1. Most people don't trust crypto because of the recent Big time market manipulation with bitcoin.
    Altcoins pump and dumps groups on altcoins. Wild wild west.

  2. Hello sir,
    Can you please explain the working analogy of Veil privacy coin. Is it better than all privacy coins. Etc etc.

    I just watching all your videos, it looks like you are Satoshi Nakamoto.

  3. HAHAHA absolutely amazed by the quantity of shills in the comments. All this coin is doing is sacrificing security and immutability for a more user friendly and centralized system (masternodes deciding for validity of transactions- dingdingding!!). decentralization, immutability and scarcity are the only actual value propositions crypto has.

  4. When can we expect NRG to be placed on the next exchange? Within the next 60 days possibly? Thanks and great video

  5. Tried to joine Energi discord to ask them some question and cant even join, their Defence is so high that you cant even join, great way of letting people join :/

  6. So basically Energi is a copy of PIVX or Dash. Whats special about it i cant understand really. PIVX can also be private + has a huge community. Its one of the projects that has been forked hundreds of times.

  7. Amazing Project and i am wondering why Crypto people still dont invest in this kind of projects and soon i hope Energi to be on more exchanges …??

  8. Great video & interview. Not only developers, the connection between developers, miners, designers, UI & UX, & marketers are very important. In my experience when front end & back end do not communicate, users & customers get frustrated by lack of understanding of that service or product.

  9. Interesting project…

    The goal of a smart contract platform isn't to give as much possible to nodes. Mining, nodes and inflation are all expenses of a network. The lower you put those costs, the closer the net cost of each transaction is free.
    The goal is to provide the cheapest and FASTEST platform for users and developers to build dapps and DACs.

    Lookup The 3rd industrial revolution from vice video on your tube. That's what we need as a society. Free Internet 3.0 for all. Automate processes, cut intermediaries and improve our societies aggregate efficiency. Integrate UBI and so on.

    If you can't beat 0.5 second block time you won't win. Users won't accept a drop in user experience. A network's worth is proportional to Metcalfe law. Look that up.

    We Already have the fastest and most FLEXIBLE Blockchain on market… yes we can take most good ideas from any open source project and integrate it easily without forking. Sidechains are communities that will unite through IBC.

    He said he had a better economic model… I prefer a model of STO, airdrop or Dutch auction instead of: I'll sell during the bull to cash in millions for devs…

    At EOS, not only we have the best tech according to almost all rating agencies, but we have more funding than our whole market cap (B1 + VC + 200+ BPs building infrastructure & dapps). Yes you read that right.

    And finally, a blockchain project is nothing without a vibrant community such as ours.

    Don't build a smart contract platform. If you can't beat it, join it, it's not competition, it's collaboration. Build a DAPP on EOS. Integrate DAC system made by EOSdac to build your worker proposal fund. Plz reach out.

    Like Ivan said, make in rain! ☔

  10. I'm loving the returns I'm getting from this coin, over 10% a month just from staking coins in my wallet. Great work Tommy!

  11. USDT is used by most of the biggest crypto Exchanges. Shutting down Tether will cause huge problems for whole crypto space, but not There and Bitfinex only. Right?

  12. STACS becoming the protocol for a new crypto – standard for banks,
    governments and financial institutions… only available on the
    regulated GBX Exchange… tapping the trillion dollar market of
    tokenized securities, bonds, secured crypto custody etc. etc

  13. Nothing new. same old same old. If you are new to crypto, just know almosy everything out there is a scam. Same wid Energi.

  14. full-scam… a product that just highlight big GAINS but no use case and legitimation. megaLOL 22:00 he doesnt want any innovation dapps on the platforms, just gains for the holders. sci sca scaam
    i‘m really sad to read herr so much bullish commentarys. the crypto scene get more and more a playground for dumb…

  15. Complete BS project like all of these governed projects …. don’t say you are a replacement for bitcoin or ETH. Any centralised entity dictates the way decisions are made it becomes contradictory?? Can anyone realistically see a superior model to bitcoin……

  16. So glad to have discovered Energi ! The most well rounded crypto in the market. Best rewards, best security, best community and best potential! Great Video Ivan and Tommy! Hats off to you.

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