10.27 Technical Analysis⌚ Bitcoin Price 5780 Cryptocurrency News | #Bitcoin #BTC #Crypto #News #HOA

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26 thoughts on “10.27 Technical Analysis⌚ Bitcoin Price 5780 Cryptocurrency News | #Bitcoin #BTC #Crypto #News #HOA”

  1. Great to see you back buddy!!
    feedback: work more on the video quality, its much better than before but still little lagging. I think you need a new system.
    again really appreciate all the stuff..

  2. Queen of the charts (Diana Rodriguez) present!. Thank you BK for the shout out. Hope I can help out the community with my new channel of crypto for beginners. The BOSS METHOD is the best. Great to have you back! Thanks for your charts, bought ZEC and BCH yesterday…I am definitely on the right track

  3. Hey Boss, with the bitcoin fork coming what are your thoughts on coins like Neo? It continues to ride up to the 77 but hasn’t busted through successfully. Thanks.

  4. Does the Boss method only work on the 4 hour chart – or do you check other charts using the same method? Thanks!!

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