44 thoughts on “?BITCOIN $30k 2019? ? SEC vs KIK Huge Lawsuit, Adoption Rant, Mempool Explained”

  1. Wow. Judging by the Howie test the 60% xrp that ripple owns is NOT a security but the 40% the holders own is definitely a security. That's some Lex Luthor level bitconnect Madoff stuff.

  2. A crypto company is suing the SEC to force them to create regulations that will regulate the crypto space. WTF!

  3. What do u think about bitcoins scaling bottleneck? If bitcoin hits 100k it will be even worse. Probably 500k+ transactions waiting to be sent at 10tps. Do u think this will be a problem or will it be solved?

  4. Really liked your reference to Balaji’s tweets…good that you show prospective of great guys in the business and help us develop great insights?

  5. Great video, loved the Mempool explanation. Every time I go through the comments for your videos there are so many spammers/scammers! Everyone beware someone saying to get hold of them for trading advice ect. its always a scam no matter how many people comment saying how great it is. This is the internet, its actually just 1 person making a bunch of fake accounts! I've reported 3-4 spammers already on this video, after just 10 hrs.

  6. So what was your point about mempool? Fees are a part of bitcoin and of course during bullrun it goes insane.

  7. damn i got too many questions today BUT! I thought that miners first pick a set of txs and then spend approximately 10 min hashin it with nonces. so if you added tx and it got confirmed in 1 minute – it means all the hashing was done in 1 minute too?

  8. anouther question! I have witnessed multiple times how 2-3 blocks getting found within a minute by different mining pools! but in order to keep one version of truth, they have to be built on top of each other – otherwise its a fork. how's that possible then? did those mining pools found right nonces within seconds on top of each other's block??? or am i missing smth here..?

  9. next Question Ivan! hundreds of tx is added to mempool every minute! do all nodes really keep them all at the same time? with no bandwidth issues??

  10. hey Ivan! i thought Android is under google! we have seen the news about Huawei , right? if android os is as decentralized as linux why its usage can be censored by Google

  11. I think we are in a premature bull market, were gonna make new highs but fall short of everyone's predictions, fomo will take us past 20k, I think the top is 40k around september, then in a range between 20k and 40k for like a year before we get into the bigger numbers.

  12. Great video, I Appreciate the detailed analysis given, Bitcoin’s popularity for the past two years has created a hype among investors, traders, and consumers. Many people have become interested in making Bitcoin their primary mode of exchange due to low fees, value increases, and transaction speed. Even those who had previously no experience of trading are now taking interest in finance and trading Bitcoin. I got into the crypto space with no experience, I joined Nov, 2018 and i invested on bitcoin, Because of the good news i heard about it, so i bought 2.3BTC and was waiting for a bull run, which never ran. I went from having 2.3BTC to 1.8BTC under the space of 52days, I lost to the dip which made me make research for ways on how i could recover my lost, I joined so many trading group to see if i can get good information on how i could recover my lost. On a telegram group i followed i saw people showing appreciation to an expert trader name Pedro Alcanter* for showing them how to use his strategy to earn 1btc weekly, I took a leap of faith and sent him a direct message and explained my problem to Mr Pedro, It has been 3weeks since i contacted Pedro i have been able to recover my lost and also made additional profit of 0.5btc. I'm so joyous and thankful to Pedro for his help, I am sharing this on here to help people like me to recover their lost investment or newbies on the crypto space to know the right way on how to earn profit. You can reach <*[email protected] . COM*> or WhatsApp +1 (7 8 5 ) 7 4 8 – 2 6 4 5* , Telegram: @pedroalcanter

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  14. As a professional trader, I don't understand the reaction from most people in the Crypto community! There was a major resistance zone around 6400 and Bitcoin broke through that zone. What happens is that resistance zone now becomes support. You could see the price slowing down around the $8,646 mark and going to reverse. A day before this big drop the whales put all the orders in the Bitcoin Shorts and then today sold and re-bought near the support zone! This is all basic trading and ta. If you work out the basic maths from here bitcoin will now reach the top of the weekly 2018 triangle pattern around 10500 – 11000 area.Then the extension is $8,646 (current top) + 2K (the pullback) which is roughly 10500 level. Then the massive 2018 chart pattern is complete. Trade with an account manager who has the best equipment with a success rate of 99%, withdrawal is 100% and fully guaranteed you are free to contact him through his mail address <[email protected]> for more information.

  15. Got their money back? REALLY… If you have a Bitcoin you have a bitcoin. Bitcoin is REAL money…. everything else is crap, especially USD. Maybe talk about the S&P 500 plotted against BTC over the past 10 years…. it's easily to make it go up in dollars…. you can print them endlessly. In BTC the S&P 500 has been crashing for the last 10 years.

  16. From $3k to $8.5k that is your halving already priced it.
    Going to be another wave of bag holders.
    The circle continues.

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