$1 Trillion Market Cap , Ripple , XRP And Cardano

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor and I just put two butts on the smoker I am smoking two butts today and I may give some every once while I'll smoke two butts and I'll give one of them I'll just pick somebody at random that I know and and show up at their door with a smoked but freshly smoked but and that always is a good surprise for people but anyway I've got two on and I haven't cooked one in quite a while so I'm looking forward to it this afternoon okay this is from crypto Dave thirteen kablammo one trillion crypto market cap by the end of the year I love it and he's tweeting out an article and I'm not gonna go through a lot of the article but I will tell you the gist of what was said here there apparently the CEO of kraken said this or was talking about this according to the CEO of crack and jesse powell crypto currencies would see accelerated growth they would be able to pull back from the bottom to new highs according to him there are many businesses revolving around crypto currencies now also there are many people in the know in the know-how of crypto currency is now welome you can read that again also there are many people in the know in the know how am i reading that wrong grow up anyway of crystal cryptocurrency is now this would propel the entire cryptocurrency market to cross the valuation of a trillion dollar well like I've said many times before and they say it here before the recent downturn I think we're somewhere the crypto God has highs somewhere in the 850 billion dollar and that's peanuts folks that's nothing and I'll show you something in a minute that'll illustrate to you why part of the reason why that's so nothing at how early we are and everything but before the recent downturn it was around 800 and so a trillion it would be nothing for us to cross a trillion dollars in the next born folks because every single one of these run ups that we've had it we ended up achieving a new even after the bull run the low isn't as a higher low than the previous for the market so that's something to be excited about I do believe that will cross a trillion in the next bull market fully believe that okay I wanted to show you this every once while I'm trying to show you some some of these charts and what some of these people think ripple XRP all set to break past 50-day EMA as price find strong support XR P is set to break past the 50-day exponential moving average as the price has now found a strong support around the $0.32 mark this is a very strong support that would be very hard to breach during the next downtrend which is why XR p USD now has better prospects of breaking the symmetrical triangle it is trading in to the upside and so that's kind of the gist of it and I just wanted to show you that but moving along from Han Solo at 104 XR p to implement ripples X current and ex-raf at Oracle Tom's go XRP go and this is the article that he's that he's tweeting out here this says petrodollars PDX widely regarded as PDX coin has announced in its white paper that it would be implementing ripples X current and X rapid and rapid as its technological backbones the newly created and legally supported digital currency backed by independently certified proved recoverable oil and gas reserves as a creation of signal Capital Management and its sister companies PBX AG of zone Switzerland and oil code acquisition holdings in of the United States and then I wanted to take you down here and say talking with ripples talking about ripples ex current the white paper indicates that PBX main license and utilize ripples proprietary X current global interbank rapid messaging platform in order to affect global payments and transfers in real time and cheaply in the same line PDX may also license and utilize ripples proprietary X rapid platform that may enable PDX to more effectively be exchanged for fiat currencies cheaply and rapidly rapidly in real tongue I want to make one other point about this yesterday I showed you where one asset management company had created a token that was going to follow Treasury bonds today I'm showing you one that's going to follow recoverable approved recoverable oil and gas reserves you're seeing that the world being tokenized right now right before your eyes and this one is interested in using X rapid as well which uses x RP so over time just imagine all the different assets at a local level and at a global level that will be tokenized and then X RP will be traded in pairs with them that is amazing when you think about how far there is to go okay let me get rid of this okay I thought this was funny and so I want to show it to you from gold telegraph what's different but they said they said what's different and they're comparing dollars to monopoly money and the truth is there the u.s. dollar may have been printed more than monopoly money if it was really looked into that would be an interesting number to come up with maybe I'll look into that okay next my Nance had put out they have a research wing and they had put out this research report on April the 11th investing crypto asset cycles a look at changes in crypto asset correlations based on market structure I just wanted to draw your attention to one thing in this an estimated 7% of crypto assets are held by institutional investors which is almost one 13th of the institutional Holdings proportion for the US stock market and I want to bring your attention to this little area right here irrational cognition or the crypto markets correlations prone to extremes and then it says from data collection by crypto fund research calm around 700 crypto funds operate in the crypt of the market today representing a total of just under 10 billion dollars in assets that's it folks as of January 2019 with a