35 thoughts on “?NASTY Bitcoin pullback coming? ETH TRX EOS ready to EXPLODE? Crypto Technical Analysis”

  1. Your guest says he doesn't like BCH's fundamelntals but doesn't provide a single argument, yet he can argue TA for an hour? And you hint that there are powerful people controlling BCH, but can't provide a single argument?

    On the other hand, I can provide an argument how Core has monopoly over BTC because they could VETO 2x agreement. They also block any softwere development they don't like. Why don't you discuss that?

  2. Thanks Elliot! Great to see Krown back on the channel!
    For the record I think you have the fluffiest looking hair 🙂

  3. Once again not paying attention to LTC. Soon you will learn it will work hand and hand with BTC and crazy not to focus on.

  4. Bitcoin has again shot past $5,000 per bitcoin, giving fresh hope after been stuck in a bear market for over a year—the second weekend in a row the bitcoin price has rallied. The bitcoin price has struggled to break out of its long-running bear market so far this year, with investors and traders desperately trying to call a bottom to the tumbling market. A careful study shows this is only temporary as bitcoin is poised for a steady uphill move. What this means is there is no better time to accumulate bitcoins than now. What do you do after buying? One school of thought says to hold onto for maybe 10 years and cash out when the value moons but that is risky in all ramifications. The safest thing to do so as to take full advantage of the crypto era is to buy as much as possible and then trade to increase your holdings which you would have to use a whole lot of money to acquire if you where strictly a hodler. Find a system that works and after testing, either as strategies or signals, be disciplined enough to stick with it. If you haven’t heard of Mr Ronald Abassid, then I’d be surprised because he has one of the best systems of patterns and signals for trading. I made over 3.5 BTC last month and now with Ronald Abassid's signals and strategy i have grown that to 11 BTC already and i intend adding another 3 BTC every other month and growing them so with this strategy You can mail Mr Ronald on ronaldabassid if you need some help and have questions about being a consistently profitable trader

  5. Elliot, your graphical design rivals even AAA productions. You've always been stylish, but this is unbelievable! Other Youtubers need to take note, so pretty!

  6. Mr. Ellio T. Rades – I cant thank you enough for introducing me to Krown. Been Listening tovhis livestream every morning. You hear that, Krown? Ya big red dildo. 😉 I was flailing at trading, having some successes, and hoping that they outweighed my blunders. I have been having so much more success now. I'm catching bigger chunks of SATS, and I'm not losing nearly as much. Still hope to learn the moniker you have bestowed upon yer new pooch….oh, and thanks for that airdrop. 🙂

  7. Your guest misrepresents Elliott Wave in so many ways. Yes I agree it is not a crystal ball. But it does highlight key areas that a market CAN turn, then you look for confirmation just as he does. I call trades on Elliottwavetrader.net as an analyst and trade my own money. I have a great record. I warned of the top in 2017. I had $14K and $19K both as key regions that can turn ahead of time, and had $3000 as a key turn level below. Was very short on November 13th 2018, and called it at Trader Expo the night before. Might be on video I don't know. But of course, I can't be married to the view. That's a given. I know many are using it as a crystal ball. And, I am accountable to my trades. All my trades also use Elliott Wave based stops. I am happy to be on the show if you like. Obviously your guest is skilled, and this doesn't diminish his work but he is not clear on EW.

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