10 Million Dollar Bitcoin End Game (OLDER VERSION)

Bitcoin put Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin bitcoins but Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin according that’s a bit point it coin has recently Pierce into the consciousness of the mainstream we’ve heard everyone from the likes of Joe Rogan Elon Musk to Kanye West talk about it so much so that the word today has become a part of our lexicon and yet despite making its recent splash in mainstream media majority of the world still don’t truly understand Bitcoin and I don’t blame them because it’s a very complicated subject it took myself a lot of reading learning and watching videos before I truly finally understood how powerful of an invention Bitcoin is and when I did it felt like I was neo in the movie matrix when he finally came to his own epiphany it was an out-of-body experience just because I finally understood how revolutionary and transformational bitcoin is going to truly be in this video I’m going to explain to you why I believe firmly that bitcoin is going to reach 10 million dollars one day yes I know that most of you will think that this sounds crazy but if you keep an open mind and watch until the end I promise I will lay out all the facts for you and also show you how Bitcoin presents itself as one of the best risk to reward investment ever so hang tight and enjoy [Music] if you are relatively new to the space and find it really hard to gauge where bitcoins future lies I totally get you because I was once there too for the most part even the mainstream media still does not fully grasp the transformational change that Bitcoin is going to usher in you see we are still very early into this Bitcoin and blockchain story just think of it this way to fully understand Bitcoin one must not know only concepts of economy history finance politics but they also have to be pretty tech savvy so let’s start with the history of money the short and quick version of it is that for thousands of years we relied on precious metals such as gold and silver for trading there’s only so much gold we can dig up so this in turn makes a very scarce and valuable great for a medium of exchange however one of the Gold’s big problem is that it’s not very portable and convenient to log around with you and goal is not very divisible so eventually we moved on to minting coins out of gold and silver and then later on with the help of printing technology we moved on to paper money that was still backed by gold and for half a century Americans were able to trade in their paper money for goal at the bank this was commonly referred to as the gold standard well in 1971 President Nixon decided to take the dollar off the gold standard therefore allowing the federal reserve’s to have full control over the money supply essentially allowing them to print money out of thin air and each time they do does they dilute the current money supply in other words inflation of our money fast forward to today all money is created and influenced by various governments and central banks around the world this has become a huge problem you see because it only stands to enrich those who are in power such as the government and central banks and we have countless examples of how devastating this monetary policy has been we see countries such as Zimbabwe Venezuela go through hyperinflation where their money supply has been inflated at such a high rate that it requires them to take stacks of money just by everyday items here are some examples this is how much it takes to buy a whole chicken how about some beef a roll of toilet paper or perhaps some carrots the housing crisis real estate prices across the world are skyrocketing as rich people are using them as investment vehicles instead of homes largely because their wealth can be protected from Fiat inflation as a result not only does this drive house prices way beyond their fair valuation it also makes the rich become richer and the poor become poorer as now they are also left out of the housing market take a look at this website hilariously entitled crack Shack or mansion based on how ridiculous the house prices have become in Vancouver Canada upwards of almost two million dollars for what most will call a regular house in North America this housing trend was largely responsible for the famous 2008 financial crash with the subprime mortgages and what did the governments do then they bail out the big bankers who were largely responsible for the crash in the first place and once again the feds printed out more money they looted the money supply to help out their banker friends the crash caused many people to lose their houses massive layoffs from their jobs and families torn apart it’s estimated that the average American household lost a third of its net worth during the recession from the 2008 financial crash and has since contributed to the further rising inequality gap throughout the world fast forward to today take a look at the real time national debt counter America is at a historic all-time high debt of twenty three trillion dollars and the global debt is sitting at two hundred and forty seven trillion dollars and renowned the economists around the world are once again predicting another crash that is going to happen within the next two to five year window at this point it goes without saying that the monetary policy that Nixon did by taking us off the gold standard is completely flawed as the money supply is now controlled by governments and