10 signs he’s cheating on you … with crypto

welcome to the first podcast episode of
crypto outside the lines crypto podcast for adults with kids even if you don’t
have kids you can still listen it’s all good but this channel is mostly for the
Mamas the single ladies the stay-at-home moms the work moms I got your back
why because just to tell you a little bit about myself and what this channel
is all about is crypto wife mom life and boss life yes because women especially
moms can do it all and you may be sitting and watching this and being like
I have no idea what cryptocurrency is all about and I’m going to tell you
because I don’t think it’s for a lack of intelligence because if we look at
history women are some of if not the people who are able to process lots of
different things at the same time so I don’t think women or moms in general are
not in crypto more because of a intelligence barrier I think it’s truly
because of a time barrier I think that there’s so much responsibility and tasks
and things that are put on it on a mom or a woman’s shoulders if you will that
isn’t put on a mat and that’s just the way it is and you know proof in concept
is that when two people have a child it’s almost understood that the husband
or boyfriend will go right back to work and it’s understood that you know the
man brings in the money and the woman takes care of the child that being at
home at school for everything meanwhile is that usually the woman is you know
also building a business because you know if you’re watching this I’ve
seen you and I’m doing it too you know you guys we are running businesses from
home you know there is Instagram accounts where women are building blogs
and companies so you know I’m making this podcast for you guys because you
know those was saying it’s like find your tribe and I am you know it’s like
somebody there’s another quote says you know not all who wander are lost and you
know I enjoy getting lost in different tribes and on my journey thus far and is
that this is what I can bring to the table for you to help you guys is Krypto
is mom wife and it’s boss life business whatever you want to call it so Krypto
mama so before I get beginning with today’s episode which is ten signs he’s
cheating on you with Krypto now this may sound a little bit absurd to some people
some people may be like oh why is she talking about and I’m going to break it
down for you because there is a lot of different things happening in the world
and I don’t want you to be short-sighted blindsided about what’s happening what’s
about to happen and you know so you can protect and provide for your family and
the best means possible so before I get into the ten signs it and only if you
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so I am building a crypto fam BAM and we are already 1.6 k strong looking
to hit that 2k mark and yeah so all that aside why should you listen to me why
should you pay attention to me and because let me just give you a
background about me so I’ve been a barmaid I’ve tried I’ve I’ve worked in
bars I’ve been in the atmosphere of bars and you know whether somebody is
emotionally or physically cheating on someone is the exact same thing whether
they’re emotionally or physically cheating on you with cryptocurrency
now why is this a problem and why am i addressing it because I’ve I’ve kind of
been the fly on the wall on many different things and you know what I see
is that with cryptocurrency because make no mistake this is going to
revolutionize it is revolutionizing the world it’s going to it already has made
many different millionaires with Bitcoin because I don’t know how learnt up you
are about cryptocurrency or a Bitcoin but you know I’m pretty sure at one
point last Christmas you know you heard Bitcoin 20k and all these different
things well that created a lot of different
millionaires and it’s going to repeat itself because cryptocurrency
is not just a fad it’s not paper money people like play money monopoly money
it’s about to change the world and just like everything goes into waves the next
time there is a big wave is that it’s going to create even more millionaires
and my only fear is that there is men out there and women too but this is
geared mostly towards the men because cryptocurrency is such a male-dominated
space it’s about 90% male and about 10% female so you’re getting the inside
scoop from yours truly but yes of it like not to shock you not
to you know do whatever but there are many different men right now who are
planning on leaving their spouses when the next kind of boom of cryptocurrency
happens and just like there’s people like you can go on YouTube right and you
know people who become millionaires from cryptocurrency it’s kind of like when
you’re a lottery winner you know and if you go on YouTube you can find these
different videos there was one in particular that always stood up to me
and it was a friend who showed me this and thought it was a joke and I actually
don’t think this is funny but you know it’s something that I was shown and
always stuck with me and basically it was this woman who for as a joke for her
husband she she had this fake lottery ticket created you know and it was
supposed to be a joke and it was supposed to be funny and she was going
to like she filmed the whole thing because I guess she was planning on
doing it as a prank also to show him afterwards and so yeah so she gives him
this fake ticket she opens it up and basically he proceeds you know to just
berate her for a good ten minutes like woohoo now I don’t have to put up with
any of your ish and you know we’re divorcing and I I don’t want to have
anything to do with you and I’m never going to see your parents again and bla
bla bla and just and like I can’t stand the way you do this with that or like
I’ve been waiting for this my whole life and you know whatever right and so like
the woman she from the way that I saw how she handled it to me and to anyone
else logically it’s like if you win money and you’re with the person that
you love the first thing that would actually you would think would happen
