0x project (ZRX) Cryptocurrency Review

welcome everyone it's Philip here in today's video I would like to talk a bit about 0x cryptocurrency project before we gonna start just bear in mind that everything you're gonna hear in this video is just my private opinion and it's not a financial advice okay then the current market cap is 107 billion dollars and bitcoin costs three thousand three hundred and ninety six dollars and it's currently four percent done in last 24 hours 0x or actually set our X because this is a currency of a 0x project currently costs 30 cents and it's a four-point 33 percent down in last 24 hours market cap of this project is only level of 169 million dollars and descriptive currency is number 29 according to market cap volume only level of seven million dollars in last 24 hours circulating supply is only level of 551 million and total supply is 1 billion so you need to bear in mind that sooner or later there will be twice more of these tokens if it comes to market we can buy this project basically everywhere so we can buy it on GI bit marked coinbase Pro by Nancy O'Neill coin by coin tiger and from the top crypto currency exchanges we've got this project on imbalance coined by SPRO we've got it on hit BTC if we will go down we can find that we can find this project on ether Delta K that I OB tramp pollen X heat BTC ok X so like I said we can buy this project on most of the crypto currency exchanges all-time high of this project was only level of two and a half dollars and it's currently 87 percent down from its all-time high so this project needs to gain around 8x to reach its all-time high if it comes to community this project has acquired big one we've got over 15,000 people on reddit and we've got over 143 thousand people following this project on Twitter so if we have a look on the community chart we can clearly see that community of this project is Conti growing zero X is an open protocol for decentralized exchange on the ETA on blockchain so this is an open protocol that allows us to build decentralized exchanges on these decentralized exchanges we are able to trade any ERC 20 tokens and we are able to trade them peer-to-peer and that means that we don't have to trust anyone this is called token – token trading or wallet – wallet trading currently we are able to trade tokens that has been built on the etherium blockchain but in the future we will be able to trade all tokens that has been built on the different platforms for an example like neo or waves 0x project started in October 2016 and it has been started by will Warren and Amir mandala ICO started 16th of August 2017 and it raised 24 million dollars in this ICO we were able to buy 50 percent of the total supply which is 1 billion tokens so we were able to buy a 500 million tokens and actually it took 24 hours and 10 minutes to raise all the amount which is 24 million dollars the ICO price of this token was on the level of 5 cents and as you know the all-time high of this project was around two and a half dollars so who ever participated in this ICO made a massive gains even now considering market collapse and the current market capitalization whoever keeps these tokens since I feel time it's still 6x comparing two US Dollars and 21 X comparing to a Tyrian prices so if you spent one aterial to buy 0x tokens at the IC o—- you can change them to 21 idioms right now okay then now let's talk a bit about the token allocation so as you know 50% has been sold at the IC o—- and from the remaining 50 percent 10% went the early investors and advisors 10% went for the founding team 15% went to developer found and 15% has been retained by 0x team so if we will add up the developer found founding team and retained by 0x we've got around 40% so that means that the 0x team still has around 40 percent of the total supply in my opinion this is quite high percentage 0x is the critical infrastructure layer in the emerging financial struggle built on a foundation of ETM token standards developers needing exchange functionality for IRC 20 tokens ERC 721 tokens or any new asset type can easily integrate these 0x protocol into their application so 0x team believes that in the future we will have hundreds of thousands of tokens and they are building protocol so we can easily trade these tokens so if we have a look on the eater scan we can see that currently there is one hundred fifty six thousand tokens has been built on the etherium platform and currently if you would like to swap for an example the chain token which is also a RC 20 token for let's say o me say go token you'd have to sell vision for Bitcoin and then buy with these bitcoins euro me say go and thanks to this 0x protocol we will be able to swap directly reaching to Oh me saying go so thanks to 0x protocol we can swap tokens faster cheaper and easier 0x or actually that our X currency it's used to pay for the fees on these decentralized exchanges so if a lot of people will be using these decent choice exchanges and if a lot of people will be swapping ERC 20 tokens the price of that our X currency should in phrase if you are interested how exactly is your ex protocol works I found for you a beginners quite to 0x and I'm gonna leave you a link to it under this video in the description box right now you might ask