central banks and destroying more and more cracks day by day here’s where Bitcoin comes into the picture and why it matters it rose from the ashes of the 2008 financial crisis by an anonymous person or a group of individuals by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto poetic in the way that it has surfaced the Bitcoin white paper revealed to us a different way of governance a new decentralized system has evolved from the concept of the peer-to-peer decentralized BitTorrent network to something that we’ve now referred to as the blockchain the Bitcoin blockchain is growing list of records called blocks which are chained together using mathematics code and cryptography in its open source transparent maintains a global record of an open ledger for everyone to see a Bitcoin is divisible to eight decimal places making it infinitely scalable there will only be 21 million bitcoins ever minted therefore for the first time in human history something that was truly scarce that can be used as a global currency and store of value the network is decentralized by people around the world who run the bitcoin full node and it can be colluded therefore we also know its monetary policy ahead of time the network is guarded by what we call miners my counterpart to the traditional gold miners they too are run by different individuals or groups around the world they are rewarded with bitcoins by dedicating their computer power which in turn protects the network from hackers in fact the network is so secured that the testament combined computer power used to mine Bitcoin is equivalent to the top 500 supercomputers around the world it is virtually impossible to hack and has a 10 year ongoing track record to prove it which is the great achievement to say the least as a stands to be the biggest online honeypot for hackers and thieves so hopefully now you understand a little of what makes Bitcoin so important it is quite a lot to take in at first which is why I firmly believe that we are barely into the first ending of this revolution at this point of bitcoins existence it is mostly misunderstood and highly underrated in my opinion bitcoin is at the stage where the internet was in the early 1990s remember the rudimentary sounds your modem would make every time you wanted to connect to the Internet needless to say the internet had a lot of hurdles back then just like how bitcoin is today a lot of people used to underestimate how much the internet would develop fast forward to today roughly thirty years later we have companies like Google Amazon Apple YouTube Twitter Facebook Instagram uber and all because of the internet is surpassed all of our wildest expectations we do our shopping online book vacations find out reviews for restaurants we want to go to hotels search for romantic partners basically the Internet is ubiquitous with our daily lives today we are still in the early days for Bitcoin as most people are still going to take time to learn and discover just how important this technology is going to be for Humanity this is why we hear so many misconceptions such as Bitcoin is too slow it can’t scale enough to support a global economy it uses too much energy it’s only used by criminals it’s the myspace of kryptos this is a process like the internet what’s in the heydays it’s gonna take a little bit of time for the mainstream to figure out however because of how interconnected we are today and how much easier information flows through technology social media and just the Internet in general Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will mature much quicker than the internet did the differences between the Internet and the World Wide Web the difference is between commercial online services such as the Microsoft Network prodigy or America Online and the Internet how to get connected to the web how to use something called a web browser to navigate the web what a web page is and how to search locate and download all types of files from information files to video and audio files what do you say to nail’d anyway Internet is that massive computer the one that’s becoming really big now what do you mean how does one it nobody what are you write to it like mail no a lot of people use it and communicate it I guess they can communicate with NBC writers and producers Allison can you explain what internet is a cryptocurrency is a OC how do i how do I do this because if you can’t describe it point but they question it because what is it based on the sort of what are the joists it was kind of watching a person trying to wrap his mind around this thing there’s no actual coin that is true that is something that trips I know this is a dumb question no you get past that it took me a little while to I’m so antiquated I can’t imagine things that do not have a physical component it’s really abstract for a little don’t patronize me horse and buggy in the early days of the earliest automobiles people who were buying some of the early cars we’re being asked why do you need the car the horse-and-buggy work just fine and those early cars were really slow but people who wanted to have cars needed infrastructure like roads and services like gas stations in order for cars to truly take off the same thing happened and we know how that ended and the same thing happened with the internet in 1995 you used to see this old school computer imagine or in 1994-1995 imagine if on that day I would have told you hey fast forward you’re gonna have a small device in your pocket you’ll