conservative assumption that they all hold solely Bitcoin this would account for an upper bound of only 14% of the total market value of Bitcoin if all coins are included in the assumption of their holdings given that BTC dominance percentages around 50% as at the time of riding a coin according to coin market cap the institutional proportion overall could be less than 70 percent 7 percent for the crypto asset market so look at this chart and they're showing you the s the percentage of institutional money that is in these different markets this is reference to US stock market look how much of it is comprised of institutional and then over here is the crip of market this tan area is non institutional investors that's how little this black area is how little of the crypto market is institutions so just think about how much money there is that is going to be added over the course of the next few years or even the course of the next six months folks when people like back to open up ok next oh this was funny I just wanted to show it to you what's a pirate's favorite digital asset X R P I thought that was funny and David Schwartz there was a picture this is going to have to be my thumbnail today because that's such a funny picture ok next from Sargent obi-wan crypto bigwigs called to boycott bitcoin SV amid lawsuit controversy what this is folks and here's the article what this is folks is Craig Wright who is the Bitcoin SV guy is threatening to sue all sorts of peace Iza from what I've seen he's a real nasty guy he's threatening to sue all sorts of people on Twitter and everywhere else but people that call him names are calling this or that and this guy this kid this person apparently called him a fraud or something like that and they said that he was not Satoshi Nakamoto he collect Craig rights claims he's a Satoshi Nakamoto anyway they said some things in noun is lawyers of sent them letters and that spurred I talked about Anthony pom plea on oh he said that we ought to ever exchange to delist bsv simultaneously on May 1st and then Charlie Shrem comes in says I'm surprised PS bsv has even listed anywhere it's an obvious scam controlled by an obvious scammer it goes against the reason we are here in the first place deal SBS V from from all exchanges and let it die so there's a big war going on between all these Bitcoin fuel but but you need it needs to illustrate a point and the point is these proof-of-work people and this is the reason that the Bitcoin people are getting so upset is because they know that this is waving a big huge flag to people out there saying wait a minute if these guys are claiming that they can I'm going to beat you I am more powerful than you which is what Craig Wright is saying you know and and then Roger ver is the Bitcoin cash well they've been very public that both of them have said they can destroy you you can destroy me and all that stuff well how can you do that and the answer is if you control if you control the mining in proof-of-work digital assets then you you can you in other words it's not decentralized it's it's centralized and they prove it every time they have this fight and discussion and so C 3 Nick comes in and he says who is Satoshi Nakamoto the first three choices are Craig right and the final Islam show me the result so show me the result is winning that with 93% and I voted for Craig right for the first one just because not I do not think Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto that's not the reason it for those of you that don't know um there is a wallet that is known to be Satoshi nakamoto's wallet his Bitcoin address it would be easy very easy to prove that that someone was Satoshi Nakamoto all they have to do is say I'm about to move to Bitcoin 2 point 1 2 3 Bitcoin out of my Satoshi Nakamoto wallet and then you that's how you prove that you're Satoshi Nakamoto very simple so if Craig Wright wants to prove it that's all he's gonna do next from d4 dunk @p is I form1 bye bye banks just like Sears and JCPenney your days are numbered and he's got a he or she has posted a video here and it's of Congress the financial services committee this is one of the Congress women and she is is questioning Jamie Dimon and it's really funny she's showing him the salary of a bank teller with JPMorgan one of her friends I think that's what she was referencing and how she can barely make ends meet and is in the negative every month and is basically asking Jamie Dimon to explain to her how this woman is supposed to survive while he's paying all of his people millions of dollars well it's a very awkward exchange but it's pretty funny but it just shows you that just one more reason the bankers are are the bad guys in my opinion next from extra hard core he put up he showed me this new logo not logo but just a new graphic that he created I just wanted to everyone's know I want to show you his graphics because he'll create he'll create a graphic for you and your Twitter handle or anything else if you if you're interested in something like that you can follow him here or and he's got a website he but he's really good with graphics and so this is just something he created today he says keep your digital asset safe and then he's got digital asset and he's got a keyhole there but just a really cool looking graphic so moving I got this from crypto view at brendham Aguilera he tweeted this out it's an IBM commercial at the Masters okay I'm always telling you that you're gonna be wrapped in crypto before this is over well this is just the beginning you now you're seeing blockchain commercials at the Masters and then they even replied to him he tweeted this out IBM commercial at the Masters mentioned blockchain they replied to him one of our favorite topics along with the Masters of course you can learn more