35 thoughts on “$1 million in Bitcoin or $1 million in Bitcoin mining! Which should I do?”

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    $1 million in Bitcoin or $1 million in Bitcoin mining? Which should I do? If you were in the position to make a choice which one would you choose. Personally I feel mining is the best medium term investment. I believe Bitcoin mining will be a REALLY big thing in after the next Bitcoin halving.

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  2. Get S17 pro if you can because it's more energy efficient than S17 or T17. S17 Pro have 3 mining modes, I mine at normal mode at ~52TH consuming ~2000 W. You will need 2 of 220v outlet for each miner. If you want more bang for your buck, get S15 because it's cheaper in price. At low power mode, S15 hash ~18TH at only 900 W of power and you only need 1 220v outlet for each miner.

  3. I think you should spend the $ on mining equipment because you have the heart, passion, knowledge, experience to utilize it profitably. Me, id just buy btc.

  4. I'm gonna go with some of the others and say 50/50. You can only mine so many coins a day but if you put 50% into coin you could take some profits in case of a pull back if you decide you need to.

  5. I guess it would DEFINITELY depend on on how fast you can set up and execute … "TIME IS MONEY … "

  6. I salute what you do everyday to take the time and effort to mine Bitcoin. It's really a lot of time and dedication. As for me I would just buy and hodl it till it booms and by that time who knows how high Bitcoin will get.. It could be a million dollars per Bitcoin. Definitely buy and HODL for me 😉


  7. I'd say split, pick your ratio of farm vs BTC say between 80% Farm 20% BTC to 50/50. I'd probably go 70/30 or 60/40 in favour of upgrading the farm. Don't forget to take out extra business insurance if you pick-up extra miners. Goodluck sir and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  8. Personally i think your farm is something that anyone would love to have, why not continue mining with the current hardware and buy BTC with the money. That seems like the best of both worlds and you couldnt lose. Thanks for everything you do for the space. Love the videos, and the insight into the crypto space. Keep on keeping on!!


  9. i'm guessing that at current Bitcoin rate – a mining farm is a great investment that pays itself off nicely – but the more that BTC becomes rare/valuable the more your BTC production facility becomes valuable!


  10. S9 are now at the end of its life cycle that’s why if you buy in bulk they are only $125 to 150. Yes you can still make money on them mine are making over $90 month each at the moment. But that will slowly dry up as the new ASICS are pumped out. So now you have to pay 2 grand plus shipping and tariffs probably close to 3 grand once you get one here. So 1 mill get you 300 S17s got to ROI and pay interest on the mill you borrowed. Plus all the electric work. If bitcoin stays over 7 for a year your fine. If not you’ll be belly up! Lol

  11. ⚡How much are you paying for power (cents per kwh)?
    ?How much are you paying for rent?
    ?Will newly mined coins appreciate more than others?

    Using nrel as your guide, find the place where wind and sun collide.

    ? Almost forgot. Good luck with your endeavors.

  12. Invest in yourself bro! Get it! Then throw 500k at BTC! 12nEykhMFNqU7HRFzvERUq53hhHzYoPpXK

  13. With the halving coming up, your reward will be less. Prices are low, hedge your money! 14K44BZPTXReCY1kTCHTWyR7Fef2KPXzhk

  14. You're a good dude, and I appreciate all you do! If you are that confident, and bitcoin is indeed the future, I say go for it! 1P2zLY8SbpCFQFiaskUNR674kQAXuw9DKp

  15. It makes clear sense to invest in the mining. We are where the internet was in 1995 it bitcoin is only going to get larger. With you already in mining your capacity it going to be off the charts for required processing. You will get for every dime spent you will get 10 to 50x back.

  16. I think mining is the way to go but i have a question, what will happen when all the BTC have been mined?

  17. As miner you are addicted after low energy prices and stable or even rising BTC price. And the halvening can easy destroy you. And your are always competing with the minig hardware evolving and getting faster and more efficient compared to your "old" stuff.

    Sorry but your business plan is to risky for me. I would at least buy $500.000 digital assets an just hodl! Because i am confident BTC will reach $16.000 soon again! Good luck!

  18. Buy $1mil in BTC. That’s about 115 BTC right now. Will investing in the equipment over its useful life produce more then that with the diminishing returns due to difficulty increases? There will be a massive increase in mining when prices go up again. Sure the BTC mined will pay the bills and offset the loans to setup the farms but the ULTIMATE goal is more BTC. I would bet $1mil won’t even be enough of an investment to pay the electricity to mine under profit in 5 years.


  19. I will take $1 Million in BTC than investing in mining. When it comes to liquidating, it's much easier to sell BTC than the equipment. 1C5y5Euqoe3TFmNdBuyMZvKTnXr6vr6Rtd

  20. Definitely put it towards mining! After a year or two sell the whole mining farm for like $50m and retire!


  21. NEVER and I do mean Never go all in on anything . Life has taught me this from some hard lessons learned .

  22. I am selling off some equipment to all the greenhorns jumping in to ride this lil wave, 6 months ago was the time to buy equipment when everyone was losing their shirts about BTC @ 3250, and on that, LMK if you want 20 A4+ LTC Masters and 220V PSUs, great machines but it's time to sell mining and buy crypto

  23. Chasing hardware is a marathon not a 100m race. Keep USD0.5mil for backup/more efficient tech down the road while spending the remaining USD0.5mil on the current bitcoin miners.


  24. What about instead of going all in either direction you buy 70% miners and 30% BTC?


  25. I would buy BTC and sell as close to the top of the next bullrun as possible. Then use the profits to double down on the size of your BTC farm. Investing when we are in the deep depths of the next bear market, with the newest equipment for the best price!

  26. I think i would Go 50/50 and rethink when BTC doubled or Breaks ATH. Maybe there is better/cheaper miners available then. So you still have 1mill in miners + 50% of the BTC you bought now.


    P.s. i am curios If you ever looked at hpb since you seem to know a Lot about Hardware. Its a Project combining hard-and Software for scalability. No shill intented, just want to know If you have an opinion about them.

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