be able to download a two-hour movie watch it on demand shop for groceries interact for free with all of your friends and family call them for free on skype find an apartment anywhere in the world summon a ride on demand you would have told me I was crazy rightfully so because you would have pointed out my modem can’t stay connected long enough to get out a single email the same is true of crypto we are in the dial-up days and the critics out there confuse the current state of innovation with the end state of the innovation and I think that’s one of their biggest mistakes why would they assume the innovation would all stop right now I mean complaining about crypto today one journalist said and complaining about how slow and how it works today is like complaining in 1994 that the internet didn’t have Netflix so let’s talk about the big figures in media today that is staunchly against Bitcoin let’s start with Warren Buffett the world’s third richest man has gone on countless media rants calling Bitcoin everything from rat poison squared to how it’s only for charlatans about five years ago we asked Charlie Bunker we were sitting right there what he thought a Bitcoin and he said rat poison yeah back then it was about a hundred plus dollars per Bitcoin today it’s nine thousand is it still rat poison well Bobby rat poison squared upon a quick Google search we find out that Warren Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway has over 40% of their portfolio in legacy financial banks not to mention he’s also overlooked Google Microsoft Apple and Tesla in the pass next on the list congressman brad Sherman he’s attempted to call for a bill to ban all crypto currencies including Bitcoin considering how much Wall Street and Silicon Valley has invested into this industry his attempt is naive at best I look for colleagues to join with me and introducing a bill to outlaw cryptocurrency owner purchases by Americans so that we nip this in the bud a first look into mr. Sherman’s background we quickly find out that his largest campaign donors come from you guessed it big banks finally the infamous CEO of JP Morgan Jamie Dimon who’s a constantly gone out of his way to trash Bitcoin calling it a fraud to vehicle for criminals you’re a criminal great great product I mean that one of the more obvious ones Jamie Dimon is the CEO of the biggest of the big four banks and formerly a board of director of the Federal Reserve Bank what we can learn from this is that these guys from the old financial world stands to have a lot to lose as Bitcoin continuously creeps into the mainstream remember these guys are not dumb they are masters of public relations asking these guys what they think about Bitcoin would be like asking a taxi driver is vo on uber or blockbusters opinion on Netflix now let’s flip the tables around and see what the smartest minds around the world are saying about Bitcoin that you believe the Bitcoin is going to be the world’s single currency where you hope that is is going to be the world’s single currency and I think we’ve seen massive value creation today where I met with money right now because of Bitcoin I’ve been a gold but a cassette since 72 and the way I see the world today with Bitcoin is that there’s three kinds of money there’s God’s money which is gold and silver again atomic number 79 and 47 then there’s government money called fiat money or currencies which is the dollar the Euro the yen the peso and the third type of money now is cyber money which Bitcoin and aetherium and those guys are the most famous it’s really about what’s real you know is there is money fake or is it real and I think so the choice when I talk to people I said what do you think will be here in 2040 across my 22 years from now well goal still be here well it’s been here since eternity well the doll will the dollar be here I don’t think so and octane be here I think so so that’s really the way I look at the world of money and currencies is what’s gonna be here in 20 to eat so back to the internet I believe that it or not will have a native currency really they’ll have a native currency and I don’t know if it’s Bitcoin it I think it will because just given all the tests that’s been through and the principles behind it how it was created and you know it’s it was something that was born on the internet that was developed on the internet that it was tested on the you know it is Bitcoin is exciting because it shows how cheap it can be Bitcoin is is better than currency and that you don’t have to be physically in the same place and of course the large transactions currency can get pretty inconvenient the Bitcoin technology is key and you could add to it or you could build a similar technology where there’s enough attribution that people feel comfortable this is nothing to do with terrorism of any type of money laundering what excites you right now what what can you look at in the world today that you feel like wow that is a good idea or that is really where the growth story is I think there are these pockets in biotech that I find like that you know the one other ones I’ve been looking at a lot more have been the crypto currencies and and one skeptical of most of them I I do think people are are are a little bit maybe maybe under estimating Bitcoin it’s like a reserved form of money it’s like gold and and it’s just a store of value you don’t actually need to use to make payments and it’s been you know it’s there’s about 70 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin