16 thoughts on “10.1 million XRP moved to Coinbase Pro account. Liquidity play or Dump?”

  1. How does a transfer of 10 million xrp to coinbase leading to a dump. It is either coinbase is a liquid provider or it is intended to be sold. If the intention is for it to be sold that means a demand spike is coming and coinbase is getting ready for it. Period!

  2. Never leave your big bags at exchanges folks. 2 attack vectors: 1) Exchange getting hacked 2) Your account getting hacked (very common with SIM swaps). Always use something like a Nano..

  3. I think they moved it to coinbase to transfer to different digital assets which is very smart imo.?❤

  4. Right about the Bitlicence, and I would guess Coinbase has more volume making a good xRapid partner exchange

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