yourself why do we actually need decentralize exchanges if we've got centralized exchanges like by Nance cuckooing or coinbase so even Vitaly computering said that he hope that centralized exchanges go burn in hell and unfortunately if we are dealing with a centralized exchanges we need to trust them we need to trust them so they're not gonna be hacked or the owners of these centralized exchanges not gonna run with our money the fact is cryptocurrencies are here to eliminate the trust so we don't have to trust anyone that's why there are peer to peer and for an example we've got article here Japanese crypto currency exchange hacked 59 million in losses another article from 10th of November cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea pulls exeed scam stealing 30 million dollars that's why we need decentralized exchanges as they are peer-to-peer wallet – wallet trading exchanges decentralized exchanges can allow you to remain in control of your funds and centralized exchanges hold your funds and can lock you out decentralize exchanges that are created on 0x protocol create a global order book so anyone in any country can use them and the best part is that no signup is required and they automatically support new tokens so there is no more waiting for new token lifting 0x protocol is already working so this is already working product and developers are already building decentralized exchanges on this protocol so even BitFenix build at Phoenix on 0x platform and we've got radar we've got paradox that has been bought by coin base we've got the ocean eggs with got decks so we've got few decentralized exchanges that already has been built on this protocol we can also build applications on 0x so any application that will be using 0x protocol will have easy token to talk and trading implemented 0x has a very good team around 35 people is working on this project this project also has a good advisors team so we've got here co-founder of coinbase we've got founder of poly chain capital we've got Cole CIO of Pantera capital we've got previous p.m. at coinbase and we've got general partner at Kraft venture and original CEO of PayPal so we've got a lot of advisors that comes from coinbase and this is a not coincident in May 2000 18 coinbase bought products and this is a decentralized exchange that has been built on 0x protocol in October this year 0x has been listed on coinbase and that was a first year c20 token that has ever been listed on coinbase also this is a coin base address coinbase office address that is in San Francisco so they are located somewhere here and this is a 0x office address it is also in San Francisco really really closely to coinbase office actually these offices are 1.7 mile away from each other in my opinion this is not a coincident and if you would like to know my honest opinion I believe that 0x project is supported by coinbase to finish it off let's talk about pros and cons let's start with pros so a very strong team with a background in cryptography finance and academia coinbase founders and early employees have grown their support behind this project they are backed by poly chain and Pantera capital they have one of the largest active communities in the crypto space now let's talk about Conn's you need to remember that success of this project depends on the success of idiom without aetherium there is no need for this project only 50% of the tokens went to investors so what are my thoughts in my opinion this is a long-term project and when I'm saying long-term I mean five eight maybe even ten years unfortunately we are at this stage where people are more likely to use centralized exchanges in my opinion first of all we need to wait for ET reom to evolve we need to wait for Italian scalability solutions and then we need to wait for ERC 20 tokens that will be fully working so we need to have fully working projects that has been built on the etherium and then we need to wait for people that will be more likely to start using decentralized exchanges and that's a guys if you enjoyed this video please give me thumbs up and leave any comments so more people will see this video thank you very much and see ya in the next video Cheers

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  1. Mam pytanie czy to normalne że przy weryfikacji giełda krypto walutowa żąda od nas podania danych z dowodu osobistego ?Pytanie może i bzdurne z punktu widzenia kogoś kto siedzi w tym długi czas , ale ja nie jestem taką osobą proszę o odp czy nasze dane są bezpieczne ?

  2. I have lost a ton on this bull shit and you are a asshole bitch. You so called "pros" do not know shit!!

  3. Oglądam cie od X czasu, pojedyncze filmy. Nie rozumiem po co nagrywasz to w j. angielskim jeżeli w ogóle nikt taki tego nie ogląda/słucha. Marnujesz swój czas i ośmieszasz się brakiem jakiegokolwiek akcentu zbliżonego do Angielskiego, to jest ten polskiangielski

  4. Czy wie ktoś gdzie można znaleźć stronę gdzie jest pokazane ile pieniędzy (eth) zostało poszczególnym projektom? Phil chyba kiedyś to pokazywał.

  5. Zrobiłbyś Phil taką szybką aktualizację co dzieje się w takich projektach jak " snovio, wabi, quantstamp i enigma" które zakupiłeś.
    Czy dalej trzymasz i czy widzisz dalszy potencjał.
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