in the world there’s nine trillion worth of gold and and if Bitcoin ends up being the cyber equivalent of gold and it has a it has a it has a great potential love that’s very underestimated it’s very underestimated its very underestimated well people question it and I know there’s been so much debate about Bitcoin but they question it because what is it based on I mean you see that the dollar is based on you know the the trust of the Treasury the trust of the US government what is Bitcoin based on well the ER de Nuits it’s based on the on the security of the math which tells you that it can never be it can never be deluded by a government it can never it can never be it can’t be hacked and it’s a form of money that’s absolutely that’s secure in an absolute way it’s hard to mind it’s actually harder to mine and gold and so in that sense it’s it’s more constrained because there’s a finite amount that are gonna be made yeah right just twenty one point nine million bitcoins that are going to be made and if enough people hold and don’t sell and enough people borrow to buy just like we saw the stock market because look and so yeah so there’s scarcely so it’s point being scarcities yes right and there’s no greater to find scarcity than Bitcoin it do you own any of those okay yes right now it is believed that the total money supply of all fiat currencies around the world is somewhere around 80 trillion dollars if you consider M 1 M 2 M 3 or if you add them all up around the world and I strongly believe that that number is artificially diluted and artificially kept small because essentially by continuously printing governments are disincentivizing the world and disincentivizing investors and even average people to store or too much money in currents and they’re doing this because if I take $100 and I put my bank account as they print money that $100 loses purchasing power every single year for sure I mean every single day where the money creation occurs see it’s interesting because the cost of creating that money for the government is near zero it all it takes is just a push of a button right but essentially every single unit of fiat currency that gets created reduces the wealth of the Fiat holder around the world and bitcoin is an unimaginably new phenomena where for the first time nobody can seize your wealth not just directly like they did with gold in the 30s but just like they do with stealth inflation in Fiat nobody can print more and for the first time you have this currency that you can have pool or at least very strong confidence that for the rest of your life the percentage of the money supply of this entire system will always remain the same which really is completely unprecedented because even with gold you don’t have that this current system because the money’s constant getting diluted people like surgeons artisans then dentists and such for engineers they either have to play part-time investors on the side or they have to sort of outsource those services to registered investment advisers and brokers that’s right that’s part of the reason why the financial system is much bigger than it has to be why Wall Street is the ginormous part of the world’s economy if we had something like gold or better yet Bitcoin then you could save your wealth and it would actually gain a little bit of purchasing power every year without having to sort of have this anxiety riddle wave of activity but you need to do and it’s it’s actually quite crazy how in today I’m not even talking about the second or third world where this isn’t even an option even in the first developed civilized Western world you have to create a diversified portfolio of equities bonds small caps Muniz commodities FX derivatives sometimes etc just to preserve your wallets and when all is said and done bitcoin will be the second or the third single biggest asset class the single biggest asset in the world maybe here’s the way I look at it there is about a hundred trillion dollars worth of fiat currency out there ok ok fiat currency is poor currency it’s tied to political whims it’s tied to political parties bureaucrats control it it’s not really that good for it and and all of the new best brightest engineers are working on crypto for instance and so my belief is that over some period of time and I don’t want to go into it and to grade of debt but over some period of time the crypto currencies will eclipse and the fiat currency so so we’re looking at about a thousand times thousand thousand times on what we’ve got now so let’s talk about some of the catalyst that’s really going to drive Bitcoin to the millions and eventually to the endgame of ten million dollars per Bitcoin first and foremost the global debt right now is sitting at 247 trillion dollars this is obviously unsustainable and as governments and central banks continually to enrich themselves and devalued the purchasing power for everyone else people will start to learn about the monetary system especially in today’s age where information is widely available second as more and more corrupt governments around the world start to steal wealth from their citizens through the printing of money countries like Turkey Argentina Zimbabwe and most recently and probably still in everyone’s mind Venezuela we are starting to see their citizens adopt Bitcoin at an alarming rate even if it means going against a band that their countries have made against Bitcoin due to how widespread technology is now people are using their