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what is going on ladies and gentlemen crypto Kirby here your cryptocurrency expert back with another edition of the daily livestream what is going on my friends today I'd like to discuss Bitcoin and the topic of when will BTC break out we have been travelling now within this tight equilibrium of only just a few percents right now as a full-time trader I see several signs painted in the chart right now that are presenting the potential of a large heinous move looming here in the shadows and as I've just stated as a full-time trader I'd like to discuss my strategy my game plan and how I plan to crush this market right now in the immediate term so without any further ado you guys already know the deal if you like these daily crypto videos and nightly live streams smack that thumbs up button click the subscribe tick the little bell and let's get this crypto moon the likes ladies and gentlemen moon them up alright so we'll begin with our Bitcoin technical analysis now here we are we'll begin on the 1 day time frame it is quite obvious that we still are making what in my opinion looks to be a tentative descending triangle formation and as we all know the last infamous long term descending triangle that we had was up here we consolidated with our flat bottom support around 6000 which then did give way and broke us down to the downside of nearly 50% as it stands right now I see that we are making a very similar looking pattern here right now with a tentative retest of where I ultimately do think we're going I'll get into that in just a moment but I do see the potential for this pattern to continue to play out something like this and really test us back down to a minimum of the old low here at about 3100 with targets in sight of even lower than that but here we are and as we can see here this rain that I have outlined is less than 6% and this is where Bitcoin has been trading now you know for the better part of nearly two weeks let's look at this from a pattern perspective what I see here ladies and gentlemen is a classic textbook Bear Flag formation we had a clean clean rejection off the downward sloping resistance this is now the third time that Bitcoin was unable to break that downward sloping resistance and right now we are seeing after a large volume sell-off a just a sideways consolidation with here's the kicker ladies and gentlemen downward sloping volume that is also not what you want to see as right now if this did in fact appear to look like a bullish consolidation I would hope that we at least saw consistent volume but not declining right now as that volume continues to descend not looking good and even all the way from back here guys we are still just on an overwhelmingly descending volume profile which in my opinion is not looking good for the Bulls in the least now if we go over to the smaller term timeframes we'll go over to the four hour which is really where we're seeing the meat and potatoes of the trend here as I was pointing out on the stream yesterday if you are subscribed here I was expecting for this range right here to be our resistance and if you guys remember I dragged this box all the way up to this previous high whereas if we were to see a liquidation hunter wick come in here a you know something to try and attempt to to test upwards that we would probably and most likely see resistance whoops probably would likely see resistance right here at that teal line at about 36 39 with a potential top at around 36 eighty or 3,700 flat it appears that we did have our wick golf claps was sniffed out ladies and gentlemen sniffed out once a game once a game has donned on carbon Akio had his finger on the pulse of this market we had our little test up and a swift rejection now where we stand is right back where we were prior to this move but what really came in here that many are probably overlooking is the fact that we've stuck in now another lower high that to me was the bullish attempt ladies and gentlemen it looks identical to what we've tried in the past right look little Wicca notch right up there fell little wicker notch right up here fell and once again another little Wicca nachi Don Dada tell your wife tell your father it's time to get this crypto a third failure and in my opinion maybe potentially the last chance stand for the Bulls because as it stands right now this resistance boxier outlined in the red is still proving to be absolutely powerful I am going to lower it back down to this area as now especially with our new tentative lower high created it be very difficult and even more difficult than it was just on this move to get past there now right because we are we have not been able to make many higher highs ladies and gentlemen at all right not at all so for me right now the fact that we did attempt to put in a high and got rejected so swiftly and couldn't even consolidate within this box right what we would have looked for from a bullish perspective after we broke out of the box is to at least consolidate above it or if you did get rejected at a minimum we would have needed to consolidate within this box for any type of bullish hope the fact that now we've been rejected trying to form a new high after a break out of the box and now we're trading underneath it for me guys this gives way more of a powerful stance here on this resistance box as a whole for me now this resistance is being is is being validated confer even more and it would not surprise me at all to see some volume come in here and take our next plunge deep down into the crypto abyss to add a minimum test my the top of my target zone here and about thirty four fifty with potential targets of going into this zone anywhere and here is fair game for me anywhere in this target zone with the bottom being thirty to fifty and if we do overshoot it as I exemplified on yesterday's stream if you are subscribed would be a double bottom retest about thirty one hundred right now though I am keeping my targets very reasonable to say the least the overshot territories are there but I don't believe that will just you know flagpole down immediately to the to the bottom targets I would expect to see some type of consolidation on the way down just like we've been having here right we could wind up all the way from this top here going all the way down into the target right but along the way there is likely going to be some consolidation some attempts upward etc etc I know many beginner traders just want everything to happen boom like you know just it's it's either all the way or nothing at all but unfortunately markets generally don't work like that and there generally is some consolidation some relief a retest and then your final rejection that's really for me right now ladies and gentlemen what I'm seeing here on Bitcoin as you guys know I have my place set up right now I'm keeping my VIPs updated with every single trade I'm making in absolute real-time right now ladies and gentlemen Dondon carbon a CEO has his finger on the pulse of the market right now as playing it like a mini violin playing it like a marionette puppet and is ready to get this crypto right now there is no reason to be going erect city with average Joe and James at the watercooler this chart to me is speaking volumes here we're still considering the 0.618 to be a tentative support rate and by we I mean Lee Botts I'm not saying we I'm saying we as in the market as a whole is still trying to see this as support you guys see what I'm saying right there the bots on this low volume right look at if we scroll in here the volume is so low and the this little range is all ping ponging off the 0.618 Fibonacci they're still trying to hold