1 Of These 3 Events Will Trigger The Next Bull Run! [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]

all right a lot of value in today's video a lot of information in fact I think this video today might actually be a better one to send to a friend if you want them to maybe see the value of of investing with Bitcoin and before we begin before I tell you the one any one of these three events I believe could trigger the next bull run but before we get into that let's just quickly check ourselves with the crypto and Bitcoin market I want to remind you that in my opinion the key to the game is that patience is rewarded patience if you're patient if you're disciplined if you develop that investors mindset I think you most likely will make money with bitcoin in fact I think I think it's gonna be hard not to most people they don't get this right I mean most people they want that instant gratification right you invest in Bitcoin today you want it to be worth a hundred thousand dollars tomorrow or you invest in an altcoin today and tomorrow you expected to be fully operational and to fully reach mass adoption but I mean come on we all know this isn't realistic this isn't how the world works yet this way of thinking is what causes a lot of people to FOMO in and the same thing is what causes a lot of people to sell at a loss these unrealistic expectations so if this is you just a friendly reminder this is not a sprint my friends this is a marathon in fact this is a lifestyle and you need to treat it as such and if you do I think you will be richly rewarded and to finish off this point this is actually what I mean I think this is a good way to think about it in the past any given year of bitcoins 9 plus year history it did not matter if you invested in Bitcoin at all-time highs or if you invested in Bitcoin at all-time lows it did not matter if you invested in Bitcoin five years ago or if you invested in Bitcoin two years ago because given enough time Bitcoin has always grown and gained value I think this is the way we should be thinking about this and of course hey I don't know the future I am NOT an expert these are all just my opinions I'm just a cryptocurrency enthusiast a cryptocurrency investor and based on my research I think this is something that we will continue to see happen with Bitcoin over the next several years that it keeps gaining in value because we have a lot of room to grow and if at any point I think differently you're gonna be the first to know anyways if you agree with this sentiment in general hit the like button it's an easy thing you can do helps us get the video out there now let's get to the main feature of today's video I think any one of these three things could trigger the next bull run the question is what's going to happen first and by the way welcome back everybody to alt coin daily here at ulta coin daily you subscribe for our daily videos on everything going on in the cryptocurrency space checking in with our channel every single day is a great way to stay informed let's get into it let's switch gears as I said any one of these three by themselves will trigger the next Bull Run question is what's going to happen first and hear me out see if you agree with me and there's no way to say this next sentence without sounding cliche but you need to stick around for number three because number three I don't hear anybody talking about alright expectations have been set see at number three alright number one is that this alone would trigger the next bull run if and when it happens and that is if any of these whenever any of these ETF's get approved especially the physically backed CBOE van eck etf this one you know is different because they're actually holding Bitcoin and when if and when this happens this will trigger the next bull run now I don't think the fate of cryptocurrency as a whole necessarily rests in ETF approval in fact I think a lot of people who are in the space right now currently they don't even care however when this does and eventually this will happen you know Americans they don't our mayor they don't want to fall behind they recognize they need to either get get on board or get out of the way so when this happens and we get just a little bit of regulatory clarity a lot more people are going to get interested a lot more money is going to come into the space and actually a lot of people feel strongly that approval is going to happen within the next six months so if you don't know Vanek it's an investment management firm based in New York and they have decades of experience in a track record in the financial traditional financial sector and have hundreds of ETFs filed under its name they have a great relationship with the CFTC in the SEC and they recently they just went back to the SEC and presented five major reasons why the Commission should give them approval this is a recent article I'm gonna leave a link to this article in the description you should read the whole thing it really breaks this down really clearly on why the Vanek ETF will probably get approved and the five reasons that they brought to the committee they're highlighted right here but to paraphrase them and put it simply they say that the problems that the CFTC and the SEC originally focused on which was manipulation customer protection and just the market being large enough they've addressed those issues and they are no longer a problem check this article out it's really interesting thing but fact is whether this happens or not guess what and this is the number two event that would trigger the bull run we got backed we got fidelity we got TD Ameritrade etc etc etc these institutions they are world leaders in finance the largest in the world and they know exactly how to keep everything aboveboard and they're all in the process of launching in fact they're going to bring a lot of money a lot of big money into the space coming up it's it's a fact and as you know backed it's set to launch in November they're going to begin trading December 12th fidelity they're going to be offering Bitcoin to all its clients and they actually started mining Bitcoin back in 2015 so that was real surprise that's a real game-changer but all of this all of this we're going to see all of this come into fruition with in 2019 and it almost seems 2019 is gonna be a good year it almost seems unrealistic to think just how big the markets going to get because of this but keep in mind this is something that used to be just a pipe dream for Bitcoin holders back in the day right so this is a huge milestone for Bitcoin and for cryptocurrency and will inevitably mean a lot of new money entering the space all right number three the one you've been waiting for we've we talked about backed infidelity all the time we've talked about the Vanek CBOE thing before I don't think we've ever talked about this I don't hear a lot of people talking about this at all by the way if you appreciate our hard work here at alt coins Ailey you subscribe for daily videos and crypto currency if you appreciate us take three seconds hit that like button really is a small thing you can do it does help us grow as a channel let's get into it the number three event is this so right now and make no mistake about it Wall Street is getting involved with cryptocurrency and although publicly they remain silent and even dismissive on Bitcoin behind the scenes I think they're nipping at the heels to get in and I'm gonna show you proof in a second but this is my theory so I suspect a lot of over-the-counter buy orders are going through for Bitcoin OTC is it's how Wall Street enters the market and when you buy OTC it doesn't show up as public exchange volume so buying OTC gets you large amounts of Bitcoin and it doesn't affect the price and yeah I suspect a lot of people are buying Bitcoin OTC and I'm talking hundreds of thousands maybe even millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin I mean it is possible the thing is though there's only so much Bitcoin in existence and OTC desks only have so much available for them and their clients so I'm sure there are large buy orders that OTC desks have to work and search to fill and what's gonna cause the next bull run is when OTC desks dry up and Wall Street and big money now they have to go to public exchanges and buy from those so if and when they start to do that we're gonna see the price shoot up and that's gonna cause the next bull run to and finally let me leave you with this this is something I originally saw on the modern investors channel all credit to him really smart guy you should all subscribe to him I'm really glad I'm a subscriber for his channel but anyways check this out so this guy right here Barry Silbert he's a Wall Street CEO entrepreneur and investor he was on the Unchained podcast and on this podcast he was asked how Wall Street feels about cryptocurrency and he he makes it clear what you've probably suspected which is behind the scenes despite a down market Wall Street wants to get in so we're gonna end today with this clip so thank you all very much hope you found a value in today's video feel free to join the altcoin daily team and like the video or a small channel but we're growing fast and we do try and provide you with daily crypto content now check this out the vision less than 100 million the Bitcoin is better or not traded in u.s. 3f these two tional ages out there I believe that's the only one of the we've invested in you just mentioned Wall Street and I know that in previous remarks you have said that what Wall Street says publicly about crypto is differently from what they say in private what are those differences well look I think that the you know the Jamie Dimon quotes have been fantastic and there's you know plenty of anecdotes of you know people you know being in the JPMorgan Building meeting people about XYZ you know digital currency related when Jamie makes these calm what we're seeing right now is you know despite the drop in prices that despite the drop in volumes this year the level of engagements in the level of seriousness that we see coming out of the Wall Street institutions and banks is that an all-time high it's not you know there there's you know plenty of commentators that you know say that you know bitcoins dead there's plenty of compensators that say that you know the bubbles burst and it's over behind-the-scenes it's kind of full steam ahead right now