smartphones to trade and even setting up computers to mine Bitcoin third wall street in the big institutions in the last two to three years we have started to see some of the biggest most powerful financial Giants in America setting up on ramps for the future of Bitcoin fidelity one of the largest asset managers in the world with approximately seven trillion dollars in total customer assets have announced that they are starting a crypto exchange and that they are actively already mining Bitcoin in a thorium t-d ameritrade with astonishing eleven and a half million client accounts and assets over 1.3 trillion dollars have just launched a cryptocurrency trading platform the Canadian pension plan board with over three hundred and twenty eight billion dollars in assets are looking into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies the Yale endowment David Swensen perhaps one of the most revered and respected trend-setting investor in the world has recently declared their first 400 million dollar fund into Bitcoin and crypto currencies the New York Stock Exchange the world’s largest exchange with a market cap of 30 trillion dollars has announced that they will soon launch their backed Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange keep in mind that these are some of the biggest financial players in the world who have only recently started and declared that they are building the on-ramp for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies fourth the big businesses they are starting to make their moves to Facebook is launching their own cryptocurrency that is set to come out in 2020 furthermore Mark Zuckerberg has helped talked with this longtime rivals the Winklevoss twins this is all an effort to help push forth their new Facebook crypto could this be another repeat in history remember when longtime rival Steve Jobs and Bill Gates finally put aside their differences and came together to help each other achieve mass adoption with Windows and Apple most people underestimate this move but one just has to remember how Facebook is the world’s social network and has to reach beyond most people’s imagination introducing their billions of users throughout their ecosystem of Facebook Instagram whatsapp and oculus is going to be absolutely huge Samsung the world’s second biggest smartphone manufacturer has released a bit coin and crypto wallet native to their flagship smartphone line and in a few years that is my strong belief that every phone will come equipped with a Bitcoin wallet and then we have companies who are starting to accept Bitcoin as payment especially beneficial for them as an alternative to the high fees that credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard shape of each transaction for example here are some of the big names they include Microsoft Starbucks Whole Foods KFC Shopify Wikipedia and this list is going to expand nearby your until every business will eventually start offering payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Visa MasterCard PayPal would take a cut out of every transaction that’s no longer required finally perhaps the biggest catalyst of all is demographics as the baby boomer generations are starting to get into the retirement stage and dropping out of the workforce Millennials are starting to rise up within the next ten years or so they’re coming to the stage of their lives where they are building up their Korean earning money and saving up for a house a vacation their kids college fund or retirement this is the generation that grew up in the digital era playing video games such as Super Mario World of Warcraft League of Legends fortnight and what-have-you and the idea of a digital currency like Bitcoin is second nature to them in addition Millennials also happens to be the generation that witnessed the impact that the 2008 financial crisis had on their parents in the rest of the world and are all too well familiar with the growing Fiat hyperinflation that’s happening around him so naturally they grew up with a healthy distrust of governments and bangs and this demographic is maturing to becoming the biggest generation with wealth so put that into perspective I’ve been doing research and I’ve worked at various firms I started off at Kidder Peabody then Salomon Brothers then JPMorgan owes blockchain is a millennial story and I’ll explain why I think that if Millennials adopt this the way we think they are this is not the internet bubble this is a lot more like emerging markets becoming an asset class I think that’s really the appropriate analog it’s very largely a millennial phenomena so we have to keep in mind that the generation that is going to drive this asset as an asset class isn’t really us and the people in the audience it’s really going to be our kids or those who are Millennials today well what are Millennials going to be doing in the next 30 years a K something you can see a mile away I have a population tree here and I’ve lined up each of the generations the Millennials are now just entering two critical periods the how home buying years and they’re investing years so let’s think about housing I’ve lined up each generation when they were age 21 to 35 and I colored each the red is silent the boomers are light blue Gen X is gray and the millenials are blue dark blue housing starts have peaked with every generations peak cohort size this tells us housing is going to likely boom through 2030 so stay long housing I guess right it’s really bullish but let’s