was oh you know like honest happy honey and like working we’re going
to do this and we’re going to do bad and we could buy this or invest in that and
you know that is basically the typical response that you would hope would have
it but unfortunately in that video that’s not what happened
and unfortunately I foresee this also happening in cryptocurrency and I just
want to put a kind of warning out you know because I you know some people can
be like oh you’re like bitter or you’re this or that but yes I’ve I’ve been and
I am a single mom that’s my own personal choice because I chose to have standards
I didn’t have them in the beginning of my life and now having a son of my own
you know there’s just different things that are deal breakers and things that I
won’t tolerate anymore and the reason why I don’t tolerate them is because I
am a crypto millionaire not officially on real paper because the value has to
go up on some coins but basically is that you know what everybody is waiting
for in crypto currency is for the price and the adoption to go up now I hope I
didn’t lose you but basically is just like to relate it to something relatable
is you know when you buy a lottery ticket and that lottery ticket is going
to only be drawn like on the Friday but if you buy it on the monday you know you
have your numbers you’re ready you’re waiting but you know you have to wait
until that friday for the numbers to be called well it’s the same thing right
now with crypto is that people you know men women whatever you want to call it
you know we’re buying we’re buying coins which is the equivalent of like buying
lottery tickets and we’re waiting for the number our numbers are our coins to
get called so that the price shoots up so yeah so if your significant other is talking to you about crypto baby number
one they could very well not be in crypto at all okay so take everything
with a grain of salt but I’m saying I’m not a financial adviser I am NOT a
therapist I am NOT a psychologist this is just my own personal journey that I’m
going through and I’m sharing it with you and I’m just giving my point of view
so you know don’t go out and break up with your significant other but at the
same time you know hope for the best but plan for the worst at the same time and
keep your keep your eyes and ears open you know or if you choose to be in a
relationship where you risk being blindsided because ignorance is bliss
then continue on your journey look I’m just here to present information do as
it with you will so yeah so I’m gonna get into the ten the ten signs he’s
cheating on you with crypto it’s what you’ve all been waiting for 12 minutes
in and finally getting to the points alright so number one is working late
now this is the number one sign that a man is cheating on you even if it’s not
with crypto but especially if it’s with crypto and you know if the person
partner boyfriend husband fiance whatever you want to call it or this
also applies to females but like I said you’re focusing on males for this one if
you see that it’s continually working late and the person is not an
entrepreneur which means that they have a job that they go to they have a boss
they have a paycheck and there is a there’s an amount that they get paid
every week you know I’m talking about that type of person if that is the type
of company job that your significant other works for and they’re constantly
saying oh I’m working late or I’m at the office or I’m whatever and you see no
salary increase whether you have shared bank accounts or you don’t
and you know you just you know the person’s still struggling or or is just
still the same or not whatever right so if it’s constantly the person is working
late but yet there is no salary increase and
the person is not an entrepreneur that’s number one kind of red flag if you will
all right number two is the person starts working out this is also the
number two sign for people who are cheating irregardless of crypto because
let me just put it this way most men are in two modes after thirty years age
thirty years of age actually no three modes so after a male turns 30 and if
he’s in a long term short term but committed relationship is that usually
when you’re in a happier relationship and with your somebody else is that you
guys tend to eat more why because a happy relationship when people are happy
they like to indulge in food share food because it’s just it’s you know it’s
just enhancing the love factor if you will right just like on the flip side is
that you know food makes us feel good when we’re when we’re feeling good but
it also makes us feel good when we’re not feeling good so you know like if
somebody if you’re going through a depressive state depression then you’re
going to eat also because it also activates like this endorphine filled
you know rollercoaster of fun so if the person starts working out and this is
not typical of their everyday you know say for instance you met this person and
you know they’re kind of like a couch potato or a homebody or they’re kind of
active but not all the time you know they just kind of have a natural
metabolism this is completely different than you know say for some somebody who
is actually super sport minded who’s super athletic that’s not
the same thing you know if that person is working out it’s not out of character
it’s more with what they’re in tune to but if you notice that your significant
other that you’ve been with for like three years all of a sudden stops eating
Twinkies and McDonald’s every day or every week and it’s like super on a on a
on a health kick and they’re trying to lose weight or they are losing weight
and you know that you notice that they’re taking care of themselves well
usually when you start to do aerobics or workouts you actually increase your it
also raises your pheromones so you’re going to be looking to mate so if you
notice that there’s an increase in attention to health and working out and
you don’t see a increase in desire for you then that person is probably using
those pheromones or keeping those pheromones for somebody else either is
