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Hi I’m Alex Lightman and this is the
very first minute of the very first video. It’s December 5th 2018 and I’m
going to be setting up a YouTube channel a popular request about a number of
people who’ve asked me to do two, three, four, five minutes mini documentaries
about things that I posted about mostly on Facebook. So the YouTube channel will
talk about the blockchain, about decentralized government, about
legitimacy, artificial intelligence, internet of things travel how to make
the world a better place in general how to make money how to have fun and how to
be more healthy how to be younger how to achieve peak performance so whole wide
variety of topics but all of them about putting into a maximally productive
maximally resourceful state and generating legitimacy for you with
whatever organization you’re part of. So right now I’m in Miami and at a yacht, an
interesting yacht party which is fun that I can be on a yacht party on
my birthday… it’s pretty fun, and earlier today I had one of my my other main goal
besides setting up the YouTube channel and starting to make videos was to go to
Pandora at Disney. Disney was in the a wild animal kingdom and and walking in
an alien world by day and being on a yacht party and shooting my first
YouTube video at night, it’s a good start at this fun start. So I guess for the
first thing we’re here with my friend Taylor and we’re here for Art
Basel so we’re here to see all the art and to see people who cluster around art
and find it useful. And I guess I could start by saying that cities that have
artists do better because artists go in and find low price real estate and then
they all cluster together and they make it more beautiful that way make you more
valuable so I’m here to see what all the artists are doing for Miami I hope that
you’ll subscribe to the channel and that you like video and
we can go and do a lot more videos. Thank you for your time.

5 thoughts on “01 | Alex Lightman | Futurist, Policy Advisor and Author”

  1. Congratulations on (finally!) opening a channel and posting your first video! I'm glad you've decided to do this, I can't wait to see and share your content. Here's wishing you millions of subscribers and much success in this platform.

  2. So happy to see you here! YouTube has always been my favorite media platform and you just become my favorite YouTuber. Keep at it!

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