talk about investment years savings flow okay so the investment pool of priming commissioners is running about a trillion dollars a year today okay so every year there’s a trillion dollars that the people age 35 to 60 allocate and today it’s dominated by boomers and Gen X but the Millennials are now just entering these prime income years so what did the Silent Generation do when they dominated this the prime savings flow they actually bought gold gold was $40 when we went off the gold standard in 1971 it was the first time individuals could buy gold and when the Silent Generation cohort peaked gold was $600 a 15x in a decade just by single generation buying gold the Boomers we know bought equities what was the first year the boomers turned age 35 1982 that shady blue area is their first millenia first boomers to the peak size of the cohort 1982 299 coincidence that was essentially the stock market boom and the question is you know well what about the Gen X which was a smaller cohort as you can see in the middle period the stock market didn’t go anywhere Gen X wasn’t big enough to actually power the stock market higher but here we think that Millennials are going to drive equities they like growth stocks so we think it’s gonna power stock market booming through 2038 Gen X like hedge funds and you can see that’s essentially peaked with Gen X but here’s what I think Millennials are going to do now remember Millennials are going to soon have a trillion dollars of savings flow bitcoins rise in 2016 coincides with the first Millennials entering their prime savings years today crypto for every billion dollars that goes into crypto it’s turning into roughly 25 billion dollars of price appreciation if Millennials put 10% of their savings flow 100 billion into crypto that’s a two and a half trillion dollar rise per year in crypto is roughly a 500 trillion dollar market cap so we think that you may end up seeing Bitcoin by the end of the cycle as high as ten million dollars per Bitcoin some highly intelligent financial analysts especially a younger generation are estimating that Bitcoin has roughly 2,000 percent gained from today’s price to its maturity this is what makes the risk to reward ratio so great for Bitcoin because it’s not like you have to put in a lot of money to see a high gain in the future you don’t need to buy a whole Bitcoin which is the common misconception you can just have s a small amount something that you’re comfortable with and just secured and forget about it for a few years for example a $500 investment today could end up being ten thousand dollars in a few years that’s with a two thousand percent gain one thing you have to remember is that because this is a new revolutionary asset class it means we are still early in the adopter discovery phase and therefore volatility comes with the territory as bitcoins market cap gets bigger and bigger more people understand Bitcoin there will be less speculation and in turn the volatility will even down so if you are invested right now or you’re planning to be investing soon you have to have a strong fundamental understanding of how Bitcoin is going to change the world otherwise you might just end up ultimately selling before catching up the right to the biggest mass adoption phase of this technology if you believe the current system that we have is meeting the needs of the world’s disenfranchised and unbanked then you can probably go ahead and dismiss cryptocurrency but if you believe that it would add value to the global economy to get cheap fast and easy access for two billion people in the world then cryptocurrency is something that you ought to pay attention to and little by little as I traveled around the world and I got to meet people every but he had a story and it usually started with something like I have this problem or we face this problem or we had to endure this I remember the first time I went to Argentina I had a chance to meet an older gentleman and he told me a story about the many monetary collapses he had to endure and he showed me where he buried his silver after the government’s money went bad then he told me about how the police showed up and stole his silver so then he went to his backyard and showed me where he buried his other silver because the first was a decoy cash that’s how clever these people get but that’s a reality that people live in Venezuela reality they live in Zimbabwe and after 2008 it made me think how far are we in the United States away from that with 23 trillion in debt our leadership continues to get more and more incompetent the global financial markets are not healthy if you’ve key facts to remember our movement continues to grow it’s easy to get a little hopeless and think that the best times are gone but there’s actually more people in cryptocurrency today in 2019 than there were at the peak of the market in 2017 more businesses being started today more venture capital entering the space more diverse capital enter in space stronger business models recently Samsung just announced that apparently crypto is coming to their phones three to five years that’s going to be a standard for pretty much every smartphone probably including the iPhone and all these major consumer platforms from messenger to Windows itself are prime candidates to integrate infrastructure so our movement is growing you know you’d see that kind of volatility but I think it’s going to level out once the futures contract picks up steam once options are going on and then