currently in the situation or in the future and most males in crypto right
now not all of them not all of them but I’m sure there is a percentage who are
working out right now because they figure when cryptocurrency moves and
they become a millionaire then they’re gonna have money power respect and with
that comes young little blue and they’re having these fantasies of being on boats
and you know having living the lights off what’s that guide and loser in life
yeah not to say that that’s wrong like to each their own like if that’s what
your goal and that is what’s gonna make you happy in life and go pursue it but
if you’re doing that on the sly on the low while you’re with somebody else and
you’re not telling that person that you’re investing in crypto you’re not
doing it to better your life as a couple you know and if you’re not including
your significant other in the process because you know there can be swingers
and that could be different things like that like whatever your situation is my
only thing that I’m trying to do is not to have people blindsided especially
women with kids for child or whatever right and you’re regardless if you have
a child like this podcast is for adults like I say for adults who have children
but you know this is basically universal what I’m talking about today so yeah so
that’s my only thing and so moving along and number three is if you start finding
weird receipts everywhere and I’m going to edit this video and add a picture
right here of what bitcoin ATM QR code receipts look like so it’ll be right
here and if you see these that means that the person that you’re with is
buying Bitcoin at Bitcoin ATMs and I’ll get I’ll explain that in a whole nother
video but yes so keep an eye out for that that might explain why you guys
don’t have funds and I yeah and also this is another side note this is to
empower females to take care and to start you know not relying on men and
creating your own proper financial passive income streams and get your self
invested in crypto so that irregardless irregardless if the person you earth is
four isn’t cheating on you with crypto or with somebody else or with a robot or
tottaly knows we’re in 2019 and there’s so many different options tinder
snapchat you know the list goes on so this isn’t anything new but this is
something that I feel isn’t being talked about and I would not want anyone to
again be blindsided so moving on number five
if you start hearing really weird like words that your significant other or
partner or boyfriend or husband is saying like out of the blue like we all
have our tendencies of what we say during the day of the week the year but
if you notice that there’s words that you start hearing that are not typical
of that person and some of these I’ll give you an example number one if your
significant others start saying where it’s like FOMO which means fear of
missing out Fudd which means fear uncertainty doubt when lambo this is
another term and I’m gonna get into these terms in another video but
basically if you hear FOMO thud when Lambeau moon or Hottel which
is about H OD L then and and if you are not and if your significant other
partner boyfriend or husband is not talking to you about crypto you know
that’s not making this a joint effort but you hear him on the phone with his
friends going won-moon broke or haru or all these different terms and you’re
like what are you talking about and if he says something or you know she says
something like I said majority encrypt or mail but you know you could have the
the female that’s like that but if they’re like oh you wouldn’t understand
or it’s an inside joke then go dick alright so assign number six if your
electricity bill out of the nowhere starts becoming higher because most
people I’m in Canada so I don’t know how it works around the world but most
people have an electricity planned bill like you pay a certain amount each month
so if you notice that your electricity bill is like starting to go through the
roof and you know if you’ve asked your significant other are you doing anything
or whatever and he could be having a Bitcoin mining rig right under your nose
and what’s a Bitcoin mining rig gonna talk about that in another episode but
it’s a way to make passive income and to earn Bitcoin or crypto whichever
one he’s mining if he’s mining like I said these are all things to be taken
with a grain of salt and it’s a little bit of comedy mixed with reality so
number seven if he or your significant other is not sleeping like if somebody
is used to you know you guys are going to bed at nine ten eleven twelve
whatever your whatever your crazy schedules are like but if you notice
like I don’t know constantly falling asleep on the couch that’s not a good
sign if 99% of the time you guys are together and the person is constantly on
their phone and yet is very hesitant to share their phone like if they show you
a picture and then you’re holding the phone for like an extra ten seconds and
they start like hyperventilating that’s probably a that’s probably a red flag
that there’s stuff on that phone that you or that person is worried that
you’re going to see that and my fingers are crossed that it is crypto because at
least with crypto that’s a beast that’s a that’s something that most people can
deal with so yeah so moving along number eight if the person that you’re with is
saying things to you often and frequently that says you don’t
understand me like if I if your significant other is constantly or or
started to say this were to this phrase to you you don’t understand me that’s
not a good sign that’s like a really red flag that the communication has broken
down and that this person is starting if not already checked out of the
relationship and they could still be in the relationship for numerous reasons
whether it’s for financial reasons whether it’s because you guys are
married because you guys have kids because maybe the other person that the
person wants to be with it’s not for sure so they’re kind of keeping you on
the back burner until that does go through there’s a lot of different