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  1. Only issue could be "Re-Hypothecation" of BTC…where Wall St trades magically created fictitious derivatives/trading products based on price of BTC…but not ACTUAL BTC. This effectively takes away the "scarcity"/finite supply of BTC that many believe would help cause massive price increases in a Bull Run. Check out Caitlin Long – she is all over this.

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    & buy.

  3. Great video as usual. I think when the supply for the OTC market dry up, you would see Wall Street people sell bitcoin to crash the price further to buy from the panic selling public. Price will rebounce fast after that though. We might see price crash down further before the next official bull run.

  4. Great! As a 71-yr-old who was introduced to the stock market by my Dad at an early age, followed the market most of my life and eventually to become a registered investment advisor representative, I totally agree with the ideas presented here. This is how securities investing works. Just subscribed . . . Thanx!

  5. I have a feeling we are going to tank , anyway the bulls will come just a matter of time perhaps all three points will have to come into being for the run .

  6. Content begins at 3:46 -1. ETF approval, VanEck, 2. 5:58, Bakkt, Fidelity, 3. 7:55, Wall St involved with cryptocurrencies, OTC orders.

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  8. COVESTING just got their Dlt licence from the Gibraltar government, Covesting is the 2 nd licence issued by the government, their is only 2 licences issued so far. Fully regulated exchange. Everybody is welcome to join the telegram channel for any questions u guys might have. Great job with the video. Ty for your hard work .

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