there’s other products like ETFs and whatnot I think you’re just going to start start to see it like level out and look a little bit boring but the interesting thing is like the opportunities now now now when it’s volatile when it’s small when it’s risky that’s your opportunity to make money you know when there’s a high risk there’s a high reward when it gets boring and stable and kind of caps out at a couple trillion dollars a couple trillion dollars a couple trillion dollars a couple trillion dollars about market cap there’s really not much more room to go and and they just too old to get it in first with earthy you know your your brains its plasticity at some point then you get wedded to the frameworks that you have so you meant for this world in your top money is this thing that’s green or it’s as precious metal and you sir confusing what’s familiar or what’s you know what you use as what’s real or the way things have to be it’s also a framework that’s been embedded or you know furniture brain for let’s say like sixty five seven years and in some of these cases and examples you’re talking about eighty years it’s hard to like unlearn that or think about something go and look if you’re those individuals like the status was really good there’s a generational shift that’s happening in the way that investors think about gold so younger generation I grew up I was born after the gold standard did go up during a period of war where you had to be able to store your money via something like gold younger generation money is digital anybody who has a phone can now access this to access asset class and so you have what is approximate sixty eight trillion dollars of wealth sixty eight trillion dollars of wealth sixty eight trillion dollars of wealth being handed down from boomers to X’s and Y’s and Millennials of the next 25 years that’s not gonna stay in gold you have actual investors that you’re advising would you ever put them in a Bitcoin yeah you know it’s interesting when we talk to our younger clients we have a core gold allocation in our portfolios and they’ll ask about that and say well what about crypto and if you talk to primarily Millennials and ask them which they prefer Bitcoin or gold it’s a landslide it’s not even close it’s like 90 percent it’s like 90 percent it’s like 90 percent but for a Bitcoin prefer Bitcoin and as you can see the headline reads twenty percent of young Americans own beep port system when I made that stupid statement which scholars Vinick Homer flood by door to seven email saying dad I own two big buckets do you know who Satoshi Nakamoto is like a futuristic item I mean I think it’s it’s viable like I feel like people are gravitating more towards it do you know what a Bitcoin is yeah every time I get on the cash at least I could do the cash Ampat a Bitcoin and my girlfriend she’s been trying to learn more about the she wants to invest and stuff Bitcoin Bitcoin cash like playing so it’s kind of like the fear of change people are just scared because it’s new and like you can’t touch it yeah it could potentially you know upset the traditional banking traditions and things like that because you don’t actually need a bank I can use it or exchange it that’s a bit scary but exciting oh cool what do you think is the future a big point on the future is that fact that you don’t have to money you have accessed mine now what you know about Bitcoin Bitcoin as a digital currency and there’s like a possible future that that would be taken over that the constant use today I know a lot of countries actually adopting it well I’ve invested a small bar and I’m gonna live in live like years ago yeah what do you think is the future of Bitcoin you think bitcoins gonna take over yeah I agree with you thank you I think it’s on the way it’s time to come up I mean it’s kind of low-key right now and I’ve been a bunch of people know about it but I think it’s on the way up to be one of the bigger bigger apps of the world that like it’s on the way out this College no I’ve seen your hands you see they’re talking about Bitcoin in high school and this is right what school do you go to Parkview I scare this is good this is prosper this is prompt parking high school in the next 10 years next 10 years is gonna be huge number up everywhere you know do you think you’ll be able to spend Bitcoin at Starbucks one day yeah I think so really yeah it’s the future then come up with a number of about two to five million dollars per Bitcoin we just wrote a piece that we believe that Bitcoin is gonna go to ten million ten million dollars per Bitcoin price in today’s terms without even counting the sort of the inevitable hyperinflation of fiat currency and so this is my reasoning so too you think that the single Bitcoin will be worth ten million dollars in today’s money yes I do going to the next stage which will be the solution to the world debt problem then we will go to ten million dollars a single Bitcoin will be worth ten million dollars in today’s terms for one Bitcoin that will be a hundred and sixty trillion dollar market cap or network value but two thousand X increased between now and our death so we think that you may end up seeing Bitcoin by the end of the cycle as high as ten million dollars per Bitcoin ten million dollars per Bitcoin ten million dollars per Bitcoin the beautiful and amazing thing about Bitcoin is that not only is this technology going to be transformational to the world it’s going to liberate people from governments and banks