45 thoughts on “🤯💸Next Financial Crisis and Bitcoin Price? 💸🤯”

  1. Hi Cedric, this is one of your best videos. I tried to explain this to other people (one week ago), but I found it a little bit difficult. You explain this very well in this video. Thank you very much.

  2. Phew 😅! That was intense! I loved it! Your videos are always the top of knowledge bombs, but this one hit it out of the park and into the next county! Thank you very much for this Cedric!!!

  3. Which corporate debt should fall first…. ask for a friend… not because i want to short the company shares… lol maybe

  4. Cedric…you guys have had 10yrs of QE…why hasn't inflation kicked in and why would it now suddenly with more printing??

  5. The Next financial crisis will CRUSH Bitcoin, because the "network" is nothing without easy credit and risk willing capital.

  6. You keep saying it and I'm trying to read your lips while you speak but not sure if you're saying 15% or 50%.

  7. Thank You Mr. Dahl,
    I appreciate you sharing your knowledge. It is very rare to see individuals as yourself spending your most valuable resource without any substantial compensation, unless you value gratitude. Continued health, wealth and enlightenment to you sir.

  8. I think you are missing one huge piece of the puzzle in this discussion. Companies that are buying back their own stock to artificially increase EPS via debt, which I believe is the biggest scam. The medical industry will set off the next dominos. Look at the numbers on the U.S. Treasury balance sheet for medical expenditures. You have to double individual tax rate right now just to balance. Even if you cut everything you still only reduce that by 30%.

  9. With the current leadership and state of the world, potential for war before recession is big. War may be good for Bitcoin due to increase of refugees who need to store valuables securely and internationally.

  10. I not only enjoyed watching it but I loved it too the way you put up all the information. Thak you Cedric 🤩

  11. Awesome analysis Cedric, the key point you made in my opinion is the irresponsible pressure that investors put on public companies to deliver incremental results with each quarterly release. This greed is the fuel for the downfall.

  12. 13:20 Smarty-pants “Gold bug” Mr. Jim Rickards also believes an economic downward death spiral, and he sees Bitcoin going to $ 200 as a residual for criminals and believes gold will go to $ 10 000 and hopes gold will become the gold standard for the hyper inflated Dollar.

  13. 15pct? Yeah sure…. Based on observation it will go up 25pct to wipe out the shorts then down 60pct to onboard the counterfeit gang fleeing the destruction of the Fiat fiasco. All planned out 30yrs ago by Rothschild's henchmen. The rules don't apply, Cedric

  14. Here’s what’s wrong with your thesis: We saw in the last recession that rating agencies have no incentive to be truthful in their ratings. In fact the opposite is true — they are paid for their ratings. In the last cycle we saw many highly rated CDOs get liquidated because the underlying debt was actually garbage. When asked why these rating agencies gave top marks to terribly structured and downright predatory debt, the rating agencies simply said their ratings were not and should not be taken as financial advice. It’s a system that’s rotten to the core. At every juncture it’s built to prop itself up.

  15. This was very well explained. Thank you for making complex finacial situations and scenarios easily understandable <3

  16. Great content because you do not make wild assumption but systematically build up thoughts. For me it's not just informative but as well a very good mind gymnastics. I wish you a great time!

  17. the problem is the rating companies. Your friend might be right based on facts- but rating grades are political decisions.

  18. Of course there’s going to be a financial crisis, that’s what capitalism does, it has excessive boom and bust cycles. The fact that the federal reserve has chosen to attempt to prevent mass violence, in a nation holding more guns than anyone else on earth, is futile. We will have violence, we will have poverty, extreme poverty, and those who are holding bitcoin will be responsible for helping others. Charity will be the only thing that prevents the worst violence, and not government charity, private charity. It’s not too early to assume the responsibility for what is coming. Survival of the fittest may be an animal instinct, but it has no place in the nation full of guns.

  19. Absolutely amazing. Now I'm going to go say all this to random people are watch the blank stares and drool

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