24 thoughts on “🤬WHAT!? PAYPAL HOLDING FUNDS FOR 180 DAYS!? (Shopify Paypal Hold)”

  1. Love the women casually sweeping no cares given lol. You should of done the thug life glasses when you zoomed in.

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    We've all heard the horror stories of PayPal holding funds for 180 days. You can imagine how it's an issue when we have PayPal holding funds. In some cases we have PayPal holding funds for 21 days. But either way, if we have PayPal holding money that belongs to you, it's going to be nerve wracking. Paypal holding money 180 days is the most common story we hear. In today's video I will teach you how to avoid and resolve the issue of drop shipping paypal hold. There is always some kind of PayPal Shopify problems. Well, hopefully today's video can help you learn from other's mistakes so you don't have to experience it yourself! People are always freaking out on forums saying the have " Paypal holding my money for 21 days! " And in some cases it might even be 180! Hopefully this will be the last video you need to see on the topic to avoid and resolve any Shopify Paypal hold issues and no longer have to search for a resolution to " Paypal holding my funds " ! or " Paypal restricted my account " !

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  3. What do you thing about forget about paypal and start use a alternative to paypal (skrill and other) they hold money too?

  4. Hi Everyone!!! I got my money released and fund of $25,000 from 95mankind__ on Instagram. He's very good and legit

  5. when I saw someone sweeping at the background
    I knew it's Philippines, until I saw the sign it confirmed its philippines

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