who’s had control over the money supply and the ability to fund Wars through the printing of money and diluting the purchasing power of everyone else through inflation but bitcoin is also going to really reward those who have an early fundamental understanding of its peaceful revolution we no longer need to rely on governments or banks to control the supply of money and instead put the faith into mathematics cryptography and computers in a funny way if you really think about it bitcoins combination of being deflationary only 21 million bitcoins ever will be made decentralized digital unsensible unseasonal parent peer-to-peer is really a first of its kind ever in human history making it really a get rich scheme and a revolution built into one I hope you guys are just as excited about this new digital revolution as I am if so please hit the like subscribe button also be sure to share and retweet this video to your friends and family to ensure that the newcomers into the space have the tools and knowledge to accelerate this inevitable future of Bitcoin and blockchain the decentralized revolution has only just begun we are all stakeholders in this ecosystem I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful day peace [Music] [Music]

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    Just take in mind the market capitalization of a 10M btc is over 200T $
    Thats simply impossible in today’s market there’s no enough money
    I would say 1M is totally possible and it would be great for the economy and the freedom of people

  11. You have missed the fundamental flaw with crypo currency. The cost of transactions is extremely high. The computing power required to for it to work uses such a large amount of energy. This cost is not factored in. If you factor the energy cost is, then you find that bitcoin is the most expensive tool to transact in. I read its cost are around 80% of the tranaction. This energy has to be paid for by someone.

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  13. The use of Blockchain and the ledger has value and bitcoin doesn't have exclusive use. Here lies the real problem for bitcoin – it'll be one ledger amongst an infinite number of ledgers. As with any speculative or musical chair scheme, make sure you have a chair when the music stops.

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    Here are my questions – How do you access this money when you have no electricity? – How do you verify the integrity of the block chain after electricity is restored?
    Any planetary event, ie floods, quakes, etc how will repairing the damage to storage of cryptocurrencies be returned to as it was before???
    How do you prove you own what you claim?
    IE – I have this CC, Debit Card, account with X number of value on it no way to access the card to verify what I say is true, then all I have is a piece of plastic with numbers on it.
    I choose not to have a "stupid phone" which means I'll be forced into using a tech I don't want.
    I already have this with our current monetary system of FIAT paper and the coercion enforced with that!!!
    I don't want it this current system, so the change over to a digital monetary system that is using the same tactics on me to use this "new" system of finance is no better except the ownership of the money isn't a monopoly only the mediums of the devices I'm coerced into using!!

  26. In the beginning when you tackle the money supply, you account for money creation but not money destruction.

    When money is created, it is created out of thin air by the banks. When loans are paid back, the principal ceases to exist. There is actually TOO LITTLE MONEY in circulation, counterintuitively.

    In 2008, the problem was not too much money in circulation, it was too little. Banks stopped lending to each other, new loans were not made, and the entire precarious system was shut down. Debt that is paid back is responsible for money destruction. Only the interest remains as a residual, but is quickly snapped up by others and used to pay back other debts, which destroys the amount in circulation even further.

    Money is debt – no new loans, no new "money" in circulation.

  27. In a few years, you will either be the laughing stock of youtube and people will watch this video laughing their asses off or you will be one lucky son of a b….. However, nobody knows the future. Only one thing is for sure: the future will not be what we think it will be like. If you look at predictions decades ago, they were pretty much all nonsense. In my view there is one flaw with bitcoin that is disregarded big time: Governments will never allow a situation where taxation is at risk. Even if bitcoin was successfull the Governments would crack down on it one way or the other. Only a fool would think that the would not intervene.

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    It seems like if I had bit coin i would never want to spend it because I could just have more the next day on appreciation. My mind is blown right now, now I'm going to be analyzing this for weeks…

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    >You are on your deathbed
    >Time to cash out and give your children the 90 million dollars worth of bitcoin that you own
    >Open PC
    >Incorrect password
    >Incorrect password
    >"Oh, fuck, I think I forgot it"
    > you die

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    Good times

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