0X ZRX Token Now Traded on Coinbase – Going to the Moon?

hi guys my name is Eden and today we're going to talk about the 0x protocol and the CRX tokens that now is available on cone base but before we start I want to thank our sponsors for today's video Scyther and I created the katana 5 it's a heat sink for the CPU it works with the new CPUs that come up from Intel and even the AMD new AM 4 CPUs it has six hitting's directly connected to the CPU and features a quiet fan check the link below for more information i'm having a giveaway right now which i give four different gift cards $25 each on beachcombers comm check the link below for more information how you can join the 0x protocol and the CRX token has been announced since 2016 the goal is to make it easier for people to exchange tokens because there's so many tokens on the etherium network that every time you need to use a specific software that requires tokens you have to find the right exchange by the right token and then give it to them you have to have a theory in wallet with some e3 a minute it's quite a hustle but with the 0x protocol you can actually have a wallet with some aetherium on the 0x protocol and you can get almost any token you want on the fly and it can go off the blockchain first to make things faster so once you actually need the tokens it will post its action on the blockchain and then you'll be able to exchange the etherium to a token that you need for specific software so that eliminates you from going to all different exchanges to get the right token you need and store it and then send it it saves you all that time so that's a really cool concept that I actually think it's very useful as our world is will get more tokenized everything will be talking based anyways so the 0x tokens is used to pay the fees for the system to work and exchange the different tokens there will be only 1 billion ZRX tokens out there and now coinbase added to one of the 6 tokens and coins that they are offering right now coinbase offers bitcoin bitcoin cash litecoin etherium anything classic and a week ago they added the CRX token as well everytime coinbase adds in it we noticed that of course price showed up like crazy and then crash back down it happened the same thing with Bitcoin cash back this year in the beginning of the year they offered become cash everybody started to go crazy on it and but bunch of it and what happened is the price went up about 300 to even more it got up to seven thousand dollars at one point what you have to remember is be very careful if you try to time that thing to see when you can buy and sell it when coinbase office products I wouldn't really jump over it right away because what whatever comes up have to come down and the same thing happens with the 0x token as well it went up about 30% to up to $1.00 something on the first day they announced the 0x token on coin base but after a little while of course it crashed back down and now it's only about 10% so we're talking about 80 something cents now and it was about 70 cents before it started on coin base it's kind of like a mutual fund index funds where you buy a portfolio of cryptocurrency coins and tokens on a preset prices and you just buy them all together and it's about 77% Bitcoin and the rest is whatever depends on the market they don't offer the 0x talking in the bundles yet that's something you have to buy on yourself but it's really cool that coin based now have bundles I think it's really good for people who want to start up investing in those things and they don't know which one to buy I don't want to get too you know particular which one is the best or whatever they just kind of want to get the general portfolio of the cryptocurrencies and I think it's a really awesome way I left a link below if you do want to start investing in cryptocurrencies if you put a hundred if you buy a hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin you get $10 back on your coin base account I'll leave a link below if you don't have a coin base yet if you do that I also get $10 so thank you in advance for doing so thank you guys so much for watching don't forget to leave a like if you like this video and also comment below what do you think about the ZRX future and if you are using the xerox docucentre

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  1. Bro make a video regarding scavo ..they are giving weekly money from the miner farm they make from ico money to the coin holders please

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