37 thoughts on “🛑Bitcoin dropped below $10'000!🛑 What now?”

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  2. Strange Views of almost all youtubers ….. as soon as BTC falls around 500 everyone starts talking about 8500 dollar and as soon as BTC rises by more then 500 dollar everyone starts talking about 12000-13000 USD….. One video Bull and another Bear …..

  3. After keeping under 10 we most probably will test 6.5, if we go over 14 we will test 20. We can see middle term consolidation around 10k because of all big investors now. Enjoy! I'm curious if we can keep over 6.5 in longer term.

  4. Your logic is flawed. As long as a coin is truly decentralized it doesn't matter what happens to the leader or who he is. What if Satoshi shows up and he turns out to be a real dick (or worse, he really is CW). Wont matter, he doesn't control the network. The community does.

  5. 10 000 psychological is kind of a fad. That number doesn't exist in let's say Europe, or Korea, or China. You can't just forget the majority of the volume.
    As you know very well sunny, TA doesn't have a mind of its own; it's purely an argument that patterns are likely to repeat. As such, patterns that don't appear everywhere (e.g. a very specific price barrier) are way more unlikely to be meaningless.

  6. I have lost 1 bitcoin in the uptrend from 3.500 to 13.900 since selling bitcoins in the consolidation phases. So I had to buy back 1 BTC at 7900 dollar to have again 5 BTC.

    Now I'm just hodling and enjoy life. For me It's exiting enough watching the charts going up and down. Trading made me totally upset. During trading I couldn't hardly think of anything else than bitcoin. 80 – 90% loose money while trading, so why should I furthermore risk my precious bitcoins and reduce my life quality?

  7. it will be bounce bback – sooner than we think, if not in 1 week, then at 15th august it will be moonstep… then drop again 🙂 get ready for pumps and dumps

  8. They speak Telegram coin will set up a record on growth among all cryptocurrencies for all history of the market, I advise to pay heed to it infotelegram. pro/gram-market

  9. Great videos man. Btw I agree I don’t see why anyone would want to sell BTC now unless they want out of their position to get in cheaper?

  10. Mr. Heart is talking nonsense. How is 8500 a massive support level? Because of that little peak of 24th of July? Looking at the volume profile 8500 is nothing to write home about. Really massive is 8200-8300, less massive 9300. Between those two there is lots of trading volume. It's not going to drop through quickly if at all. 10k isn't special either, it is just a symbolic price level. We are in a sideways chop phase, I think. No clear patterns are emerging. Patience is king.

  11. We got a 4 hour death cross – that'll drive price down, expect a bounce around $8400 in the coming days or weeks. 4 hour death crosses tend to result in around 25% downside action.

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