things and another huge one this is huge and
especially if your significant other is an entrepreneur or as I like to call it
a crypto preneur which means somebody who is in the crypto industry but is
also an entrepreneur crypt opener and this is paramount like if the person is
saying to you either once in a while or frequently you never support my dreams
you never support my dreams this is that person planting seeds in your brain so
that when they do eventually break up with you they will use that as kind of
like signed sealed delivered like I gave you warnings you just were not
supporting me listening to me or you know whatever so if you hear out of all
the signs that I’ve said thus far and we are at number eight these – whether it’s
cheating with a regular person or cheating with crypto this is very very
very very important so with that said let’s move to number nine bank statement
if you are with joint if you have a joint checking account and you start
seeing these like random charges or things whether it’s it says coin base
whether it says change lis what else is there well there’s other different ones
but those are the two kind of that are the most important and again this is
only if your significant other is not talking to you about crypto has not
included you has not mentioned it to you you know just be on the lookout and I
give everyone the benefit of benefit of the doubt there could also be very
well-intentioned or good actioned people out there who are kind of keeping it a
secret so that when it does moon then you know they can surprise you you know
like hey look you know I did this and it’s for us you know
that’s more of the exception not the rule okay so there are good men
and women who are probably doing this right now also but it’s again the
exception to the rule not the rule so yeah and number 10 this is let me just
dust my shoulders off alright so number 10 is like history now you could be
saying oh isn’t that very intrusive or whatever whatever and it’s like know is
that if you are in a long-term relationship with somebody especially if
you have kids together I don’t think it’s crazy I I wouldn’t divorce somebody
over likes I wouldn’t break up with somebody over life but I think that it
does it is telling about where your significant others mind is for instance
if and I’m not talking about like there’s a fine line between once in a
while just checking you know and there’s a quite another line where it’s like you
become obsessive and you know you’re like super intrusive in that person’s
life and that is completely not the way to go either
you know instead and don’t like don’t only if you have like nine out of the
other ten signs then what I suggest to do that because again I think that
everybody should have their right to their own wife and you know liking
different whatever things on Instagram Facebook YouTube whatever everybody’s
entitled to that I’m just saying it as one of the measures that you could use
to see right so for instance like if you have if you’re with somebody and you
know you see that they’re constantly liking other females pictures like
that’s a whole nother bag you can of worms and I’m not getting into that
because I have a couple of thoughts on that I think you know there’s a balance
you know because I think when people are in a relationship does that oughta make
automatically mean that you are you know dead from the brain down and that you
can never you know find another person attractive or let that person know or do
a like or show solidarity online know and I think that if you’re with somebody
right just in general right I think that if you’re with somebody who you don’t
trust and if you are checking you know ten signs the person is cheating more so
than that if if you have a gut feeling and if you know the things are
chick-chick-chick and you just have an overwhelming sense that the person is
cheating on you whether it’s crypto or not usually not all the time but you
know that’s not like a good sign I I think the best thing when you’re in a
relationship is that even if like if you don’t have trust and if you don’t have
respect more so respect and then Trust and all these different things but if
you don’t have that from the get-go then it’s like you’re in a car with no
gas like you’re not going anywhere and just like in crypto you know if
you’re with somebody who is just showing all the different signs then you know
it’s up to you to choose to do because ultimately each scenario is completely
different everybody has a different reason for doing what they do everybody
is willing to tolerate different levels of whatever and third thing is that you
know if you want to roll the dice and just say it’s not something I want to
get into or open up that can of worms and that’s also in your prerogative in
your right you know I’m not making this video so that you know you go out and
you break up or you divorce your husband or boyfriend or whatever and I’m not
here to make this video to you know shit on men who or women who are doing this
because you know I also realize that there’s
people in relationships who are looking for a way out because that person that
they’re with that they’re not telling about kryptos you know has been mean to
them or has kept them under lock and key um or been rude or been you know just
nasty so there’s a lot of different things that mix into this pot it’s you
know there’s no a hundred percent bad guy or girl
and there’s no a hundred percent good girl or bad girl you know there is just
cause and effect for the different things that happen in relationship and
especially when kids are involved you know so my only goal with this is not to
shit on men but to empower and to wake up women because you know the type of
mindset I have and the way that I think about it right now
is I am in crypto and I am accumulating crypto because I don’t want to ever have
to rely on a man again in my life and I say that with the utmost respect for men
you know because you teach men how to treat you you know so if you are not
