?CBOE Bitcoin Futures Halted! ?What Now? Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis, Bitmex/Altcoin Trading

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technical analysis for starters I want to clear something up I found out that
this candle right here I got people telling me that we have a name for it
it’s called the Darth Maul candle and the reason is because if you guys have
seen Star Wars if you haven’t you’re missing out you should watch Star Wars
but if you have you know Darth Maul’s lightsaber has a tiny little body and
two huge obviously the saber part on the on either side he is I believe one of
the only ones that has the dual lightsaber and that’s why this is called
the Darth Maul candle I’m also pretty sure there’s a more technical name for
it but we’re gonna call it the Darth Maul candle for now and look what we
have going on right now a little bit of action from Bitcoin again after a lot of
sideways move not anything crazy of course not the
breakout I think a lot of people might have expected maybe the initial move I
will say I’m not going to give too much detail on this because that is safe for
the group I am in a leverage position right now we’ve entered a leverage
position it is currently in profit and we will be holding it out until specific
target so that’s all I’m gonna say I don’t usually recommend jumping in to
leverage trades without knowing where your stop-loss is where you’re gonna set
targets but I want to share with you guys that I do see an opportunity in
this market right now although it is very unstable the reason for that candle
like this that we’re seeing Kevin like this we’re gonna zoom into it in just a
little bit something like this to me indicates the market doesn’t know what
direction it wants to go to either it’s manipulation or it’s BOTS and you quite
frankly it’s probably both it’s probably bots that are manipulating the market it
works just the same we can have whales manipulating we can have several other
things that are manipulating the market but a candle like this to me looks very
very manipulated and it does indeed look like we don’t have a given direction
we’ve tried to go upwards could not hold that type of momentum drag the price
back down we try to go down and it also did not hold and it brought the price
back up now if interestingly enough we zoom in
to the one-minute and zoom all the way out so we can take a look exactly what
happened during this candle here it is here it is right in this area right here
if you guys take a look at all this this is in one-minute candle so all this
happened very very fast with just a few minutes it rolls all the way up and in
just a few minutes again it went all the way back down before coming back to the
exact same level it was at before no the exact same region it was at before and
continuing to trade sideways onwards from there so again an indecision
candles what I like to call that is a sign of further sideways trading to come
and that’s exactly what we saw in the hours that came past that now to me I do
see still some room for bullish momentum in the stochastic and also in the our
side there is still room for a further climb up again that was high and
perfectly if we do end up coming up to see this range that I talked about here
potentially even a little bit higher but I am aiming I believe for this range to
be met before a reversal and coming back down to hit to hit that at least
the support right eventually but first obviously going down to different
supports we have and then testing the major support one thing is going to be
very interesting is if Bitcoin can hold this support and if it does obviously
bounce off of that and continuing again strengthen how the support that we’ve
seen bounce off twice or two touches as of right now if we can continue on that
that would be fantastic if not a break below this again could be very very bad
for Bitcoin could bring us down to lower levels and that’s something that a lot
of people are starting to think won’t happen but to me my bias is still in
that region until enough sound until there are enough signs until enough
things change that to me is where my bias is still heading so you guys you
know we’ve had a lot of sideways movement a little bit more movement
coming in right now but for the most part I do still believe the general bias
the patterns that I believe will play out are still the same or we do have
room for a move up before a further move downwards
I’m the good news though with some good news Bitcoin trading volume topped 11
billion dollars for the first time in nearly one year so that’s very very good
news for Bitcoin there again we can see what the actual trading volume looks
like compared to the price the price obviously took that dip while the trio
while the trading volume has actually continued to climb like I mentioned to
in the front hitting 11 billion for the first time in nearly one year so some
good sign of course the volume is still there looking at the overall market just
under 134 billion dollars in market cap with the 50.8% just under 51% Bitcoin
dominance we do I do apologize for the Angelus outside I do in New York live
right next to a hospital so that happens all the time biggest gainers of the day
just under 77% crypto calm chain absolutely blowing up we also have
crypto calm which is one that I talked about not too long ago in the beginning
this video up just under 15% right now verges up Komodos up several crypto
currencies are up some good ones basic attention token 0x two very very good
crypto currencies there and for the most part definitely looks like more green in
terms of all coins are more green then red in the market
I’d say when Bitcoin trade sideways is the perfect opportunity if you are
trading all coins because you see more all coin movement you see all quints hit
targets better when Bitcoin is sideways I’ve noticed I know it would make more
sense for a Bitcoin to be blowing up green for all coins to do the same and
usually we do see that happen but for me when Bitcoin trades sideways that’s when
I see the most trades get hit if you look at the recent Bitcoin charts well
the bitcoins been trading sideways a lot so to me that’s been working out very
