy stuff all the time. It’s a special treat that you deserve.

  5. Yep, in Jamaica women get (3) months maternity, and the law just pass for fathers to get time of to bond with baby, while helping mom out.

  6. Money paid in the U.S. for taxes goes to the military. Hey you live in San Francisco, you should look up the history of what happened to the success of the electric trolley industry, how the car industry is related, and how that's depicted in the Rodger Rabbit movie.

  7. Its a privilege? As a descendant of slaves how is it a privilege to be kidnapped, forced to work for free, culturally stripped, and terrorized after having to convince your captors to make you free? The privilege is to those who came here freely to pursue unfettered prosperity, not to those who came in chains. Its an ugly truth but we must be brave enough to acknowledge truth…its our responsibility bro.

  8. Wow. Agree with you almost word for word on most of them, particularly..
    1. College so expensive.
    2. . Health care so expensive.
    3. Ridiculous little 2 weeks off after working for damn near 52 weeks.
    4. Must pay hundreds of dollars and stand on line all night for the latest gadget, not because it's particularly better, just because it's the latest gadget.
    5. Media – (a) The media in this country is a joke. They give you the scripted news they want you to hear but meanwhile the rest of the world know more of what's really going on than we do. They laugh at us.
    (b) There could be a major issue happening affecting many lives and what's the front page news? Some dumb celebrity who broke up in a relationship or some really dumb insignificant thing like that.
    Great topic. Thank you.

  9. Quite mysteriously to my mind (though not to the AI that serves up unfamiliar videos, as it apparently knows me better than I know myself), your video surfaced. You are a fresh, engaging, very compelling but relaxed speaker. Keep up the good work! (I subbed.) {And now, I return to creating visualizations of the unique classical music of Delius, other classical, jazz, and more.} 1-20-19.

  10. Did you just say that you don't have a job? How on earth are you affording to travel? I want to do what you do after I get my degree in Computer Science. I want to become a freelance worker and just travel the world in my spare time

  11. tell me how I can use my money on the stock market as passive income, i always have savings just in case for an emergency

  12. Oh i agree gentrification is just criminal out here the worst. I hate it too and the people that buy into it. They call it Urban renewal here which sounds good till Trader Joes comes and you know at that point they are completely catering to a different culture.

  13. ive never gotten 2 week paid vacation from any job ive ever had in the US… not a single paid vacation… every 40 hours i work i get 1 hour of sick pay though…. lol

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