that level but as I just outlined I believe all of that is volume all of that is bought trading and once the point six one eight gives way when volume comes in if it gives way right if it gives way I believe that that point six one eight will then switch over to become a resistance level and this resistance box will likely get a drag down from me to about that level as the downward pressure continues to plunge deeper and deeper I'll also take a look at etherium right now ladies and gentlemen but if you are just tuning in now don't forget to moon up the likes moon them up smash those thumbs click the subscribe button take the little bell let's get this crypto Satoshi needs a new pair of shoes rolling through them here quick ladies and gentlemen aetherium very very similar to Bitcoin once again no real movement here we are still traveling within this tight little range here underneath our critical resistance zone for me right now my stats on aetherium is still just the same just like we saw in Bitcoin if we do test upwards with a little Wicca nachi done dot it would not surprise me in the least to get rejected anywhere within that box with a tentative target zone of hitting anywhere between 103 to 104 with a ultimate you know bottom to test for a bounce around 96 to 97 dollars and and once again I do believe that there is a big chance here that this Bear Flag can tentatively break all the way down to an ultimate double bottom retest which is heinous but just as I was saying before with Bitcoin don't expect this to just happen you know quickly like that and a straight waterfall just one candle Oh Kirby Oh for me I'd more so expect some consolidation some balances some taking profit new positions being taken ladders being set up stop-loss is being updated etc etc as a full-time trader this is what I do ladies and gentlemen I have a plan for every step of the way right if we break up into this resistance box I have a plan if that happens if we break right down into the target zone I have a plan if we break down to any of these supports I have a plan if we overshoot I have a plan right and so should you and this is what I keep my VIPs updated with in absolute real-time ladies and gentlemen to the exact second as I strategize as I make my plans as I place my orders as I take my profits as ice' update my stop losses etc etc I post and keep my VIPs updated with that information to the absolute second shout-out to my VIPs I will continue to keep you all updated as I keep my finger on the pulse of this market and continue to crush it let's get this crypto not much here guys for me as long as we are still trading below this resistance box I just see nothing but a bearish bias even I'd have to see us break above this orange line here for a bullish bias that is why I have it outlined in orange right is because this would be the first time that I'd get a little iffy on my shorts not even that I'd be going long at this range because we still have to consider here that we are trading below atop and old support there right old support right on this cluster and a previous top here very very iffy for me to be going long there I probably would wait for further confirmations but the orange line nonetheless is where I would start to get a little worried from from a short position standpoint and once again that is the type of stuff that I update constantly as a full-time trader guys the the market right now overall is still performing poorly of course we can see that we do have some green here but it's very low the market has been nothing short of absolutely stagnant the market is in a stalemate really across the board right now with not much going on right if we look around here there's only very very limited coins that are over a five percent gain or loss so the market right now is in a standstill once again it's the low volume same here on aetherium right we'll actually go back to the for our the volume profile the volume profile a is just still trending downward distinctly I mean I mean it's just a distinct downward trend on the volume and what this means to me is that that we are going to be do here for a large large spike when somebody does decide to sell and buy somebody I mean a well that does not want to be caught with his pants down when the market begins to move if it does in fact move to the downside right now ladies and gentlemen this is like a spark plug ready to absolutely ignite in my opinion and I am expecting fireworks here for aetherium and not only aetherium but for Bitcoin as well if you fail to plan your plan is to fail do not be getting caught like a deer in the headlights ladies and gentlemen I know my plan is not to get caught like a deer in the headlights but it's to succeed thrive and crush this market like an absolute savage an absolute savage and get this crypto ladies and gentlemen that is gonna wrap it up for me here we have a cryptocurrency news headline Nouriel Roubini coming out again as the the permanent bear that he is saying blockchain now quote-unquote no better than an Excel spreadsheet end quote just this guy has hated on Bitcoin since it was less than $100 maybe even less than $50 ladies and gentlemen I just thought it was funny that there's now more news headlines coming out with more of these quotes classics at this point classic but I hope you see my sentiment here guys the market in my opinion is about to make a large move and it's really just when the volume comes in everything to me right now looks very bearish of course ladies and gentlemen none of this is investment advice this is not investment advices it's not trading advice these are only my own opinions ideas and observations on the market always do your own research and your own due diligence before investing or trading as this market is extremely high-risk I am going to get back to my VIP right now I see that there is a lot to be done here a lot of plans to – there's really a lot of scenarios going on right now and when this move does in fact come in I do not want to be getting caught like a deer in the headlights I want to be the one profiting and thriving off this volatility so guys if you could one last time moon up the likes moon them up smash those thumbs click the subscribe button take the little bell let's get this crypto Satoshi needs a new pair of shoes I'll keep you all updated with my moves my plans my strategies my entries my exits my targets in VIP ladies and gentlemen shout out to my VIPs I'll see you all in VIP and until next time my friends be safe be happy be healthy it's your boy Krypto Kerby peace and love my friends curbs you

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  2. I believe we'll never get near 20k again. There's just not the same hype or interest in Bitcoin. And there'll be tonnes of sellers on the way up trying to claw their losses back

  3. when a large wallstreet organization says something negative against BTC, people will start to sell, like the corresponding news and boom, price drops…. thoughts?

  4. At least 50% of this market is fictitious. We will test prior lows, 3100, at the very least and i fear perhaps below 2K on very low volume….

  5. Although I would like to see BTC fall to $1500 to scoop up more, I think it's probably going to keep following the example set up in '14, '15, and just muddle along where we're at until October, when it will start the next bull run.

  6. I'd like to make a wager with Rubini. I'll bet him 1 BTC that Bitcoin does not go to 0 in the next year. He's probably dumb enough to take it.

  7. lets get this crypto and Jaaaaaaaaaames and Jooooooe hit the bricks the moon is not happening at the moment

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