very well in terms of all coin trades not as well in terms of leverage trades
for Bitcoin because obviously Bitcoin trading sideways you don’t really have
much room to do anything you have to wait for the opportunity to present
itself but again we have losers ravine is down a BBC is down electro Neum is
down several cryptocurrency down as well but definitely a more green than red day
in the market Bitcoin not moving too much in terms of
24 hours but some of the bigger all points we actually see some big moves
some bigger moves in here rather than the point 2.3 percent that we’ve seen
recently so that again is very nice to see moving on to some altcoin news
before we talk about the CB o– e bic of the stoke of the coin based wallet has
added support for ripple of course it’s added as further for the token of course
XRP the new wallet did previously support or the wallet did support
Bitcoin in theory and Bitcoin cash theorem classic over a hundred thousand
different ERC 20 tokens and ERC 721 collectibles built on aetherium now
again small victory but a victory nonetheless for XRP with a minimum
balance of 20x RP you can now keep it on the coin base wallet again with people
be mad at coinbase i don’t know how many people actually want to take advantage
of that but it is nice adoption news either way also good news from cute amid
search 24% after announcement relating to Apple pay and Samsung paid no they
have not partnered with Apple and Samsung if they did partner with both of
those guys pretty sure we see something even crazier than what engine date it
probably be up thousands of percent at this point but know what actually
happened was so cute so cute khuddam & Zuke’s I believe that’s how you
pronounce I’m not exactly sure it is a london-based fin tech startup they
deliver good news so zukes is going to be it’s going to be listing cute m
tokens in its digital payment wallet to allow users to spend
cute them at for all point-of-sale payments okay if you guys want to find
out more about this if you are invested in this project and again some very good
news that caused some decent price action over here adoption is always good
of course we would love to see that for good projects if you are invested in
that congratulations this is pretty big news some pretty good price gains of
course I don’t expect people to self their investment in the long term don’t
expect them to sell for twenty four percent gain but who actually knows let
me know if you guys are invested in cute um down below personally I am NOT but I
would love to see how many of you guys saw this or how you guys see potential
in the project and how many of you guys did invest moving on to the most
important news or the biggest piece of news I would say most important I’d say
the biggest piece of news that came out that is that CBOE
will not list Bitcoin futures in March they cited that they need to they need
to assess crypto derivatives now keep in mind this sounds bad or this might sound
bad depending on what side of this you know futures if you think it’s a good
thing to think it’s a bad thing if you like trading fusion whatever maybe
they’re two they’re two sides to it but the chicago board of operations exchange
CBO we will not add a new bitcoin futures market in march the firm said in
a statement on March 14th this is not fun it’s not fake news this is a hundred
percent legit I want to get that out there there’s documents there’s papers
already shown up this so CFE is not adding a CBOE bitcoin o USD x bt futures
contract for trading in March 2019 CFD is assessing its approach with respect
to how it plans to continue to offer digital asset derivatives for trading
while it considers its next steps CFE does not currently intend to list
additional x bt futures contract for trading good news CBOE there might be
another hidden reason for why they don’t want to do this so if you guys remember
a little bit of a back story when the futures contact oh when the futures
contracts did come out the CBOE and the CM e1 pretty much at the peak of the
market the CBOE came out just before the CM e1 when the market was right up there
then the CMU one came out right at the very very peak before everything has
been downhill since then we’ve seen what happened but pretty much at the exact
top picture that that’s when the CME the Bitcoin futures came out now that is the
CME one that is not the CB o– e one so again a lot of people are saying that
this could have been the reason why big coin is dropping maybe the fact that
they’re not going to be listing it is why we’ve seen Bitcoin have a little bit
of green movement in the past 24 hours as well as we saw from the from the
chart but one of the hidden reasons I think we could be seeing this type of
move came an on Twitter it was posted by John to todaro
I don’t know if I pronounced that correctly but the important part is that
the CBO week’s Bitcoin futures contract has been dying since the beginning what
that means is on this chart you can see the light blue is the CBOE Bitcoin
futures right and this is the transactional USD volume and then the
dark blue one is the CME Group Bitcoin futures and as you can tell right from
the get-go the CM II has dominated and has you know pretty much made the CBOE
one rendered useless like most people are not using it’s very very small
towards the end so to me it might be that the CBO we realized that realize
what we’re not really competing here and so they have to reanalyze their plan
they have to maybe assess their plan and figure out what they’re going to do from
there as their contract is clearly not the one people are most interested in so
a small thing that happened in terms of being blown out of proportion the new
size you know CBO is not going to listed a lot of
people were like oh what does this mean what’s gonna happen for the market the
fact that there’s majority of people are on the cime futures contract I don’t
believe anything crazy is going to happen just with this news but I want to
share this with you guys let me know your guys’s thoughts are in the comments
down below guys hopefully did enjoy this video if you did don’t forget to leave a
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