at IBM black hashtag IBM blockchain here so IBM knows what's coming and they're they're getting out in front of it next he also gave me this idea that I'm about to cover crypto you at Brando Aguilera he told me I needed to watch this show I'm always asking about shows I need to watch well if you haven't seen this you need to go watch it I was watching it a few minutes ago with my son and it's called you Merces while this is the first interactive show that I've seen and it really shows you where the world is about to go because I can't wait to show my six-year-old this the way this show works is this is that he goes through on an adventure through several different adventures what you've seen these like man vs. wild I think this is the guy that did that but anyway as you as he goes through these jungles and different things he'll be he'll be um there will be situations where he could either go this way or you can go this way or with and then he'll say which one do you want me to do and you can use your Netflix your like your Roku controller and you can tell you can choose which thing you want him to do so he said you want me to climb up trying to climb across this rope or you want me to rappel down into this ravine and goes a long way and so you'll get to choose which one you want him to do well Brando Aguilera had thrown this this out and I was like wow I didn't thought about that but if they're if you're interacting like this now imagine how the interaction will be with digital assets um just as a for instance what about a world where we have a lot of YouTube live streamers you can tip youtubers right now but what about if you could interact on the screen and tough and you could say well do this and I'll tip you this or if something is not like that or on Netflix but imagine when they incorporate digital assets into Netflix and make it available for several digital assets like XRP and allow you to tip anybody or any show if you like it or monetize it with coil no telling where this is all going to go but we're heading into a new world now and I just wanted to show you that it's amazing what's going on and next from Michael at the Al 5linx this was a funny thing I'm not going into the article but he said I may have covered this the other day if I did I apologize it's a great quote to hear again card on and found her on Bitcoin it's blind deaf and dumb and you can't really do much with it he's that he's a thousand percent right that is why they created the term store of value because they knew that it will do nothing L it will be useful for nothing else as compared to the better technologies and digital currencies that do more things and do it better and faster and cheaper than between and so it has to be a store value that's how they have to sell it that's how Wall Street has to sell it okay finally I haven't shown you a quote at the end of one of my videos in quite a while but I decided I would show you one today one thing I see a lot on Twitter is I see a lot of people who just it just makes them angry that the idea that I or anyone else would be so positive about crypto assets and digital assets and they just want you they think that it should be a requirement that you are much more grounded and that you are much more reasonable like they are and that you should be more open to being negative occasionally well I'm 45 years old and I can tell you one thing for a thousand percent sure being negative has never gotten me anywhere being positive has gotten me a lot of places and I can tell him especially you young people out there being negative is a dead-end road and it drives me up a wall now I'm not saying to be positive despite the evidence I show you evidence every day that's many many reasons that I'm positive about crypto currencies I've been in this rodeo for two that such 2013 all of the reasons I see that are legit are the reasons to be positive and I wouldn't have a youtube channel if I didn't see the reasons to be positive the whole reason from the being of my youtube channel is because I see a positive things ahead and so that's why I'm into it if there weren't the reasons to be positive I just wouldn't do the YouTube channel okay and so yeah I'm here and I'm positive for a reason because I can give you a thousand reasons to be positive about where crypto is going and where XRP is going if I couldn't I would just turn my channel off and so sorry but I'm a positive YouTube channel and I will continue to be positive because that's the way things get done there can be no positive result through through negative attitude think positive live positive and that's from Albert Einstein I'm the digital asset investor and I'm in it to win it I'm not an investment advisor please subscribe and hit the like button and tell your friends and family that I'm in it to win it and I'm going to remain positive because I have good reason to be positive thanks for listening

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  1. It's good to highlight the connections between multi-national corporations and certain blockchains they will be on.
    those will be the ones vital to making money in a new investment market. whitepapers alone won't cut it when the serious
    investors flood in looking for the picks in this new market. they will see it as the new stock market, but they are not stocks. however
    securities and everything else will eventually be on blockchains. so do keep gathering the winners, you have to do research to know which ones.
    that's the fun part, then you know what directions to go and it's fairly easy from there. buy some every week if you can.

  2. There is a huge difference between being positive and believing in an illusion. This channel is one big illusion.

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