06 | Alex Lightman: What’s Going on with Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency’s Main Use

So one of the questions that you might
have is what’s happening in Blockchain Beach during the Crypto-Winter, this icy
freeze, because Bitcoin has been falling and falling and falling, from a peak of
around $20,000 to around $3,300. So Crypto-Winter is setting up a
chill in the funding so ICO market has collapsed, the market for utility coins
has collapsed, the market for security coins really hasn’t gotten started.
There’s a whole lot of uncertainty around Tether and other stable coins, but
blockchain beach still rocks on because people are in it for the right reasons.
They’re in it because they want to make the world a better place, and they know
that the biggest leverage that you have to make the world a better place is
through mobile phones. There are only 30 to 50 million people who own crypto, but
there are eight billion mobile phone subscriptions. So by getting everything
for new banking and so that you can buy, sell, borrow, loan, or swap anything
through mobile phones through crypto you can have a trust machine. You can
actually have secure digital good trading online. And that’s what we’re
doing here in this area so Crypto-Winter is not affecting us here at Blockchain

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  1. p.s. bitcoin at $3,300 albeit might seem like a far cry from it's $20k peak, still seems like still packs a lot of value in and of itself… a lot people in the US need to work 120 hours per month to even earn that much… considering $3,300 seems thats equal to about 120 hours of trust that someone will work for that kinda money

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