13 thoughts on “$1 Million Bitcoin? And $80 Trillion GE Will Flow Through XRP!!!”

  1. There is another mass adoption event about to happen on March 8th when Samsung releases it's new S10 with build in BTC and ETH wallets. Samsung sold 70 million smartphone units in Q4 2018 alone. iphones will not be far behind with their embedded crypto wallets. Suddenly people who have never heard of cryptocurrencies will be introduced to this new asset class. They will be taught through the apps. I can see down the road Apple pay and Google pay apps offering customers a choice in how to pay for a transaction: from a bank account or crypto wallet. Convenience always seems to accelerate mass adoption sooner!

  2. Everyone knows Stellar Lumen is running shit in South Korea, $XLM (IBM) is going to running shit in 2019!!

  3. this crypto is made up to keep us busy and to poison our souls. nothing big will happen anymore. its just a test setup and after the test phase when the fiat money system is destroyed gouverment will make their own digital coin.

  4. People must be taking a lot of weeds today.. It's not gonna happen people stop dreaming and start working because that's where the real money comes! Not in this manipulated crypto market scheme!

  5. One thing I've noticed is when it comes to price prediction most people only use Swift's volume as a price predictor! What about the 5.3 trillion dollar forex daily volume? (1.25 quadrillion per yr) Or the PSP (payment service providers) 900 trillion per yr? Just 10% of either or all markets takes the price beyond what most people predict!

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