being the best version of yourself then you’re not going to get the best version
of the other person you know so like for instance today is that I am working on
myself 100% so that in the future is that when I if and when I ever do
encounter another person or become in another relationship is that I am
bringing the most closest version of a hundred percent completed person you
know to the table not bringing a 50 percent person you know who is like
broken mentally physically emotionally spiritually and all these different
things and then expecting somebody else to save me or to you
no make everything better or be you know like the white knight on a horse no I
think the reason that so many first of all so many relationships fail and so
many people get cheated on is because we are perpetuated lies like in the sense
that you know oh you know you need somebody to complete your completely and
I don’t think that’s right I think that you should try to complete yourself the
most that you can and in your wholeness you’ll find somebody else who is whole
you know like will attract like so with that said if you’ve made it all the way
to here I truly appreciate you listening and as
I mentioned you know it would mean the world to me if you could leave me a
comment just like let me know what you’re thinking
if you’re like if you’re in the crypto scene if you’re in the mom life seen the
boss life scene because this is for like all those three categories so I don’t
want to exclude anybody but at the same time it’s like I am trying to to talk
what I know you know just like you can have somebody who has a fishing channel
if you will and that person will majority talk about fishing but anybody
can watch those videos you know so that’s what I’m trying to do with this
channel I’m just trying to help people especially especially the moms out there
I think that we’re often underestimated but in that underestimation is our power
I think that if you are rocking it whether you are a female in a
relationship solo with kids without kids is that I truly truly think that you’re
awesome you know the different things that are in this world to try and make
us feel crappy about ourselves is limitless
you know the expectations that are on us to be a certain way to look a certain
way to act a certain way again is list and the beauty about crypto is that
it’s really for the first time in the whole entire world putting women and men
on the same playing field you know because right now right you
could have a man and a woman doing the exact same job and for every dollar a
man makes a woman makes 67 cents and I don’t think that’s fair especially you
know in 2019 so the beauty about like crypto and you know in the whole crypto
industry is that it’s just like money in the sense that it does not care what sex
you are it does not care what the color of your skin is it does not care if you
are rich poor if you are religious Catholic atheist it does not care
whatsoever it merits the person who you know works the hardest who just does
everything that they possibly can to improve their situation you know so I
think that the world is going to just burst with fruit flavor or crypto flavor
about all the different aspects that this is going to change and I just want
you to not rely on anybody by yourself you can obviously but my the purpose of
this podcast this channel is to empower empower females and you know empower
males also but like I said I can only speak of what I know and I know what
it’s like to be a female and so yeah I hope you guys found this interesting
amusing like dislike I really don’t care at this point I just like the engagement
for real leave a comment let me know either what you like or what you didn’t
like about this episode and that’s it y’all I hope you have a wonderful Friday
and adios amigos bye-bye crypto fandom crypto mom boss

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  1. Hi GUys I'm back , trying to find my "MOM-mentum" again so yeah hope you enjoy, just my views, also I don't hate men but I am trying to not preach to the choir and get some new minds thinking about crypto, especially females , if you're female and reading this just know , investing in crypto is like the modern day digital version of burning our bras 2.0 ok good talk, have a great night and ps, this isn't your mother's youtube channel, if you're looking for smokey eye tutorials or detox tea/tummy wrap videos turn back now, nothing but the whole crypto/mom/boss truth , so help me Geebus – @cryptomomboss

  2. Welcome back. The cost of living today cannot afford to NOT have two incomes. especially young families. I only told my wife a few months ago I have a crypto account and funneling some of my Retirement funds into it. When it takes off my Lady will not have to work if she doesn't want to. then we can both do something we both enjoy, travel to see grandchildren and on holidays. Again, Welcome back. In case you are wondering, she does not want to work anymore and i am trying to help that happen. Only risk as much as you can afford to lose.

  3. Hi all. New chanel, new look, good for Crypto MomBoss. I'm glad you're back. It's ironic that all the cheating signs described could be applied to both sexes. So wake up guy's, women cheat too. Enjoy the ride all.

  4. Welcome back! I think it is definitely a real issue, and good to touch the subject. i am investing, already divorced and my 20 year old son is at university becoming an architect. He will be soooo proud of me.=) Be a pineapple… stand tall, wear a crown, sweet on the inside. xD Have a great weekend! =)

  5. I have been married to my wife for two years with no idea she was cheating. Suddenly i started noticing changes in her behavior.It seemed as though my life was spinning out of control getting to find out she has someone else. I confided in a friend who convinced and introduce me to a hacker [email protected] . com he was able to hack into my wife mobile phone(whatsapp,gmail,icloud,facebook, twitter,snap chat and others). You can also send him a whatsapp messages +1 937-815-1491.

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